The Summer of Living Lean — My Story: Cece Smith

Cece SmithI'm 74-years-old, and while my body requires a bit more maintenance, I'm still going strong. I've managed to keep the pounds off, and my energy is incredible. I can still do my own yard work, and I love cleaning my house, especially vacuuming. And, I can walk up the stairs better now than I ever have.

Following a LynFit lean lifestyle has helped me to stay active while changing my relationship with food. I used to "eat my feelings" or miss meals altogether, but having LynFit Protein Shakes around has saved me. My mind is clearer, and I'm much less depressed and anxious. Friends have told me they can see a difference in me both physically and in my personality.

Every 30 days, my shakes and life-saving supplements arrive at my front door thanks to LynFit's auto ship, so I never run out. If I have a craving for anything I quench it by eating a LynFit Lean Bar (I love the toffee best) or I make one of Lisa's metabolic boosting recipes. The Happy Meal Pancakes are my favorite. Sometimes, I have the metabolic boosting ice cream made from the protein powder with a lean bar on top when I feel like splurging.

I love LynFit, and I'm grateful for the natural pain relief products!

— Cece Smith

What is your favorite LynFit metabolic boosting weight loss recipe?
The Happy Meal Power Pancake! I live alone and don't like to cook for myself, so I often make this for dinner and have my big salad for lunch. 

What is your favorite LynFit supplement to use, and why? How has it helped you?
Oh my goodness, I couldn't narrow it down to just one. I live on the Pure Omega 3, Recovery Agent, and Lean Sleep. At 74, my body aches and I had to stop taking over-the-counter pain relievers because they raised my blood pressure to dangerous levels. 

Sleep is also an issue at 74, but since I've started taking Lean Sleep and Pure Omega 3 at bedtime I not only sleep better, but my joints ache less, and that motivates me to stay active.

What is your daily supplement schedule like?
The first thing in the morning, when I wake up, I take one (1) Pure Omega 3, one (1) Vitamin D3 Boost, and Daily Power Shot to make sure I'm getting 100% of my daily recommended dosage of vitamins and minerals.

At lunch time, I take four (4) Recovery Agent to help ease arthritic pain. I also take Thyro-Boost a few times a week as well.

At bedtime, I take one (1) Pure Omega 3 and one (1) Lean Sleep.

Did you encounter any obstacles? If so, how did you overcome them?
Obstacles have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I'm now 42 years sober and a single woman supporting myself, which is stressful in itself. I continue to work two jobs. I also survived a potentially deadly bout of endocarditis (heart infection) which was hard to diagnose, so it almost took my life.

I've learned to let go and let God, keeping my eyes on Him. Especially when it going gets tough—this includes my food and exercise plan. They are even more important now at my age. I work out daily doing "potty squats" to stay out of a nursing home! I also keep weights under my couch so I can lift them while watching television.

What aspects of your life have changed since doing LynFit?
I've learned that if I don't eat right (for me that means getting enough protein) I lack energy and it's harder to fight off depression.

What did you do during the first two weeks of LynFit that helped you stick to the plan?
First, I wrote out my plan, including what times and what I'll eat, so I wasn't making those decisions when I was hungry. That's huge for me because I would often choose unhealthy foods (I crave sugar and carbs). Then, I cleaned out my refrigerator. I couldn't eat it if it wasn't in the house.

What words of wisdom do you have for anyone who is trying to lose weight?
Start with at least a Complete Protein Shake for breakfast. It makes life easier, saves time and money, keeps bones strong (teeth too), and your weight in check. I love it because it helps offset my not-so-good decisions and prevents me from gaining weight. It seems like my body aches less when my blood sugar and weight are in check. Start every day the LynFit Protein Shake way!

Most importantly, believe in yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to, including losing weight and living a healthy, leaner lifestyle!

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