Wanna Burn More Fat & Lose Weight Easier?


There are nutritional supplements that consistently make weight loss easier and less stressful. If you’ve been trying to lose weight and lower cholesterol and triglycerides, the Cutting Edge is the tool you need (second only to the Complete Protein Shake, to clean up your diet). It's also our most popular fat loss product and works by helping your body use stored fat for fuel.

You’ll love what Cutting Edge can do for your health, in addition to making it easier to burn fat. Daily use of Cutting Edge is a stimulant-free way to maximize fat loss, which is why you can easily stack it with Accelerator Advanced and continue to enjoy your precious morning coffee if you prefer a more mellow weight loss process that's effective and still delivers the results you seek. 

Cutting Edge isn't just another fat loss supplement; it's backed by solid science and is a combination of the best nutrients your body requires to attack stubborn body fat. It works in three stages to shuttle fat into the cells to be burned off, and that's why they call it the transport nutrient. But it doesn't stop there... the next stage is where it forces cells to release the fat, allowing it to be burned. The B vitamins and choline (the ingredient that makes it smell and makes it potent) create the spark that ignites the metabolic fat-burning fire, ensuring the fat is burned off versus being restored, which is what happens if your body doesn't have the nutrients it needs to do all of these actions.

Hence, the reason customers who love Cutting Edge call it the quick keto. It helps you get into ketosis faster and easier, and more importantly, works to keep you there, so you're burning fat the whole time you're losing weight, which is the most important goal everyone should be seeking.

Cutting Edge also helps protect lean muscle tissue, preventing metabolic slowdown that can happen if we don't provide our body with the nutrients it needs to stay in fat-burning mode. When trying to lose weight, we do need to reduce calories, but that can also cause your metabolism to put the breaks on unless you provide it with the right nutrients. The best way to do that is by supplementing strategically.

Cutting Edge strategically attacks fat in multiple ways, and what many overlook is that it comes with several other benefits like boosting brainpower and health, improving neuroprotective (protects brain health) function, and lowering bad blood fats like cholesterol and triglycerides, while also improving mood and memory.

If you've been afraid to try fat-burning supplements because you're afraid of the buzz or stimulation that even stimulant-free supplements can cause, Cutting Edge is for you. You don't need to spend a fortune stockpiling the right combination of vitamins and nutrients to make weight loss easier. We did that for you. Every time you take it, your body gets the exact amount of nutrients it needs to boost fat-burning without the wrong kind of stimulation. 

  • Helps control hunger and curbs the urges
  • Helps elevate metabolism
  • Promotes recovery from exercise or overuse of muscles
  • Helps support energy and endurance
  • Helps reduce bloating and water retention
  • Helps reshape, firm, and tighten and tone muscles
  • Provides antioxidant protection
  • Provides your body with essential amino and fatty acids
  • Is Ephedra-free
  • Is guaranteed free of wheat, gluten, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, soy, sugar, preservatives, artificial color, and flavor

Who, What, When, and How Much?

Why is it harder for some people to reach ketosis, lose weight, and burn fat than others?
For starters, simply being overweight, and then add to that the effects of aging, genetics, metabolic issues such as high blood sugar, high cholesterol and/or triglyceride levels, metabolic damage caused by chronic dieting and weight gain, thyroid issues, and nutrient deficiency can all make it feel impossible to lose weight or lose stubborn belly fat. The smart, strategic use of the right nutritional supplements, like adding Cutting Edge to your daily supplement routine, goes right to the source, addressing the underlying issues that have been preventing you from losing weight, helping to remove the obstacles safely and naturally. Your weight and fat loss are easier and more sustainable.

Should everyone who is trying to lose weight or burn fat take these nutritional supplements?
Yes, unless you prefer the longer, harder route! Having weight to lose and body fat that needs to be burned off is a sign that your body is in need of more of these nutrients. Taking the right nutritional supplements can help you reach your goal faster and easier and cost less, delivering the precision accuracy needed for results. LynFit has expertly formulated each of their nutritional supplements, so you don't have to play supplement scientist, and save you money in the long run. They also get results ten times faster and remove the margin of error that can happen when we rely on guesswork.

Lastly, these supplements address the underlying issues, which is the key to successful, sustainable weight loss.

Do they work?
Yes, the best part about taking LynFit's premium-grade, clinically-dosed supplements is that they work 100% of the time if and when used as suggestedYou can't make a change if you don't make any changes. You'll only keep getting what you're always gotten. Even the most stubborn metabolisms can be helped. Consistency and frequency make a difference!

How much should I take, and when?
How much and when you take depends on your goal. For the best and fastest results, you may want to take more. If slow weight loss or fat-burning is for you, you can take less.

Taking Cutting Edge three times daily will give you the exact dose proven to raise metabolism, reduce fat, and achieve a steady state of fat loss nutrients in your system.

You can take it with or without food, but it’s always wise to drink a full glass of water when taking any supplements.

Take two (2) capsules in the morning (one at breakfast and one mid-morning) and a third dose of one (1) capsule at 3 p.m. when your metabolism begins to slow down.

If you’re over 200 pounds, we suggest taking an additional capsule, so you would take three (3) anywhere we suggest two (2).

Maintenance: When it comes to maintaining your weight and fat loss, everyone is different. We suggest taking at least 2-3 per day to keep your body full of fat-fighting nutrients, but you’ll have to see what works for you. Some take more, and others get by taking less. Figure out what works for you.

Bonus notes...


Lecithin Phosphatidyl Choline (that lovely odor you smell when you open the bottle -- pun intended) is actually a telling sign of how pure and potent the choline we use is, unlike store-bought, lower grade choline that has been processed so much that the nutrients are processed right out of them. 

You'll also feel more alert, find it easier to focus, become leaner, your mood will improve, and may experience natural energy.


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