The Natural Pain Relief

If you're living with pain but tired of pumping your body with drugs to mask your aches and pains, there is a natural option that can have you feeling better fast, without weight gain.

Living with pain can be unbearable at times which is why we often reach for whatever we can for relief. However, choosing natural pain relief can actually be more effective and work faster without harming your health, stopping weight loss, and causing less stress on your liver.

What many people don't realize is that when we grab for those over-the-counter medications, those medicines act to shut down the body's natural healing process and can cause rebound pain that gets progressively worse. The best long-term treatment plan addresses the underlying issues that cause pain to begin with while working with the body's intelligence, not against it. You not only feel better fast but your aches and pains also begin to fade away.

The body is an amazing healing machine, but like any machine, it needs the proper nutrients to work properly. In today's fast-paced world of processed foods, stress, and soil depletion, combined with the fact that we are living longer, our nutrient needs are in much higher demand. 

The solution to living pain-free is simple — supplementing to nourish your body the right way versus a handful of drugs that may appear to fix one issue but is really creating many more, turning your aches and pains into chronic conditions that can easily be helped.

Did you know that most over-the-counter joint supplements on the market today do not contain a clinical dose — meaning they don't have enough of the right ingredients and are highly processed (not fresh)? They aren't as effective as they can be. In fact, supplements to relieve aches and pains are found to be ten times more effective than medications used that harm the body. Also, most store-bought supplements can add insult to injury because they're not purified, or in other words... they're toxic, which can cause aches and pains.

Back pain, knee pain, arthritis, any type of "itis" for that matter — you can find relief today. Plus, you're aging every day, so you want to get ahead of the pain wave. The nutrients in these products help protect ligaments, joints, and muscles. Prevention is always the best cure!

So what natural options should you be taking instead of pumping your body full of these harmful over-the-counter medicines? 

LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair

This delicious multi-tasking liquid formula contains the right amounts of the best nutrients when it comes to relieving aches and pains. It works almost immediately to help quickly relieve your aches and pains, reduce and block pain and inflammation while strengthening your joints and improving flexibility and mobility, preventing joint damage and quickly calming joint flare-ups.

LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair isn’t just for your joints, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments; these same nutrients are also the very best for hair, skin, and nail health. You’ll notice a difference within the first week you begin taking them.

Research proves that liquid colloidal supplements are absorbed 100 percent better by the body, so you get faster relief and more efficient prevention because your body doesn’t have to break nutrients down, which can be affected by sluggish digestion caused by aging or gastric issues from eating processed foods.

  • Fast acting, natural pain relief
  • Helps support cartilage and joint strength
  • Helps support flexibility and range of motion
  • Helps support healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Naturally delicious tropical flavor

LynFit Recovery Agent

LynFit Recovery Agent is our #1 selling, natural pain relief and joint healing formula that provides whole-body pain relief for ailments such as bursitis, arthritis, or tendonitis. With clinical doses of all of the best ingredients like turmeric, L-glutamine, glucosamine, bromelain and green tea, just to name a few, Recovery Agent helps to reduce whole body (systemic) inflammation so even your sinus will feel better and allergies will be greatly reduced.

Why settle for one nutrient when you can have 16? LynFit combines 16 of the purest, potent nutrients into one rapid-acting blend, and that makes all the difference. Choosing the purest form of the right blend of ingredients in exactly the amount needed by the body is the secret to fast-acting relief!

  • Improves healing, so it's great to take after softball, tennis, or golf so your body heals quicker and aches less
  • Works quickly to promote healing for fast-acting, maximum strength pain relief from acute injuries and “itis” conditions as well as pre and post-surgery
  • Nourishes the body to accelerate healing and repair and fully restore damaged tissue
  • Helps inhibit and prevent whole body, muscle, and joint pain and inflammation
  • Helps improve flexibility, increase the range of motion, and relieve stiffness
  • Enhances and improves immunity, including combating arthritis
  • Helps to prevent cartilage, ligament, and joint deterioration and rebuild new tissue
  • Nourishes the entire body in and around the affected tissues
  • Reduces swelling by helping to remove excess fluids and soothe redness from the surrounding tissues to reduce inflammation and pain (systemically)
  • Supports cognitive function and improves mood
  • Extremely potent, all-natural whole food, comprehensive vitamin, mineral, amino acid, herbal extract, enzyme, and phytonutrient complex
  • Contains the most highly bio-available ingredients your body can use and absorb without gastric upset
  • Contains all the nutrients your body needs, in exactly the amounts needed for fast relief

LynFit Pure Omega 3

LynFit Pure Omega 3 is a pharmaceutical-grade, mercury-free omega-3 fatty acid supplement that uses advanced technology to extract and purify (molecularly distill) omega-3 from sardines, the purest and most potent form of omega-3 fatty acids. This pure form of omega-3 is absorbed easier by the body, helping to decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines with synergistic rapid acting potency.

Aren’t all omega-3 supplements the same? No! In fact, most food that contains omega-3, as well as supplements, are often contaminated with mercury and pesticide residues that can cause inflammation and prevent you from losing weight and burning fat. Additionally, many store-bought omega brands don’t contain enough of the all-important DHA and EPA needed to get results and bring you relief.

  • Has a natural lemon flavor
  • Will not give you "fish burps" or leave an aftertaste
  • Improves metabolic rate and fat burning
  • Helps balance and reduce blood sugar levels
  • Helps lower triglycerides
  • Helps maintain healthy glucose levels
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Helps to alleviate inflammation and reduce joint pain
  • Supports cellular and nerve function
  • Promotes brain health and improves concentration
  • Improves mood and helps ease anxiety and depression

Take care of your pain today, while still promoting weight loss! 

For an ache-free body and to prevent pains from happening as we age. take the following:

  • (1-2 oz.) Daily Joint Recovery & Repair Liquid (1 oz. in the morning and 1 oz. midday)
    *Add an extra dose if your pain is severe or recovery needs are elevated

    For hair, skin, and nail growth, take (1 oz.) three times daily (morning, midday, and evening)

  • Pure Omega 3: Take (1) in the morning and (1) at night before bed

  • Recovery Agent: Take as directed on the label according to weight and severity of injuries, or as a maintenance multivitamin. Take 4 in the morning and again midday
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