Wanna Live Happier & Healthier? CBD Can Help!

If you're like me, and the stress of the world has gotten to you, you may want to consider adding CBD to your daily essentials.

First, let's start at the top and look for the signs that stress has begun to affect your health. You may be surprised to find that even though you may not feel stressed, your body may be showing signs that it's stressed, and it's beginning to negatively affect your health, but you aren't yet aware of it, with all the distractions going on around you.

You would have to be shut down or numb already not to be aware of the buzzing stress. Every time you look at another person wearing a mask at the store, your brains know it's not normal. And while this may be our new normal for a while, our bodies are still adjusting, which is why we may need a little extra help staying healthy during this season of our lives, and for as long as our bodies tell us it needs the extra support.

Red blood cells live for four months, and on average, white blood cells live for more than a year, so it's easy to see why you should consider a long term healthcare plan that focuses on staying healthy by strengthening your immune system, which helps protect it, preventing you from getting sick in the first place.

When it comes to our health, prevention is always the best solution. This sounds easy, and most people assume that taking a daily multivitamin is enough, which causes the stress hormone cortisol to become elevated. This causes weight gain, excess belly fat, frequent colds and allergies, moodiness, and also makes it feel impossible to lose weight or burn off boy fat.

I don't say this to scare you, but the first step in everyone’s plan needs to be reducing the effects of stress, which requires a new method. It's easier to do than you think and better for your body than the not-so-healthy habits we may turn to in order to deal with our stress.

I'm going to give you simple suggestions to make it easy to protect your health in the best possible way. You know the first-things-first-drill, which is to eat clean, exercise daily, drink lots of water, and keep on believing. And, it all starts with getting enough sleep!

For most of us over the age of 28, one of the first place stress affects us the inability to sleep or stay asleep, so your body doesn't get the deep REM sleep required to reboot, repair, and restore health. Personally, I've been struggling with sleep due to elevated cortisol levels circulating in my body that I’m all too aware of. It seemed no matter how much Lean Sleep, 5-HTP Lean, CBD Liquid Drops and Capsules I took, I’d fall asleep and then two hours into my dreamland I’m wide awake feeling like I could run a marathon.

What's even more interesting is that I only consumed one small cup of black coffee daily at 6 am (since we are currently out Daily Power Shot), and took my Recovery Agent (as my multivitamin in place of Power Shot) and my all-time favorite supplement, Cutting Edge at 7 a.m., so why on earth was I having so much trouble staying asleep? My sleep hygiene habits were spot-on. In a word... STRESS!

Before we go any further, take the stress test below (you'll want to share it with your family). It will help you get in touch with your body better, which leads to the secret to all lasting change... MINDFULNESS. 

This is a good conversation starter for your whole family, and you may be surprised at how your quiet husband or focused on phones teens open up and pay attention. They feel it too, but most don't know how to share what they feel, which begins to manifest in our bodies (99% of all illness is rooted in stress). Sit like a bird on a perch and watch and listen closely, especially to what's not being said, so you can help find healthier solutions to common problems that are all affected by stress.

How many of these stress signs do you have?

  • Sleep issues, including staying asleep
  • Achy or painful joints
  • Anxiety or depression (crabby, cranky mood falls here)
  • Autoimmune flare-ups (allergies, thyroid dysfunction are getting worse)
  • Increased hunger and cravings for the wrong kinds of food that leads to overeating
  • Consuming alcohol on a daily basis, increased addictions, or addictive behavior
  • Weight gain, weight loss
  • Digestive issues
  • Increased use of prescribed or over-the-counter medications that are meant to be used infrequently such as Xanax, Ambien, tranquilizers, opiates, vaping, smoking (including the seemingly healthy, yet overused and abused in my opinion pot/marijuana)
  • Fatigue
  • Overstimulation
  • Problems focusing and or remembering things

I don't know about you, but while I don't drink or use drugs, and I’m too busy to overeat these days, I checked all the other boxes. I have personally been struggling with sleep issues, creepy joints, anxiety, and yes, a tad crabby due to lack of sleep, increased need for allergy medications, fatigue and focus problems, and of course, the memory thing (lol... I’m human).

It's important to note that stress is almost always the underlying issue underneath most of our health and weight gain problems. By addressing it, we can achieve the results we seek and feel better fast. No one ever says they wish they had some stress, yet we aren't noticing how it’s changing our nation. The riots and issues facing us are signs that we just need to look for them, so we know how to address them.

For me, everything starts and ends with my sleep. If I sleep well, which is rare at this stage of my life. I have teens in-and-out who can sometimes be loud and eat at all hours of the night, dogs who bark at animal sounds, you get my point... sleep requires a bit more work at 52, and when you add in stress, you may have to double up your sleep protocol until your body begins to re-regulate. And it will.

To answer all your emails asking me the million-dollar question: ”What do you take Lisa Lynn, how much, and when," I’m going to lay it all out for you here. But before I do, I want to be clear that these daily essentials are the lifestyle habits that keep me healthier and happier to prevent versus treat, which is always the best approach when possible.

Also, keep in mind that if you're self-soothing by overeating carb-filled foods, consuming alcohol on a daily basis, or turning to pharmaceutical help using medications like Xanax or Ambien (which all slow metabolic function), and also the seemingly healthy over-the-counter medications that slow metabolism, block weight loss, and harm health, starting with your liver, you may feel like you don't need this healthy advice until you begin weaning yourself off of them. That should be everyone’s top goal right now because it's the best way to prevent getting sick in the first place.

No judgment from me! I've struggled in almost every area until I learned to live a leaner, cleaner lifestyle. The best news is the side effect is you lose weight and become leaner. While perfection doesn’t exist, your health will undoubtedly improve in every way. FYI... I’ll warn you that I'm a lot of maintenance, but it's well worth it, and it costs me less than my bad habits did. 

Here is my sleep routine that works every time I do it.

STEP ONE: One (1) Lean Sleep (increase dose to 2 if you weigh above 180 or you can't sleep). You can always take an additional ½ - 1 during the night if you're struggling. This does more than help me sleep; it also protects my immune system and helps me keep my midsection lean.

Did you know that Lean Sleep (melatonin) is more than just a natural sleep aid? Most people don't realize melatonin is a nighttime vitamin that burns belly fat, and I can't think of one reason for anyone to not take it, even if you do sleep well. We all need to be protecting our immune system, especially now.

Lean Sleep can also be used during the day to combat anxiety by taking ¼ of a tablet, increasing the dosage, if needed. The only side effect is it can make you drowsy if you take too much or if you're not going to bed early enough, as it takes 5-6 hours to wear off.

STEP TWO (NO JUDGING... ): Three (3) dropper-fulls of CBD (I rotate both isolate and full-spectrum, depending on what I grab or have with me during travel).

Both are the same as far as superpowers are concerned, but isolate is THC-free, which is important to keep in mind if you're having blood tests at the doctor's or you're drug tested at work. This is why we carry it. You asked for it, so we listened!

Some people think isolate isn't as strong as regular, but that's not true, at least when it comes to LynFit's Daily Wellness CBD Oil. LynFit's Daily Wellness CBD Isolate is purified, meaning it's been isolated from all other compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes, additives, flavonoids, and chlorophyll. Here is what makes ours very different from all the rest (besides it being pharmaceutical strength, meaning it's potent)... we take the next step and add healthy and immune-protecting nutrients (like cannabinoids and terpenes, to name a few) back in, so you get the best of both worlds. You end up with a purified, isolated, CBD isolate.

With LynFit's Daily Wellness CBD tinctures you’re getting as close to 100% CBD as humanly possible, without the bad stuff, which can include pesticides and additives that aren't good for your body.

Most non-pharmaceutical CBD, like the kind sold in stores, is not purified, can make you fail drug tests, and contains little of the CBD that contains all the nutrients you want and need.

*NOTE: If I’m still struggling to fall asleep, or I wake up after a few hours, I will take (2) more dropper-fulls. And, if I’m feeling more stressed than usual, which can mean cortisol levels may affect my ability to stay asleep, I'll also take (3-5) LynFit CBD Capsules because they last longer than drops, due to needing to be broken down and digested. 

Bottom line, when we reach for drugs, whether they be over-the-counter or prescribed, we harm health. When we turn to Mother Nature, we help our health. And, one of the best benefits is that CBD won't harm gut health the way drugs and mediations can, and gut health is where all health begins.

Before we dig in deeper on dosage, here are LynFit's CBD options and offerings. Each suggested dosage starts at what we feel is the starting dose or bottom point, which is 30mg, used in clinical settings for the most effective results. You can add to and or build upon that starting point.

  • Daily Wellness Maximum Strength CBD Isolate: This is the most potent, purest, THC-free. The suggested usage is (2) dropper-fulls = 33mg per suggested starting dose.
  • Daily Wellness CBD Broad Spectrum Liquid Drops: Just as potent, but contains .03 THC. The suggested usage is (2) dropper-fulls = 33mg per suggested starting dose.
  • Daily Wellness CBD Capsules: This is a broad spectrum CBD with .03 THC. The only difference from the Liquid Drops is these are in a capsule for anyone who doesn’t like the oil and needs relief to be longer-lasting. The capsules take longer to work due to digestion, but the relief also lasts longer. For the best results, combine the Liquid Drops along with the capsules for the best of both worlds. The suggested usage for the capsules is (2) capsules = 30 Mg. 

    Did you know that capsules deliver longer-lasting relief and for the best results, you may want to combine them?
  • Daily Wellness CBD Gummies: LynFit's CBD Gummies are the only ones that contain enough of the nutrients to make a difference, and contain the lowest sugar! What you taste are the terpenes we add back that give them their bold, unique flavor. We also add back the cannabinoids most isolates don’t contain. That’s why our CBD isolate is stronger than broad and full spectrums. With all that knowledge in mind, the suggested dosage is (3) gummies, totaling 30 mg.

Our CBD is in a base of a unique, specialized type of MCT oil. We use this special MCT oil as a base because that's how CBD is best absorbed. And, it won't cause weight gain, the way other CBD oils can. All of our CBD products are made using a specific manufacturing process, which creates them in a micro-sized particle allowing for up to five times better absorption, so they won’t cause gastric distress or prevent weight loss.

When you try or use our CBD, you’ll quickly notice that you feel better faster. without any of the side effects that can include feeling high, which CBD IS NOT SUPPOSED TO DO. However, many store-bought brands do not remove as much of the CBD as they say they do, which can be a problem. Like all our other products, you can count on greater absorption and bioavailability, which means the best possible results for you.


The process of determining your personal CBD dosage is not a black and white one. First, it’s important to note that you can’t overdose on it unless, of course, you’re buying a store-bought that has more THC than the label states. Keep in mind that I’m speaking to LynFit's only as other brands and strengths may vary according to quality and THC content, which we reduce exponentially to keep you safe. Plus, our Daily Wellness CBD is pharmaceutical-strength and pure.

Your needs may also change frequently due to the lack of sleep that elevates cortisol, stress, illness, and you may become nutrient-deficient or depleted (from over-exercise and or intense training, or being a new mom for instance). Any of these conditions deplete our bodies of much-needed nutrients, like protein. These changes can affect your dosage requirements. You may find you need more for a short period, and as your stress declines, you can use less.

Being overweight and/or overeating places large demands on the body, which requires more nutrients, so it’s a good idea to consider this when taking any supplements, including CBD. The more you weigh, the more nutrients your body needs.

When it comes to calculating how much CBD will be effective for you, you’ll primarily need to look at your body weight as well as your current physical status, stress levels (physical and emotional, as both may increase your needs). Be sure to consider any other physical stressors or issues you may be dealing with (like lack of sleep, weight loss or gain, menopause, anxiety, or depression) as they may require a larger dose than normal to work effectively. If you need help, please email us at supprt@lynfit.com. The good news is that once you find the right dose, you'll find the relief you're been looking for. 


Body Weight: While this is certainly not set in stone, those under 160 pounds may find that a daily amount of 15-30mg is a good starting point, and perhaps even their ideal dose. People 160 pounds and up may require higher amounts, starting at 30mg-60mg per day.

Current Physical Condition/Stress Levels: Using the amount determined according to body weight shown above as a starting point, people dealing with issues such as bursitis, tendonitis, soft tissue injuries (torn muscles, ligaments), aches, soreness, discomforts, poor sleep, or all of the above, usually find that higher amounts of CBD daily ranging from 30-90mg daily will be best for them. I tell my clients, the bigger the booboo (whether it be stress or physical injury), the more CBD they'll need... Bigger booboo = a bigger band-aid. Hence, the more CBD you'll need to reach the desired effect.

We suggest that you begin with these dosing guidelines and pay attention to your body’s response. If you find that (2) dropper-fulls of CBD or (2) capsules are helping you sleep throughout the night and permitting you to wake up on time and without grogginess, then you’ve found the right dose for your body.

On the other hand, if you find that those amounts aren’t quite sufficient, increase the dose slightly each day or night until you achieve the desired benefit you're seeking. Of course, if you're using CBD for daytime pain and or anxiety relief, you won't want grogginess, in which case we suggest starting with (1) dropper-full (15mg) and work your way up from there. Or, take less more frequently to keep pain managed.

I use the gummies during the day around 3 pm when I need something to take the edge off pain or stress. I also find they are also the easiest to dose.

For Extreme Stress or Chronic Conditions: For the super-stressed or chronic conditions, we strongly suggest that you stack your CBD with an adaptogen like Thyro-Boost (an adaptogenic). Each nutrient on its own has the potential to help with your stress and make sure your body stays nourished to protect your health, but when paired together, they boost their stress-busting power. The anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits of CBD paired synergistically with the immune, adrenal, and stress support of adaptogenic herbs, works miracles together. 

If you are stressed or suffer from chronic conditions and take CBD alone, it may take up to two weeks for your body to replenish nutrients. By pairing it with adaptogenic herbs, you'll save time and money. Adjust your CBD dose as your body's nutritional stores improve, if needed. Monitor your response for 10-14 days before adjusting your dosage (lowering or raising). We suggest dosing (2) dropper-fulls of CBD and (2) dropper-fulls of Thyro-Boost.


If you decide to mix-and-match like I do and use a combination of gummies, capsules, and tinctures, the dosing amounts may vary. Thankfully, they are nearly limitless, allowing you to alter the dose on an as-needed basis on any given day without harm.

Simply put... once you try it for yourself, you’ll quickly see that the benefits of CBD are extraordinary, and you won’t want to live without it!

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