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We don't see results because we rely on our feelings. We can't rely on “feeling” motivated. Ninety percent of the time, you won't feel like doing what you're supposed to, especially when exercising and losing weight.

Knowing your “why” won't get you out of bed when you feel tired. Time management/setting your alarm earlier doesn't solve the problem either. In real life, stuff always gets in the way of accomplishing even the simplest tasks.

The bottom line is we overcomplicate the heck out of the simplest tasks, which prevents us from ever getting started in the first place.

DO IT ANYWAY! DO IT RIGHT NOW‼️ 1-2-3... GO‼️ (This works great for getting out of bed.)

Simplify the task and make it so simple you can’t NOT do it. You can perfect it later. Do what's effective and works fast—seeing and feeling results boost your motivation muscle like nothing else can.

Here are a few of my tried and true proven methods that I used with Martha Stewart. With my clients, I don't give them a way out. If they cancel last minute, I charge them full price or show up anyway and make them a smoothie for breakfast. No plan B; failure is not an option.

MOVE/ACTION STEP #1 LAZY DAY: Triceps-Tightening Bed Exercise

Lying in bed on your back, holding a light dumbbell in one hand, keeping your elbow steady with the opposite arm, lowering it down to your shoulder (almost touching it. If you're too tight, use a lighter weight or no weight until your body has become more flexible and pliable.

Do 2-3 sets, using a moderate weight. 15-20 repetitions. Feeling the muscle is dependent on your form. Make it your primary focus.

MOVE/ACTION STEP #2 LAZY DAY: Better Back, Flatter Abs Bed Exercise

Lying in bed on your back, pull one or both knees into your chest, giving them a tight squeeze, and hold for two breaths or until your back loosens up.

You can't make flatter or better abs if your back is tight. Stretch it first and then lift and support your head with your arms (DO NOT PULL YOUR HEAD. Simply support it; it's heavy.). Then squeeze your legs together and keep them throughout; using your stomach muscles, move your knees close to your head, pause in that up position, re-squeeze your stomach and glute muscles, and slowly release back to the starting position and repeat using slow, strict form.

This move is more complicated than it looks but kills two birds with one stone, meaning you get multiple benefits for time-crunched tight backs.

Do 1-2 sets, 20 reps. Focus on progress, NOT perfection.

WEIGHT LOSS ACTION STEP #3: Boost Metabolism and Energy by Waking Up to Whey instead of your usual carb and fat-heavy breakfast.

Weight loss is 90% diet and 10% sweat. Swapping out your typical seemingly healthy smoothie for a Natural Metabolic Boosting Whey Protein Shake made with black coffee boosts metabolism 25%, energizes quickly, and makes it easier to lose weight. You'll look and feel better the same day you start.

Nothing is more motivating than getting, seeing, and feeling results!

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