Vitamin Therapy for Chronic Inflammation & Pain

If you suffer from allergies or any type of pain (from arthritis to tendonitis or fibromyalgia) you know how difficult it can be to relieve your aches and pains.
What makes it worse is that pain, whether short or long-term, takes a toll on your health and energy because it depletes essential nutrients from your body (also known as vitamin deficiencies).

If you're like me and you suffer from migraines or joint pain, you know firsthand that even a change in weather will trigger a flare up in your pain and fatigue. As a result, most people end up taking time off from work and end up in bed all day because even something as little as getting dressed is a painful struggle, which can be isolating and exacerbate depression.

Inflammation and vitamin deficiencies impact every aspect our health, including our mental health and longevity. More than half of all deaths are attributed to inflammation-related diseases. But there is more hope than you think! You can win the fight against both chronic and acute/short term inflammation with a holistic vitamin therapy-stacked approach to your health care.

The most frustrating and challenging aspects of any kind of pain is that most of the medications and treatments only treat and ease your symptoms and don't work for everyone, especially those suffering with nerve pain.

Most medications, both over-the-counter and prescribed, can spike blood sugar levels, leading to weight gain and bloat, can cause permanent liver damage, and deplete our body of the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Even if you need to stay on prescribed medications, it’s important to understand that you still need to nourish your body. In fact, it's twice as important when you're taking medications to also take additional healing nutrients to replace nutrients depleted from the pain and medications to treat it, so your body stays healthy to prevent issues later on down the road.

The good news is that when you take the right nutrients, in proper amounts, you feel better physically and emotionally. Your energy and mood get a natural boost too. At the same time, you're re-feeding every cell in your body, including your brain, joints, muscles (don't forget your heart and brain are muscles), tendons, and ligaments.

Every cell in your body gets nourished, which also fuels weight loss and fat-burning versus blocking it the way over-the-counter pain relievers like Motrin, Advil, Aleve, or prescriptions can.

When you have chronic body-wide pain (this is especially true if you have fibromyalgia or arthritis), you need a holistic stacked nutritional supplement approach and a well-care plan that attacks pain and healing from every angle in order for it to be effective and healthy. That’s why the best rheumatologists and pain specialists agree and suggest a clinically-researched, medical grade nutritional supplement like Recovery Agent

Here's why you need vitamin therapy...

If you have chronic pain, such as with fibromyalgia, the odds are that you have several nutritional deficiencies. The intense pain and fatigue can exacerbate hunger and cravings for all of the wrong, not-so-healthy foods. Or, for others struggling with fibromyalgia, your appetite may be taken away, making it even harder to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. You might even be struggling with your eating habits or feel hungry, but not have the time or energy to prepare a healthy meal. That's what makes our Clinical Grade Complete Protein a must-have for everyone!

Most people don’t realize that their body uses significantly more nutrients than normal when under physical stress and in pain. Even if you do eat healthy meals, your body's increased demands quickly deplete your vitamins and minerals, leaving you with a deficiency, which is why it's crucial to supplement with a nutritional supplement.

Pain leads to more pain, and when you have a nutritional deficiency, your body becomes less tolerant to pain and your symptoms get worse. That increases your stress levels, both physical and mental, and uses up nutrients at two to three times the pace it normally does (more than running the Boston marathon), creating a vicious pain cycle that can only be stopped with vitamin therapy.

In addition to preventing deficiencies, the right vitamin therapy (like taking Recovery Agent, Pure Omega 3, Daily Repair Liquid Collagen, and a Complete Protein Shake daily) helps to:

  • Naturally and safely reduce inflammation: Chronic pain, medication use, weight gain, excess belly fat, inactivity, overuse of joints, and stress all contribute to high levels of substances that cause systemic (body-wide) inflammation. NOTE: Fibromyalgia is not exclusively an inflammatory condition. Current evidence points to it being a neurological problem. However, many people with fibromyalgia also have high levels of substances that cause body-wide inflammation.

  • Strengthen your immune system: Your immune system can't function properly unless it's provided with specific amounts of several different vitamins and nutrients. A weak immune system contributes to inflammation and leaves you vulnerable to many types of illnesses, including cancer.

  • Fight pain and fatigue without weight gain: People who suffer with chronic aches and pains frequently have deficiencies in vitamins that are required to maintain healthy muscles and nerves. These deficiencies lead to problems like muscle fatigue, muscle spasms, and neurological pain that seems impossible to soothe. When you fulfill the nutrient gaps, you can ease the pain. For those with minor nutrient deficiencies, this happens fast. For others who are severely nutrient depleted, it may take longer. Bottom line... nourishing the body works every time; it's only a matter of time. NOTE: If you've been struggling with chronic/nerve pain for a long time, be patient; it may take 30-90 days to replace the depleted nutrients and refill those gaps. Consistency and frequency work!

Aches, pains, and fibromyalgia are all associated with low levels of several vitamins and minerals, including vitamins like vitamin A, C, E, and zinc. Most people who deal with ongoing aches and pains are almost always deficient in bioflavonoids, omega 3 essential fatty acids, as well as in greater need of natural botanicals and ingredients known to relieve pain. All of these are ingredients found in our pain-relieving Recovery Agent, such as turmeric, chondroitin, and glucosamine, that when combined with mega doses of healing nutrients like A, C, E, zinc, green tea, L-glutamine, ginger, bromelain, eleuthero powder, bilberry-extract, ginkgo biloba, capsaicin, kola nut, and milk thistle work better than CBD when it comes to natural pain relief and healing.

To recap, I strongly suggest stacking your natural pain relief nutritional supplements to make sure that your body gets all of the vitamin, minerals, and nutrients it needs. You cannot get everything into one bottle or one pill a day due to the elevated amounts needed. And unless your diet contains enough of the right kind of healing, anti-inflammatory proteins, medications, and supplements can't do their job efficiently. For that reason, I strongly suggest supplementing your diet with a Complete Protein Shake every day to boost nutrient assimilation, making everything you do work better.

This vitamin therapy stack eliminates uncertainty about the nutrients in your diet and the amount of nutrients your body actually absorbs from those foods, which is never enough. LynFit nutritional supplements, including Recovery Agent, Daily Repair Liquid Collagen, Pure Omega 3, and Complete Protein all have the highest absorption rates, meaning your body absorbs 98% of the nutrients they contain, compared to 10%-60% of the food you eat. That's on a good day of eating, and assuming you don't have any gut health issues, which most who struggle with pain do have, so they absorb even less.

When you take our medial-grade, clinically dosed supplements you can be sure you're getting a precise dose of the nutrients you need, and you'll feel better fast!

STAY STRONG and let us know if we can help you!

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