Stress Less, Kill Cravings, Lose More Weight

"Hi Lisa,

Happy New Year. I have not reached out to you in a long time because I have been able to handle the daily stresses of life. However, last year was an emotional year because my younger sister of 65 suffered from a rare form of ovarian cancer. Last summer was extremely painful for her and the rest of the family. She finally passed away the day after Thanksgiving. 

In addition to dealing with her passing, I began eating at night to deal with my sadness. Instead of returning to Florida in October 2021, my husband and I stayed until December 5, 2021. Unfortunately, the cold weather and busy schedule prevented me from exercising which resulted in gaining a few pounds. 

Now that I am back in Florida, I have been biking, walking, lifting weights, and jumping rope on a daily basis. I am happy that this helping me deal with some of my stress. However, the eating at night is affecting my diabetes. Not Good!!!. 

What products would you recommend that I take to help me deal with my stress so I will not eat everything in sight. I recently had to replace an old crown, so I have eliminated all nuts and chewing gum. I protect my teeth at all cost! So, now what do I do at night when I can not chew my gum?

I am ready to order Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Advanced and Cutting Edge Fat Burner. I am also taking Advanced D3 Boost. I still have another bottle. I would appreciate any suggestions. 

Thank you for your kindness and concern in advance. 

Mary M"


Anytime stress increases, whether it be physical or emotional, our bodies need change. If we don’t meet those needs, hunger and cravings ramp up in an attempt to get the nutrients it needs. That's exactly why I created the LynFit Stress Less, Kill Cravings, Lose Weight Trio -- the game changer when it comes to combating the hunger and cravings caused by stress that hinders weight loss and causes increased belly fat.

Here's what's in it and how you need to take it to once again get control of stress.

What's In It?


Diet is 90% of your weight loss success and the single most important influence over your health. That’s why improving your nutrition by drinking our best-selling LynFit Nutrition® Metabolic Boosting Protein Powder every day should be the first place you start. No matter what your goal is, drinking this delicious shake WILL help. It will save you time and lots of money, and you’ll see and feel a difference the same day you start.

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to their health (especially when it comes to losing weight and melting off stubborn belly fat) is NOT providing their body with enough of the right kind of protein. Our lives are so busy that we tend to skip meals or grab unhealthy foods, resulting in low energy/fatigue, intense hunger and cravings, and weight gain due to metabolic slowdown.

95% of Americans don’t get enough fiber or the right kind of protein. This leads to all sorts of health issues, including metabolic resistance, erratic blood sugar levels, fatigue, mood swings, hunger and cravings, and all sorts of digestive and gut health issues, slow healing, aches, pains osteoporosis, depression, anxiety, you name it... nourishing your body can help.

Drinking a LynFit Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Shake every day makes it easy by solving all of these problems. You’ll finally start losing weight and your stomach will be flat again too. It’s the perfect blend of clean metabolic boosting protein and prebiotic fiber that goes to work improving every aspect of your health, improving gut health and immunity, and jumpstarting your weight loss, targeting dangerous belly fat the moment you drink your shake.

LynFit Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Powder naturally and safely boosts your metabolism 25% by improving your metabolic health. It's not just another protein powder! That’s why it was featured on The Dr. Oz and Martha Stewart shows, along with other media outlets from Cosmopolitan to Woman’s World and more. It has helped thousands of people feel better and lose weight when everything else failed them. It's specifically designed to target the burning off of belly fat by reducing blood sugar levels and preventing erratic spikes.

Drinking Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Powder:

  • Can help you lose one pound a day when you replace two meals with a delicious Protein Shake instead
  • Accelerates Fat burning (specifically targeting belly fat)
  • Blocks cortisol, making it easier to target and melt off belly fat
  • Reduces blood sugar levels (great for diabetics)
  • Kills hunger and cravings
  • Prevents the metabolic slowdown that occurs when calories are reduced
  • Helps you avoid rebound weight gain when consumed as a weight management tool
  • Improves digestive and gut health
  • Improves thyroid function
  • Naturally detoxifies and cleanses the liver/alkalizing your system
  • Strengthens muscles, tissues, and bones
  • Rebalances inflammation (including chronic markers)
  • Improves healing and recovery (fewer aches and pains)
  • Improves hair, skin, and nail health
  • Improves heart and brain health (they are muscles too)
  • Boosts mood and helps alleviate depression

In short, LynFit Metabolic Boosting Complete Whey Protein facilitates weight loss and decreases your risk of chronic diseases.

Don't all protein powders do that? NO! In fact, most protein powders are created to add additional calories from carbs and fats, yet don’t contain enough of the essential amino acids or fiber needed to fuel your metabolism. They end up causing weight gain and blocking fat burning.

Isn’t all whey the same? Doesn’t whey dairy and have lactose? Yes, most whey proteins available today are full of dairy, lactose, and other impurities. They are better for muscle-building and weight gain. 

LynFit has a unique proprietary microfiltering method that removes all traces of lactose, fats, and any and all impurities that may be present yet leaves all of the essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that organically exist in higher grades of whey like ours. It's this ultra-refinement process that leaves it so pure, hypoallergenic, and why it won’t hurt your stomach and is more bioavailable, so your body can absorb and utilize it. It fuels your metabolism better than any other protein powder or food you can buy.

LynFit whey protein has the highest PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) of any other protein and is low glycemic, making it easier for you to reach ketosis and begin burning fat faster than you would if you opted to eat clean versus drink the Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Powder.


Keto Carb Edge Weight Loss Accelerator is a safe, all-natural highly effective fat-burning metabolic enhancer that makes losing weight faster and easier by helping to control your cravings and curb appetite for sugars and carbohydrate-containing foods. Keto Carb Edge Weight Loss Accelerator blocks 65 percent of unwanted carbohydrates and fat from being absorbed, so your cheat days won’t wreck your weight loss.

If you're trying to lose those stubborn love handles, melt off that stubborn belly fat that's making it harder for you to lose weight, and your cravings and cheat days are affecting your progress, LynFit Keto Carb Edge Weight Loss Accelerator can help!

LynFit uses the highest quality clinical strength extracts, so you can take less but get better results in less time. Keto Carb Edge Weight Loss Accelerator is more than just a fat-burning weight loss supplement, it also helps keep your metabolism from slowing down when calories are reduced while helping to keep blood sugar levels balanced. You shouldn’t have to take dozens of individual ingredients to get your needs met, so we combined them into one safe supplement, saving you money and allowing you to be more consistent, which is the secret to lasting weight loss.


Keto Carb Edge Weight Loss Accelerator combines the benefits of accelerating weight loss, killing cravings, and preventing hunger signals brought on by high or unbalanced blood sugar levels and hormones that make your body resist weight loss.

LynFit combined the powerful effects of White Kidney Bean Extract and Banaba Leaf Extract (previously found in LynFit Carb Edge) and added them to this already powerful combination. Now you don’t have to decide which to take when you need both — Keto Carb Edge Weight Loss Accelerator is the perfect combination of both!

Clinical studies have shown that the specific blend of key ingredients in the quality and dosage, found only in Keto Carb Edge Weight Loss Accelerator, speeds up weight loss by reducing the absorption of dietary fats and blood sugar spiking carbohydrates while accelerating, promoting, and encouraging the body's natural ability to burn fat. This special formulation:

  • Helps maximize weight loss and fat burning
  • Helps promote thyroid health
  • Helps reduce hunger and kill cravings
  • Helps reduce carbohydrate absorption
  • Helps eliminate excess water
  • Helps reduce stress-related belly fat
  • Helps improve mood and focus
  • Helps increase energy (fights midday fatigue)

This formula is ten times more effective than any other supplement on the market today. Each of these natural botanical ingredients are found in extract form, allowing you to get all of this into a tiny, easy-to-swallow capsule.


LynFit 5-HTP Lean is an all-natural, 100 percent drug-free way to combat the effects of stress while promoting a calm and relaxed mood by enabling the body’s synthesis of serotonin, the chemical messenger that greatly helps in alleviating anxiety and depression. 5-HTP Lean improves mood and sleep while helping to promote fat burning and accelerating weight loss. 5-HTP Lean kills cravings quickly, curbs hunger, and manages cortisol levels, making it easier to stick to your diet and help your body resist weight gain and the storage of excess body fat around the belly, hips, and thighs.  

5-HTP has been used for centuries for sleep disorders such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, migraines, tension-type headaches, fibromyalgia, obesity, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), and attention deficit disorder, just to name a few.

Most people take 5-HTP Lean for its natural appetite suppressing benefits that can help you eat less and lose weight. Studies show that people using 5-HTP Lean lost more weight than those who try to “will power” their way through hunger and cravings. It's just as effective as traditional antidepressants, but without all of the side effects or weight gain.


Lisa created LynFit 5-HTP Lean for those times she needed a fast-acting damper on rising stress. She wanted an easy-to-swallow capsule of the purest and highest quality available. LynFit is now making it available to you after witnessing the harmful side effects of stress, caused by living in today’s fast-paced world. From excessive belly fat storage to overweight bodies that resist weight loss due to high levels, or cortisol in the body as well as overeating that was difficult to stop... stress can escalate anxiety and cause insatiable cravings for all of the wrong kinds of food and make it impossible to stick to a diet. 

What most people don’t realize is that it’s the underlying issues behind health ailments today (increasing aches and pains) that are robbing us of the energy and mood to stay active, making it harder to eat clean and make healthier food choices. These poor choices can increase blood pressure and blood sugar levels, all making it even more difficult to lose weight and shed unwanted belly fat. Depression often sets in, robbing us of living our happiest and healthiest lives.


It is believed that genetically-induced serotonin deficiency is another common factor in obesity. 5-HTP, well known for its use in serotonin deficiency syndrome, is recognized as a natural carbohydrate appetite satisfier. It is readily converted into serotonin in the brain, which in turn causes the release of cholecystokinin, the satiety hormone. Thus, 5-HTP is likely to affect weight loss via two different mechanisms: fat burning and appetite satisfaction.

Since 5-HTP also tends to have relaxing or calming effects, many users report that it helps offset the stimulatory effects of the other agents such as stress, excessive caffeine, or stimulants including trauma both physical and emotional, or stress by itself.

  • Kills cravings fast for sugars and carbs 
  • Promotes fat burning (specifically from the belly, hips, and highs)
  • Promotes the burning of belly fat
  • Boosts mood and alleviates depression 
  • Reduces anxiety and stress levels 
  • Suppresses appetite 
  • Supports healthy cortisol levels 
  • Improves sleep and relieves insomnia 
  • Helps relieve migraines and tension-type headaches 
  • Improves fibromyalgia symptoms 
  • Promotes weight loss 
  • Also good for premenstrual syndrome (PMS), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), and attention deficit disorder (ADD)


5-HTP Lean follows the LynFit difference and contains pure, natural, non-GMO ingredients. 5-HTP Lean can be used safely by anyone who feels that stress is interfering with his or her weight loss, causing cravings, weight gain, mood swings, anxiety, or simply wants to be more productive and effective and enjoy life more.

If you're ready to start feeling better by dealing with your stress 5-HTP Lean is the ultimate natural stress-fighting formula, known for its natural and gentle mood boost without making you drowsy or causing nervous jitters. It's safe for just about everyone and can be taken with other medications safely.

LynFit uses a unique technology that allows the capsule to dissolve quickly, enabling faster absorption to help kill cravings practically on contact. 5-HTP Lean and can be taken at any time, day or night.

How To Take

  1. Fast every night for 12 hours. 
  2. Break the fast with a Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Shake. Do not add any ingredients or milk. Make it with water, ice, and/or black coffee instead. We strongly suggest having another for lunch.
  3. Take (1) Keto Carb Edge twice or three times daily or three times daily.
  4. Take 5-HTP Lean an hour or two before your cravings kick in and/or before bed to help rebalance stress hormones that make cravings worse.




Lisa Lynn, Clinical Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Expert and Associate Chaplain. Best known for her 18+ years as Martha Stewart’s trainer, who was responsible for Martha’s over-50 amazing physical transformation that caught the attention of Dr. Oz, leading to her many appearances on the Dr. Oz Show. Lisa is not just another trainer; she herself lost 40 pounds and has kept it off, even with a sluggish thyroid and menopause.

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