Tips for Leaner, Healthier, Happier Travel!

If you're visiting family, exploring Europe, or planning a staycation, you'll want to be prepared if you want to win the battle of the bulge. There are some simple things you can do to prevent weight gain that also protects your health and keeps you energized on-the-go. Remember, prevention is the best cure.

Every pound you don't gain is a pound you won't have to lose later. Below, are the most effective strategies to prevent weight gain.


Lower blood sugar levels and you’ll lose weight easier. The Metabolic Boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day System makes this easy. It's also the best at lowering blood sugar.

Losing weight before you go has many benefits. Your clothes will fit better, you'll feel better, and you'll also be improving your health. By lowering blood sugar you're also making it harder to gain weight, and preventing hunger and cravings makes it easier to stay on track and lose that weight.


I am one of those people who have to plan exactly what I’ll splurge on, or disaster can strike, leaving me feeling horrible physically, and also feeling guilty. My metabolic boosting plan allows a cheat meal versus cheat day. Too much overindulging makes me feel terrible and it takes my body a week to get back on track, so I really premeditate on the what I'll indulge on and when.

Your best bet is to wait until the last night to cheat, so you're not tempted every day. Make sure you don’t miss any metabolic boosting shakes or your supplements that day. In fact, add an additional metabolic boosting shake, one (1) Accelerator Advanced, and one (1) Cutting Edge one hour before you go out and indulge. You’ll want the benefits of a boosted metabolism along with the carb and fat protection from this combo, turning hunger and cravings off and preventing 65 percent of the unwanted carbs and fat from being stored. You'll also be preventing blood sugar spikes, which is the secret to not damaging your metabolism, which makes your body resist weight loss and harms your health.

My favorite splurge is always the one that doesn’t wreck me and takes days to undo. My top picks:

  • I’m not a drinker, so I don’t waste calories here.
  • Bread is overrated, so I skip it.
  • Salad dressing is one of my favorites and helps nourish my body and brain, so I go for the house special as long as it’s not creamy.
  • I usually find that having a plan really helps me stay on track and that some of my cravings are mental, so when I get a choice, I usually choose to eat better and go for lobster (without butter, it’s not worth the stomach ache) or a special piece of fish (chefs special). I make sure to share with my husband before I dig in because he needs more protein than I do, and sharing cuts down on my portion. I also ask for double vegetables instead of the starch.
  • Dessert is a must for us, so we order one of what we love and share it with the table. Sometimes the pig in me is irritated (just being honest) that I only get one bite, but... I remind myself that the second bite won’t taste any different and be grateful for what I did get.

We rarely eat out because my husband says I can cook better (he’s polite) and once you begin to change your lifestyle your life revolves less and less around food. Food loses its grip on you, and your focus becomes about who you're spending time with versus what you eat.

I’m so content living this leaner lifestyle, and I’m happier now that my focus isn’t on food. After 27 years of trial and big error, I’ve learned that abusing myself is not worth it; self-love is. Now I really enjoy special occasions and spending time with close friends. I make my focus on learning new things about loved ones versus fighting with food. I had no clue that my eating-out habits were a big part of my metabolic meltdown, and to be honest, these over-sized, super caloric meals never seemed to make it into my journals, so I seemed to forget how much I really ate.

All we can do is do our best and leave the rest. Thank God for a fresh start the next day with the most effective weight loss program on the planet to help correct our humanness and combat the problems we cause.

BONUS TIP: If all else fails and your afraid your appetite will win over your willpower take one (1) LynFit 5-HTP Lean to help kill hunger and cravings. If you haven’t tried our latest superstar product, you'll want to. It makes you not want to think of food!

So remember, pack your Metabolic Boosting System right next to your toothbrush (you would never forget that) and keep living the leaner lifestyle. No plan means no peace. Enjoy the real reason we are all here!


“I’ve never used anything that could shut down my appetite and make me feel so good. I wish I knew about this before I wasted tens of thousands of dollars on weight loss surgeries and fads. No side effects either. I’m forever grateful to LynFit for understanding my food issues.❤️
-- Trish (had gastric bypass and tried just about every prescription medication for anxiety and depression)


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