The #1 Supplement Everyone Should Be Taking Every Day... Period!

Are you wondering what that #1 nutritional supplement is? It's a vitamin most people don't associate with fat-burning, weight loss, strength, protecting lean muscle, and also improved healing, which helps ease aches and pains by improving recovery.

Drum roll please... meet our new Vitamin D3 soft gels! Now, more D3 in a more convenient, easy-to-swallow soft gel. We bumped up the “octane” in our Vitamin D3, so it now contains 5,000IU in each soft gel. We took it even a step further due to today’s threat of global pandemics, COVID-19, and flu season (just to name a few). We combined the most potent, natural source of purified vitamin D with extra virgin organic olive oil that research proves enhances its immune-protecting benefits, thanks to the monounsaturated fatty acids. These polyphenols work synergistically with vitamin D, making it the most powerful way to “up your D" to improve every aspect of your health.

Vitamin D is a superstar, yet one of the most overlooked. Even health nuts and gym rats tend to overlook vitamin D, despite the fact that it protects lean muscle, plays a significant role in metabolic health, neuroprotection, brain health, and improves healing and recovery and being a critical part of your ache and pain reduction plan. This is especially true if you're a member of the over 30 crowd, and it's twice as important if you're a menopausal woman.

The 411 on Vitamin D

Vitamin D is referred to as a fat-soluble vitamin. Technically, it's a steroid hormone, best known for its positive influence on bone health and calcium metabolism.

Calcium is the primary component of bone, but it can only be absorbed by the body when enough vitamin D is present. Our bodies manufacture vitamin D when it's exposed to adequate sunlight, using cholesterol stored in our bodies, which is why it's referred to as the sunshine vitamin.

The problem is that in today's world of climate change, affecting our sun exposure, adults work all day when the sun is out, spend less and less time outdoors as we age. Our skin sensitivity to the sun (skin cancer risk) makes it impossible to provide our bodies with adequate vitamin D. This makes it critical to obtain it from nutritional supplements in our diet.

It's difficult to get enough vitamin D from your diet no matter how healthy you're eating, even if you're following the LynFit Metabolic Boosting Diet that's a leaner version of the popular Mediterranean diet. The Metabolic diet contains lots of seafood and fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines. But if you're trying to optimize your diet to burn fat, it's still not enough, and that's where the smart use of safe supplements comes in.

Most of us over-30s crowd DO NOT GET enough regular exposure to sunlight, and to add insult to injury; we don't absorb or store vitamin D as well either, so supplementing with vitamin D3 is very beneficial.

What Can Taking LynFit's Vitamin D3 Boost Nutritional Supplement Do for Your Weight Loss and Fat Burning?

Blocks hunger and cravings by telling your brain you're full! If you have sufficient levels of vitamin D, your body can produce more leptin. Leptin is the hormone that tells your brain you're full, making it easier to stay on track with your food plan.

Blocks your fat cells from making and storing fat. When your body is nourished with adequate vitamin D, so it’s always floating in your system, it can resist making more fat cells and resist storing fat.

Reduces cortisol (stress hormone) levels and helps keep them in balance. Vitamin D works with calcium to reduce the overproduction of cortisol, the stress hormone that leads to the storage of dangerous belly fat.

That's why you gain weight when you're stressed (like during this pandemic that’s affecting almost everyone, causing weight gain and storing more belly fat).
Vitamin D3 Boost should be one of the nutritional supplements you take without fail, especially if you're trying to melt off stubborn body fat while losing weight.

Studies prove that taking vitamin D3, combined with circuit training (whole-body workouts three times a week -- like our popular Metabolic Boosting Workouts), had a positive effect on body composition, meaning it helped burn off stubborn belly fat, reduced blood lipid levels (fats that circulate in our blood), and reduced insulin resistance when taken for 12 weeks, even in the most difficult populations, which is women over 40.

It's important to note that nutritional supplements need to be used consistently on a regular basis and must contain 5,000IU a day for 12 weeks for the best results, which is true of just about anything we do in life.

When it comes to nourishing your body, it's even more crucial because it can take time to rehydrate cells with nutrients, especially if you're depleted, which is almost always the case after age 30 when your body's nutrient storage begins to decline.

Protects and strengthens lean muscle tissue (preventing metabolic slowdown). If you're over 40, I'm sure you've noticed it's harder to get your body to respond to weight training and more difficult to add lean muscle tissue compared to when you were in your 20's or 30's. This is also why your metabolism slows down, making it harder to lose weight and easier to gain weight, and your skin starts to get crepey and jiggle.

Research proves supplementing with vitamin D3 can help and is even more effective as you age.

Bottom line... when proper weight training, daily supplementing with vitamin D3, combined with a healthy lifestyle, it's easier to build lean muscle tissue, even in the hard-to-strengthen upper body (and also the lower body), while strengthening every aspect of your musculoskeletal health. This includes bones, muscles, joints, and cartilage. And it protects brain health and improves mood.

How Does One Simple Nutritional Supplement Do All This?

A possible explanation for this is the positive effect on a hormone called IGF-1, an insulin growth factor hormone. It's an anabolic hormone that stimulates the growth of bone, muscle, and all tissues in the body. It plays a role in stimulating an increase in building lean muscle mass. IGF-1 is important when it comes to building and protecting lean muscle tissue and your overall body composition, or how lean you are.

Supplementing with 5,000IU daily of vitamin D3 helps deliver the right amount of this hormone into your muscle tissue, where you get the best anabolic (meaning muscle growth) benefit. The more muscle you have, the better your metabolism will be.

The more muscle you have and the more you weigh, the more vitamin D3 you need for optimal results. Muscle has more vitamin D receptors that are like cellular gateways into the muscle. That's why it's crucial to lift weights and walk, in addition to supplementing every day with vitamin D if you're a woman over 40. It's ten times more important if you have been told you have osteoporosis or you're trying to lose weight.

All research agrees that there is no doubt that vitamin D3 is good for everyone, regardless of whether you're a CrossFitter, bodybuilder, exercise enthusiast,  into yoga, Pilates, endurance sports, golf, tennis.... EVERYONE!

COVID-19 has made this even more crucial to the point that other countries are giving it away to their citizens versus fortifying foods with it. It's proven to be effective at strengthening and protecting the immune system and has found that those who are deficient in vitamin D3 were more likely to get COVID-19 and suffer with more complications than people who supplemented with vitamin D3 daily.

Health-Boosting Side Effects of Vitamin D3

Supplementing with vitamin D3 goes way beyond muscle. It’s vital to every aspect of your health, and the Mayo Clinic agrees.

Osteoporosis/Brittle Bones: Almost all research proves that taking vitamin D3 daily can slow bone mineral loss and help prevent osteoporosis, reduce bone fractures, and improve dental health. This is especially true when combined with Whey Protein daily that provides the right amount of clean protein your body needs, which also helps prevent your body using bone as fuel. 

Cancer: Studies confirm that vitamin D may help prevent certain cancers.

Boosts Brain Heath and Provides Neuroprotection (recovery of nervous system): Research suggests that vitamin D3 plays a role in cognitive health, especially in adults over 60, and can improve outcomes for those being treated for dementia.

Not Sure How Much Vitamin D You Should Take?

Researchers use high doses because they work! The guidelines now are much higher than they previously were. Before COVID-19, the recommendation was approximately 600IU (international units) for ages 1-70 and 800IU for people over 70.

The NEW normal level of vitamin D3 is now 5000IU due to stress depleting our bodies. Lockdown has inhibited travel and prevented us from spending enough time outdoors (heck, we don’t even get to drive as much, which limits our light exposure even more) and has caused the daily RDI (recommended dietary intakes) to rise higher to strengthen our immune systems. This is known as vitamin D therapy, and yes, it's safe to take that much unless your health care practitioner or doctor has told you otherwise. 

That's exactly why we upgraded our Vitamin D3 Boost to 5,000IU and added organic virgin olive oil carrier oil to maximize its benefits, making it more bioavailable by your body.

My supplement recommendation is to take one (1) LynFit Nutrition Vitamin D3 Boost supplement every day before bed, so it can work with your body's innate healing process.

If you feel you need more, talk to your health care provider. If you feel you need less, take less by taking it three days a week or according to your health needs (also known as strategic precision dosing, which is used in pro athletics and nutritional therapy).

As always, our supplements are clinically dosed and professional-grade, so more isn't better because it's the BEST!

It's important to note that nourishing your body every day with our Metabolic Complete Whey Protein Powder optimizes vitamin D uptake. This dynamic duo can help you move better and decrease inflammation, which is the cause of just about every disease. Of course, you need to keep moving your body, making very sure you're getting 10,000 steps every day. And for even better bone-building results, lift those weights at least two times a day! 




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