Sinful Hot Chocolate - My Favorite Chocolate Fix!

I mix (1 scoop) Advanced Non-GMO Chocolate Bliss or Chocolate Truffle Protein with (¾-1 cup) warm water.

Stir and top with (1 scoop) Advanced Non-GMO Vanilla Dream Protein Powder that’s specifically combined with (2 oz.) of very cold ice water and blended until it froths. I then spoon the froth onto my hot chocolate and sprinkle some Sinful Chocolate Sauce on it (to be honest, in it too for serious chocolate flavor).

And once that’s completed, I find a peaceful place to sit and enjoy a Chocolate Lean Bar (I change flavors daily to keep things fresh) and indulge in the goodness taking much comfort knowing that I’m doing my body, mind, and spirit so much good!

And yes, I do both a Lean Bar and Shake and I don't gain because it’s my “break the 13-14 hour fast” boost, so I've basically combined two metabolic boosting meals into one that I enjoy more, especially since I have no desire to eat or clean up at 4 a.m. And I certainly don’t need food then either. Fasting is my way of life so this makes it easy and delicious!

Note: The froth made using even (1 scoop) also makes the perfect topping for my black coffee which helps keep my metabolism turbocharged versus slowing it with cream or milk due to the lactose/sugar they contain

Chocolate Fix

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