The Best Way to Avoid Super Bowl Weight Gain Eating Survival Guide

Need a game plan to avoid weight gain from all of the football feasts? Don't let fear of Super Bowl foods stop you from enjoying the fun festivities of Super Bowl Sunday. Gameday doesn't need to be shame day if you start your day off on the right foot.

I'll spare you with the alarming weight gain statistics; the last thing any of us need is more stress or fear, shame, or guilt. If negativity worked, none of us would struggle with weight or health issues. Pre-game planning is the secret to your success, and if you play your best that day, you might even lose a pound, despite indulging in the foods you love.

If you're a football fan, you already know the BEST defense IS more OFFENSE! In fact, you can never have enough offense, so here are a few things anyone can do to block weight gain while enjoying some of the foods you love and living your life.

Here are the gameday DO’s and DON'Ts to prevent weight gain, while still enjoying some of your favorite foods.

Super Bowl Weight Gain Prevention Strategy #1

  • DO MOVE YOUR BODY! First thing in the morning, before you eat (do take your metabolic nutritional supplements, aka quick Keto), go for a 20-minute walk or do a metabolic workout on an empty stomach to get your body into ketosis (fat-burning) faster and easier, while blocking weight gain.

    What matters most is that you DO MOVE YOUR BODY! Anything you do beats the couch. Aim for 10,000 steps by the days' end. If you walk first thing in the morning and get in 5,000 steps, you're halfway to your goal. You'll burn more calories, lose more weight, burn more fat, and prevent weight gain.

    The strategic use of the quick Keto supplements, taken as soon as you wake up and walking on empty stomach, will help boost metabolism 25% (think turbocharge your metabolism so you burn more calories all day long).

    DON'T kill yourself in the gym! In fact, overexercising makes you hungrier, making it harder to avoid temptation and justify it.

Super Bowl Weight Gain Prevention Strategy #2

  • DO FAST FOR 12-14 HOURS EVERY NIGHT for more efficient fat loss. Fast for a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 14 hours every night, especially on the day of your big meal/cheat meal and after. Better yet, make it a lifestyle health habit versus just a quick fix.

    Metabolic fasting (intermittent fasting done for weight loss) won't slow metabolism the way others can. Metabolic fasting combines the smart use of specific nutritional supplements that includes replacing a meal with Metabolic Boosting Protein to prevent metabolic slowdown and nourish every cell in your body. Intermittent fasting is one of the best things everyone can do to improve health.

    DON'T fast for more than 14 hours, or less than 12, if you can avoid it. Intermittent fasting is good for reducing blood sugar levels, making it easier to lose weight, but longer fasting is not better. In fact, it’s counterproductive, as blood sugar can rise as a survival measure that our bodies rely on to protect us if you fast too long. It's all about re-balancing blood sugar levels, and fasting longer can backfire. Stick to the plan and avoid overdoing it.

Super Bowl Weight Gain Prevention Strategy #3

  • DO BREAK YOUR FAST WITH A BOOST! A metabolic boost, that is. The best boost for your metabolism is ... (cue music🙋‍♀‍👏🏽🎉) drinking a Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Shake, minus adding any extra calories for a max strength metabolism boost.

    LynFit's proteins are the only protein powder that are specifically formulated to safely provide a 25% metabolic boost. They basically mimic the effect of fasting and exercise while preventing your metabolism from slowing down. They provide nourishment for every cell in your body and also protect immune health.

    DON'T add any fruit, milk of any kind, nut butter, or even veggies. Keep it lean and clean for a better boost. All additions can have an effect on blood sugar levels, which is game over, stopping fat-burning and weight loss dead in its tracks. NOTE: The don't add list includes any collagen powders, greens, Turmeric powders, etc. Black coffee or tea is okay.

Super Bowl Weight Gain Prevention Strategy #4

  • DO TAKE YOUR NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS before the big game day (during it and also after). The best way to defend your body from the hunger and cravings for the wrong foods and avoid overeating is your offense plan, which should include Keto Carb Edge (same product as Accelerator Advanced), Cutting Edge, and Raspberry Ketone Cleanse &  Restore. Each work alone, but when paired up and taken together, are ten-times more efficient when it comes to fat-burning and weight loss.

    For game day, they block sugar, carbs, and fat, so you can eat some of your favorite foods. You get to eat a little more but absorb a little less, and studies prove it!

    Never skip these on a big eating day. They are even more important on the days when you don't eat clean as they are on days when you're eating healthier. They boost metabolism, so you burn more calories all day long, which is good news when you're overindulging.

    Keto Carb Edge and Cutting Edge both contain ingredients that are the most studied. They block 65% of the unwanted sugar, carbs, and fats without gastric distress or harmful stimulants. Take 1-2 of each twice daily (in the morning as soon as you wake up and again midday). You can move up the second dose closer to your upzig meal or take an additional dose.

    The step most skip, yet it's the most important, is to take 2-4 (see personalized usage charts that vary according to weight) Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore as close to your cheat meal as you can, or as soon as you remember. It helps prevent the bloating and stomach issues brought on by overeating. 

    DON'T skip your nutritional supplements on game day! It's like driving your car fast on the highway without insurance when you need it most.

Super Bowl Weight Gain Prevention Strategy #5

  • DO DRINK LIKE A LINEBACKER ON GAME DAY AND DRINK TONS OF WATER! Aim for one liter minimum the day before a big eating day and also the following days after. This should be a daily health habit, but it's even more important on your big eating football feast game day.

    Water is by far the best way to stay hydrated and protect health, hands down. The benefits are never-ending. Here's a trick... Drink an 8 oz. glass of water every hour you're awake. It makes it easy to nail your hydration goals.

    DON'T skip water for any reason, especially not to drink alcohol or any other beverages. It's best to drink water before you have any drinks and again in-between and after, if you have more than one. You'll save tons of calories, and you'll have to keep getting up, which is always a good thing for your body in every sense.





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