The 5 Best Ways To Make Over Your Skin

As a fitness and nutrition expert, I’m often asked what else can be done in addition to eating clean to improve skin tone and make skin glow and look tighter. Our eyes are the top giveaway of our age and how we feel. No wonder why it’s the top question/ complaint among woman (and men) over 40. The good news is that you can reverse signs of aging around your eyes, and your whole face will look more youthful.

Dark circles? Shadows under the eyes appear when blood pools and shows through the skin. It appears under the eyes more because that skin gets thinner as we age, making them more visible.

Puffy bags under the eyes? The skin around the eyes loses elasticity with age, so there’s more room for fluid to gather, resulting in bags.

Under eyes hollows? That hollowed look sets in when the fat pads that line the eyes start to thin and droop.

Add to that the everyday stresses of life and losing weight (and if you're like me, looking at yourself in the mirror) can be de-motivating and downright scary. How I look doesn’t always bother me, but what does bug me is when people say, you like very tired are you feeling ok? I wasn’t born with good skin genes, and losing weight didn’t make this worse, but it didn’t help either. Yet I’m not willing to gain weight and feel terrible, so my face looked better.

I started asking doctors and friends who specialize in this, and I did not like their answers. Surgery? No way, too expensive! Plus, I’ve seen too many facial surgeries gone bad. I personally don't like the look (Martha Stewart and I used to joke that they look like bugs they are pulled so tight) and no one tells you that. Even if you decide on surgery or expensive fillers and injections you still have to take better care of your skin to look vibrant and alleviate the dark, puffy eye circles, and hollowed out eyes.

The problem is that most anti-aging products purchased at stores don’t contain enough of the active ingredients needed to get results that you can see and feel fast enough to keep you on track with your skincare regime every night. Until now! You asked me, and I delivered!

I was researching for almost five years until I found this clinical strength anti-aging system that I love and use, and... it works. While this 5-step system may seem expensive, in reality, it's less. Its clinical strength means you’ll use a lot less, so these products last a lot longer than store bought versions of "wanna be" anti-aging products that don’t contain enough of the active Ingredients (most important ) that produce the changes they sell you on.

You may even find (we get lots of questions regarding this) that these new products are so strong that you have to take breaks, and that’s alright with us. It just means you’ll need to use them less often, but you’ll still get amazing results the same week you start, and results that even your dermatologist will notice. Mine did! He noticed my spots and discolorations were lightened. Even your friends and co-workers will notice.

I use this system Monday - Friday and take weekend breaks. If I’m having a big peel out (my kids refer to this as a snowstorm on my face), I exfoliate more, using microwave dermabrasion and hydrate more using the LynFit SPF60 moisturizing sunscreen. My skin radiates, and the dark circles and puffiness have gone. The crepey, loose skin becomes full and tighter, and in the tv world I live in, where cameras make everything look worse, I need all the help I can get!

On a side note, I find that taking better care of my skin helps get me out of the kitchen, preventing the mindless munching I sometimes fall victim to. When we take better care ourselves we tend to eat better... not bad results for one small change. And, after you do your skin care routine, brush your teeth. You’ll be less likely to eat later. 👍🏼

Here are the 5 best ways to make over your skin:

1. Prepare the skin for treatment with Revitalizing Facial Cleanser

Cleanse and remove dulling impurities and support cell turnover with LynFit Revitalizing Facial Cleanser. Prepare the skin to receive the nutrients you’ll be applying.

2. Re-balance the pH balance of your skin with pH Balance Toner

This balances the skin's ph levels and soothes the skin, which is the secret to healthy skin and preventing irritation. This step is often skipped, but it’s super important to the big picture. 

3. Rejuvenate your skin with Tretinol Serum

Tretinol (it’s the best form of vitamin A and is the grandfather of Retin A). It is loaded with vitamin A and also contains vitamins E and C, which increases collagen and firms the skin, reducing crows feet.
Studies show that this specific combination of Tretinol, along with vitamins E and C tightens skin by 48 percent in just eight weeks. 

Apply Tretinol sparingly over the face and neck to increase collagen production (avoid eyes, eyelids, lips, and sensitive areas). It’s loaded with exactly the amounts of vitamins A, C, and E, which when combined, thwarts blood pooling, reducing under eye circles and puffy eyes.

4. Repair and replenish with Vita-CE with Ferulic Acid

Vita CE and Ferulic Acid is the secret to anti-aging and is considered the fountain of youth. The key reason is it contains multiple antioxidants to help prevent wrinkles and repair sun damage and helps fade dark spots and skin discoloration. It lightens and brightens the skin and evens out skin tone.

Apply a pea-sized amount over the face and neck (avoiding the eyes, lips, eyelids, and sensitive areas). This clear, yellow liquid has a smoky scent that fades quickly, leaving a slightly sticky film until you apply moisturizer or your sunscreen on top of it.

The combination of steps 3 and 4 is the most effective way to restore volume while increasing firmness, and it works quickly to help fill in under eye hollows.

If you’ve never layered products like this, you’ll quickly see why dermatologists suggest it. Layering skin products is the best way to allow nutrients to be absorbed more effectively and trap nutrients for best results.

5. Protect with Daily Hydration Sunscreen SPF20

Layering your sunscreen on top helps hydrate and restore moisture and protect your skin from harmful pollutants that can even be found in our homes and office environments. And of course, from the sun's damaging affects.

If your skin is sensitive, rotate Tretinol and Vita CE and Ferulic Acid by alternating their use (using Tretinol one day and Vita CE and Ferulic Acid on the other, or using Tretinol at night and Vita CE and Ferulic Acid in the morning).

If you’ve got tough skin that needs some tough love, repeat steps 1-5 in the morning and top that healthy glow off with a healthy vegan gel eyeliner. You’ll look like you had a facelift or restful vacation!

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