The Secret to the Perfect Protein Smoothie for Weight Loss

Protein shakes are the simplest and most efficient way to improve health, boost metabolism and build muscle quickly. High-quality protein shakes help the body heal, so aches and pains will diminish and shrink recovery time from working out or playing sports. 

But remember, not all protein shakes are created equal. Most commercially prepared shakes contain too much sugar, fat, and additives that will stop health and fitness goals from being reached. If they are not made the lean and clean way (one fruit, more fiber, and no milk) you’ll prevent the fat burning process from occurring, and you’ll never see those cuts in your arms or that six-pack you’ve been dreaming about.

The secret is you’ve gotta make them yourself! It’s easier than you might think and you’ll save time and a load of money. Thanks to LynFit's Complete Protein we can help you reach your goals.


A study conducted by the University of Montreal found that three in four professional athletes fail to improve their performance or recovery with the help of protein shakes because they don’t know how to take them properly.

You're Overcomplicating Things

If you’re adding milk, plus dried fruit, and few scoops of almond butter, you're doing it all wrong. You really can have too much of a good thing. You’re just going to be adding additional calories that will do nothing but increase your waistline. In fact, trying to copy the recipes that are floating around on the internet or the diet of professional athletes will only set you up for a weight gain or career as a sumo wrestler.

The solution? Keep it simple. Add low or no-sugar ingredients that will help you bulk up your muscle, not your belly. 

Don't Sell Yourself Short and Don't Skimp

When it comes to protein powder, there’s no such thing as good quality that’s cheap. If your shake contains a mix of dairy, soy, or any other ingredients or vegetarian sources with a suspiciously low price and a long shelf life, then you’re spending your hard earned money for something packed with sugar, fat, and carbs. 

Many people think all protein is created equal and are trying to get their protein needs met with so-called real food, but don't be fooled. Take chicken breast, for example. It's harder to digest and contains saturated fats that your body will store as fat, preventing fat from being burned off very easily. The clean whey found in LynFit's Protein Shakes can do things chicken breast or eating omelets can't.

    • Boost metabolism 25 percent
    • Block cortisol levels
    • Prevent muscle loss and help build lean muscle
    • Provide 100 percent of the amino acids your body needs to help boost mood and nourish your body
    • And, LynFit Complete Protein will not make your face break out or bother your stomach because all the lactose is removed, so it's safe for even the most sensitive stomachs

The high quality of this shake means that it naturally contains Branch Chain Amino Acids that are essential for optimal health, so you never have to fortify with them. Nature does it best! Each serving contains the following Branch Chain Amino Acids from the highest grade of pure whey protein (serving size = 100g):

    • L-Alanine: 3608 mg
    • L-Arginine: 1709 mg
    • L-Aspartame: 9683 mg
    • L-Cystine: 2089 mg
    • L-Glutamine: 13196 mg
    • L-Glycine: 1329 mg
    • L-Histidine: 1329 mg
    • L-Isoleucine: 4462 mg
    • L-Leucine: 7404 mg
    • L-Lysine: 6171 mg
    • L-Methionine: 1804 mg
    • L-Phenylalanine: 2468 mg
    • L-Proline: 4272 mg
    • L-Serine: 3608 mg
    • L-Threonine: 5031 mg
    • L-Tryptophan: 1709 mg
    • L-Tyrosine: 2183 mg
    • L-Valine: 4177 mg 

    LynFit Complete Protein may appear to be a touch more expensive, but when it comes to protein powder, you get what you pay for. Due to its micro-filtering processing, LynFit Complete Protein provides you with a higher quality, pure protein without the unnecessary additives. Two scoops contain a perfect amount of protein—24 grams, which is exactly the amount your body can assimilate, so all of it will be used and not stored as fat. 

    Get your calculator ready. When it comes to weight loss or maintaining your health, you need one (1) gram of protein per pound of lean body weight, per day. Not sure what your lean body weight is? Think goal weight minus the excess body fat. So if you weigh 140 pounds but you want to weigh 120 pounds you only need to feed the muscle 120 grams of lean protein daily to keep the metabolism hyped. Your goal is to starve the fat, so it leaves and is burned off. 

    Don't let that scare you. It's easier than you think, especially with Complete Protein Shakes and LynFit Lean Bars to help you nail your numbers.

    • (1) Complete Protein Shake = 24 grams (I suggest having two daily)
    • (3 oz.) Chicken breast = 24 grams
    • (3) Egg whites = 21 grams
    • (1) Lean Bar = 20 grams

    That's 113 grams right there, which is close enough if your goal weight is 120 pounds.

    Your Timing is All Wrong

    Before, during, or after? A lot of people think that as long as the protein is in your system, then you're going to lose weight. However, when it comes to losing weight and burning off stubborn body fat when you have your shakes can be just as important as what you're taking. 

    The best time for shake time is 12 hours after your last meal (this is your morning shake), mid-day (this is your lunch time shake), and/or instead of that late night snack. If you work out, drink one immediately after your workout. This is the best time to feed your muscles the fuel they need to recover and repair.

    Too Busy to Blend

    If your busy work day makes it hard to make your smoothie then prep your smoothies the night before and store them in Mason jars, so all you have to do is grab and go! 

    It's also a good idea to rotate your protein, so your body gets the best of all worlds. Instead of the same type of protein shake every day, I suggest “shaking things up." Have an egg white for breakfast and Complete Protein for lunch, or bake or make pancakes with Original Complete Protein. It confuses the metabolism, and that’s a good thing. If it's guessing, it's working harder, and you're going to burn more fat. This is the best way to shake things up and bust through your plateau.

    And we've got the perfect recipes for that busy lifestyle as well. These metabolic boosting whey protein recipes are made with the highest-quality, cleanest, and most delicious whey protein powder from LynFit Nutrition. They taste even better than the original gut-busting recipes while saving you time. You’ll save money too because you won’t be buying all those fancy, expensive ingredients.

    So, the next time your cravings start screaming your name, GO AHEAD, SIN A LITTLE. Show your body some love with these decadent metabolic boosting recipes.

    And if you don’t believe in God, you will think these recipes are heaven sent after you try them all!

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