Staying Active For Maximum Metabolic Boost

When life gets busy, physical activity is often one of the first things to get cut from the schedule. Then it’s a slippery slope from “I’ll just take the day off,” to “I haven’t had exercise in a month.” Thankfully on the metabolic boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day Plan working out isn’t necessary. In fact, I suggest that you stop working out for the first three weeks to prevent your body from resisting weight loss that can happen due to stress hormones being exaggerated and enhanced from working out. But don’t worry, this won’t be forever if you’re a workout junkie. And if you’re not, staying healthy and fit is easier than you think.

When it comes to losing weight, we need to begin to think about exercise the same way as brushing our teeth. We just do it daily... period! We do it on vacation, and we do it if we are not feeling up to par. You’ve just gotta keep moving to keep the body in working order. One of the best ways to be consistent is to establish habits and routines that become so automatic that you no longer need to think about them. You just automatically do them—the same way you get up and brush your teeth. This is also why I highly recommend that you work out at home before you do anything else. This also prevents anything from stopping you.

Consistency is key, and be patient, it may take some time and experimentation to find a groove you like and can do daily. I don’t even want to call it exercise because people think exercise is optional, or they think having aches pains or joint issues excuses them from moving, and it doesn't! Moving our body is not an option, it is a necessity—for everything from digestion to keeping joints in working order and our bones strong. Best yet, movement boosts metabolism! Trust me on this... once you do begin moving daily, you'll never be sorry you got up and moved. You will be sorry, and you won’t feel as good or maintain your weight loss, however, if you don't.

If you're new at this, or you want to develop new routines for physical activity, these tips and strategies can help you get started.

Lack of time is the biggest obstacle that prevents most people from getting in enough daily physical activity. Thankfully, weight loss is 90 percent dietary (especially on this plan) and only 10 percent sweat equity. You can incorporate small bouts of exercise throughout your day. I suggest that you start your day with a 10-minute workout and incorporate 5-10 minute bouts throughout your day. That’s enough time to walk around the office or do a couple of laps up and down the stairs. This also makes exercise less taxing on the body so it won't cause cravings the way overly intense exercise programs do. The end result is the sameyou will get stronger, leaner, and more toned.

DID YOU KNOW that studies show this method is superior to overly strenuous workouts, and people tend to stay in shape longer without causing joint issues? This is also how models and TV personalities work out, so they don’t over bulk, which doesn’t look good on the camera (especially since the new HD televisions add 25 pounds).

Early morning (first thing) is the best time to get your physical activity. Try getting up half an hour earlier than normal. Set out your sneakers and clothes the night before, or better yet, wear workout clothes to bed. That way you can get right to it when your alarm goes off. This allows you to have all your physical activity done for the day before your first cup of coffee. Nothing starts a day better than exercise!

I get up two hours earlier to walk on the treadmill for at least one hour, and I lift weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... no matter what holiday it is or what's happening in my life. This routine has served me extremely well as I'm in the best shape of my life, despite the fact that I've competed in powerlifting (I took home a 2nd place trophy) and have worked out at Olympic levels, which did nothing but bulk me up and exacerbate my hunger and cravings. Keep it simple and do it daily. I know its scary if you're addicted to the high that workouts can give you. I was scared too, but you’ll have to trust the system and remember you’ve gotta do something different if you want different results. 


The most successful losers burn their weekly calories by walking. It can be the perfect exercise. Whether you take several short walks every day, or a few long ones every week, it’s amazing how fast the calories can add up. Make the commitment to walk every day for the first week. You might be surprised how quickly it can become a habit. Don’t forget: all physical activity is great, but the best exercise is the kind you enjoy the most because that’s what will keep you doing it.

  • If you take public transportation to work, get off a stop or two early to extend your walk to the office. If you drive in every day, look for a spot in the back of the parking lot and walk a lap around the building before sitting down at your desk.
  • If you have dogs at home, take them for an extended walk every day instead of just letting them out in the yard.
  • After dinner can be one of the best times to take a walk. Many people also believe that an “evening constitutional” can be the perfect thing to help with digestion.

All weight loss plans challenge you to burn at least 2,000 calories each week in physical activity. When it comes to boosting a sluggish metabolism, it's even more important. The simple act of tracking or recording the calories you burn throughout the day will help you to do more than you might otherwise. Tracking provides immediate reinforcement, and it’s encouraging to see those numbers add up.

The easiest way to track your progress is to use the method that works best for you. Some like to use a Fit Bit, and others prefer to write it down on their calendar or day timer. Most fitness apps include a calorie calculator that can quickly estimate how many calories you burned doing any type of physical activity. You can always rely on the good ‘ol paper and pencil method of tracking your food and exercise. Did you know that most fitness apps and calorie calculators are off by 20 percent? Sadly, not in your favor. Keep in mind that they are only a gauge and don't take them for the gospel.

Setting a goal that’s too aggressive can quickly become overwhelming. Think about something small you can commit to and do it every day. Maybe you could start with a 10-minute walk before you sit down at your desk. That way you can do it daily without interruption. It's better to start small: Small Changes Every Day = Big Results Over Time and it’s the Consistency + Frequency that = Lasting, Lifelong Results!


The first person you need to be accountable to is yourself. By writing down your goal and making it visible (post it on your fridge, your computer, in your car, and everywhere and anywhere possible) so you're reminded daily of what you are trying to accomplish.

It's also important to “commit publicly.” Let friends and family know your intent, in person, or even on social media. Enroll a buddy who has a similar goal so you can do it together and support each other along the way. Make “fit dates” instead of always eating out with friendsyou’ll be less likely to blow off a walk or weight workout if you know someone is relying on you to show up. Plus, working out and losing weight with a buddy is much more enjoyable. 

I have successful losers who host “Faith Fit Workouts” where they have bible study and then work out or walk together and discuss what they are learning. It’s well worth the efforts, and if your friends are how you got fat in the first place, this is a great opportunity to expand your friendship base so you are surrounded by like-minded people who share your goals. Remember, no change = no change. Now is a great time to join the LynFit Private Facebook Group where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people and gain ideas and inspiration. There's always more power in partnership!

It always amazes me how people underestimate the power of daily-anchored health habits. There is no better way to build a new routine than to tie it to a something you already do. Here is what the most successful LynFit losers do:

  • While you wait for your morning coffee to brew, blend up a filling LynFit Complete Protein Shake to put in a travel mug for the commute to work.
  • Each week, when you do your grocery shopping, make it a point to not buy the foods that will tempt you and to buy a greater variety of fruits and vegetables, and then prep them when you get home, so you’re ready for the week.
  • Make it a rule that you only watch your favorite shows on the treadmill. Love podcasts? There are literally thousands to choose from on every topic imaginable. Pick a good one for your next walk. 
  • When you receive your LynFit supplements order, pack your supplements into your purse or cooler, so you’re never without them, or leave a second set of bottles at work, so they never leave.

Being perfect isn’t the best way to succeed. Doing your best consistently and frequently is. It's the best way to get results and keep them. Once you decide to commit yourself 100 percent to developing a new routine, consistency is the challenge. Plan ahead the same way you do when you need a haircut for a special occasion. Each week look at your schedule and what you have in the upcoming week and schedule your physical activity and clean eating in, ideally at the same time every day.

Be patient! Research shows that it can take anywhere from 21-66 days to establish a new routine, so the bottom line is that it’s going to take some time. But believe that this will work and do not quit on yourself. It’s definitely a very worthwhile commitment, and know that it won’t feel so challenging forever.  Eventually, it will become more automatic, and along the way, don’t fall into self-defeating or “all or nothing” thinking. Your new goal is if you fall off track (and you will, its inevitable) make a pact with yourself to get back on immediately. No more waiting until Monday!

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