The Summer of Living Lean — My Story: Roz Perez

Roz Perez

If you had to put a title to your weight loss story, what would it be?
"I Mixed It Up and Lost More Daily!"

What is your favorite LynFit metabolic boosting weight loss recipe?
I love combining (1 scoop) of the Complete Whey Protein Shake with (1 scoop) of the Egg White Protein Shake. This really works for me.

I tested it because I heard Lisa share that the Egg White Protein Shake tightens up the skin. Vanilla is not my favorite flavor, so that's why I mix them. I began to see certain areas around my body begin to tighten up after a few weeks. I also started to lose weight faster. Since my hysterectomy, my metabolism took a harsh dive, and the combination definitely brought it back up.

Did you encounter any obstacles? If so, how did you overcome them?
Yes! Although I help encourage woman every day, stress or boredom can get the best of me, and with it, the temptation to snack! It's pretty discouraging.

I decided one day to throw all of the junk food out of my house. You cannot eat it if it's not there. This has worked for me since I work from my house and the snacks were close by! 

How has your life changed since you lost weight?
My clothes fit better, so I get to shop for new ones. What woman doesn't like that?

One thing that I did notice was that I seldom get the intense migraine headaches I used to because I've changed my eating habits, which keeps my blood sugar balanced. As a pastor's wife, we are always out doing different things like helping others and teaching or providing spiritual guidance. Having a LynFit Metabolic Boosting Shake for breakfast is a no-brainer for us because it removes the decision-making process. It gives us natural energy, which I really need considering my schedule some days. My energy levels give me the ability to continue a furious pace in some very long days and nights.

Today, I am healthier and happier because I look forward to a more active life even though I am aging. Most people can't believe my age. I know one of my secret weapons is being on the LynFit program. I still plan on losing additional weight, and I'm encouraged because I have a sure-fire system in place to do so.

Eating leaner also saves time and money because we are eating for our bodies versus emotions, and that's a huge plus! My husband has also lost 30 pounds on Lisa's program. We're both ecstatic with our results!

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