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Shed Fat With The Right Combination Of Supplements


Garcinia Cambogia, African Mango, Raspberry Ketones — if you've been around long enough, you're probably familiar with these herbal supplements. I'm asked on a daily basis what I think of them. My answer: "Why settle for one ingredient when you can get the benefits of all of them combined into one single supplement?" 

In fact, studies show you can lose twice as much weight in half the time if you use the right combination of high-quality ingredients. This will always be better than "single-use" supplementing.

I'm not a fan of Garcinia Cambogia. I haven't seen results that justify using it, and I like to stick to the tried and true, backed by science and lots of experience.  However, I do love Raspberry Ketones and African Mango. That's why for 25+ years I've been using them to bust through weight loss plateaus and boost even the most sluggish metabolisms. You can find both of these celebrity ingredients in my LynFit Accelerator and LynFit Raspberry Ketone Cleanse.

In working with bodybuilders, celebrities, and everyday people, in addition to cleaning up their diets into a thermogenic style of eating and working out more consistently to build up metabolisms, the smart usage of safe supplements allowed for faster results. These natural, safe supplements; also known as fat burners or lipotropics, help the body utilize stored fat for fuel to produce energy.

LynFit Cutting EdgeLast week I discussed how taking LynFit Carb Edge, and LynFit Accelerator are the core steps to take if you're trying to shed excess body fat. This week I'm going to talk about the Carnitine Factor — found in LynFit Cutting Edge.

L-Carnitine is naturally manufactured in your body and has been used successfully for decades as a fat burner. It's one of the best-kept secrets in the world of fat loss, hence, the reason I wanted to talk to you about how to use it to "jump start" your fat loss, along with its other health benefits. L-Carnitine is a must for just about everyone because it will not only help you lose fat but also preserve and improve muscle tone and energy, while protecting your heart.

The reason L-Carnitine has been known as one of the most effective fat burners of all times is due to it helping carry fat into the mitochondria (energy factories) of cells where they can be burned off. If there isn't enough Carnitine available, most fats can't get into the mitochondria to be burned off. If you eat animal proteins (red meat), excessively you might get adequate carnitine naturally, but we all know that's not good for weight loss. 

Carnitine helps to increase blood flow to your muscles, preserving lean muscle tissue. Better blood flow to the muscles brings health-producing nutrients, hormones, and oxygen to the muscle fibers which translates into feeling fewer aches and pains. It helps build strength and provides you with needed energy that's helpful for your workouts and everyday life. The more energy you have, the more active you'll be. The more active you are, the more muscle you'll have, and the healthier and faster your metabolism will be.


Scientists believe the benefits of Carnitine come from its ability to boost energy production through the burning of fat. L-Carnitine buffers acid levels in your muscles (the burning you feel when you work out or walk for long distances). So L-Carnitine can help you work out (or shop, play, walk, etc.) longer and harder. That's always a good thing.


Carnitine is much more than a fat burner. It has health benefits that go far beyond fat loss. It's been known to protect the heart muscle and is frequently used for patients with heart muscle damage from a heart attack or heart failure. It can help fight, or even help reverse, heart weakening issues arising from low Carnitine levels.

Scientists believe that Carnitine also helps elevate HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol), reduces triglycerides, and lowers blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension. Carnitine is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger that helps prevent cells from damage (including heart cells) when attached by free radicals that cause disease.

Carnitine comes in two forms: D-Carnitine (this is the one that gets the bad press) and L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is found in nature and biologically active. It is the most researched and the form used in LynFit Cutting Edge. D-Carnitine is biologically inactive and not good for the body. It is not sold in the U.S. The best way to get your daily dosage of L-Carnitine is by taking LynFit Cutting Edge.

The benefits of L-Carnitine are even greater when it's combined with other superstar ingredients. LynFit takes the time to custom-blend the right amount of the exact ingredients you need to see and feel results fast. This also saves you time and lots of money. Imagine how expensive it would be to take 16 different nutrients. LynFit does the blending, so you don't have to.

LynFit Cutting Edge Nutritional Label

In LynFit Cutting Edge, we combined 775mg of the purest form of L-Carnitine with the superstar ingredients below.

Chromium (75mcg) is a mineral that helps move carbohydrates into your cells to be used for energy rather than stored as body fat. It stabilizes blood sugar levels to avoid low energy crashes, so you crave less.

Lecithin (250mg) has many health benefits. It is a source of choline, which helps dissolve fat and cholesterol and can help regulate your kidney, liver, and gallbladder function. Lecithin is an essential nutrient that is required by your body, but not made in adequate amounts. It has also been used to modify the immune system by activating specific and nonspecific defense systems and help improve memory and focus.

Choline Complex (250mg) is a B vitamin that helps regulate fat build-up in the liver. Choline also works to rid the body of toxins, poisons and drug residues, which is critical when it comes to fat loss. A clogged liver will slow fat loss and may contribute to cellulite.

Inositol (250mg) is a B vitamin that helps stimulate the body’s production of lecithin, a lipid (fat) based component in the body that transports fat from the liver to your cells for energy. Inositol is a crucial player when it comes to regulating your fat burning metabolism.

Parsley (150mg) is loaded with antioxidants that help protect your body from the damage it faces every day. This high-fiber nutrient powerhouse is full of surprises, such as helping to make you feel full. It helps reduce belly fat and reduce bloat that contributes to cellulite and water weight gain.

Vitamin B Complex (124mg) stimulates the body's ability to break down fat and nourish your nerves, which can never be underestimated while controlling the metabolism.

L-Methionine (100mg) is an essential amino acid. Along with choline and inositol, methionine is a lipotropic agent that helps transport fat. The human body is not able to manufacture methionine by itself making supplement use a must. Methionine is also used to prevent liver damage that can be caused by taking over-the-counter medications, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol™) poisoning. It is also used for increasing the acidity of urine, treating liver disorders, and improving wound healing. Other uses include treating depression, alcoholism, allergies, asthma, copper poisoning, radiation side effects, as well as alleviating depression.

Potassium Gluconate (100mg) is a mineral that is essential for good health. It has many important actions in the body. Potassium can improve blood pressure, fatigue, stress, headaches, and glucose transfer that affects weight. It helps to maintain proper electrolyte balance in body cells, is essential for proper muscle function, and is instrumental in conducting nerve impulses. When losing weight, it is especially important to take supplemental potassium. Weight loss can reduce the enzyme activity that controls the flow of potassium and sodium by 20 percent. Dieting postmenopausal women lose about half a pound of muscle per year which can decrease their metabolic rate if not taking potassium.

Grapefruit Powder (100mg) is added to LynFit Cutting Edge for its fat burning and healing properties. Researchers from Japan evaluated how grapefruit can affect autonomic nerves, lipolysis (fat metabolism), and appetite. This is what they discovered:

    • Stimulated weight loss by exciting the specific sympathetic nerves that supply the brown adipose tissue and adrenal glands, which help stimulate weight loss
    • Helps shut off hunger hormones so you eat less
    • Breaks down body fat, making it easier to burn off the enzymes found in grapefruit

Ultimately, this unbelievable study showed that taking grapefruit powder daily (found in LynFit Cutting Edge) reduced appetite and body weight. 

As the saying goes, "a grapefruit a day keeps the cellulite away!” According to the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, the primary way grapefruit can be used to reduce cellulite is by supplementing with grapefruit powder (found in LynFit Cutting Edge). It stimulates the nervous system by 250%, and it has been reported that grapefruit powder contains significant levels of anti-inflammatory and skin-cleansing agents; including the enzyme bromelain, which is known to break down cellulite.

Linoleic Acid (25mg) is a Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). It is a potent antioxidant, anti-carcinogen, and anti-catabolite, as well as a powerful immune system enhancer. Some of the common accolades of CLA are assistance in fat burning, building and retention of lean muscle, and is a known cancer fighter. Some of the most known suggested benefits of CLA supplementation include:

    • Increased metabolic rate
    • Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides
    • Lowers insulin resistance
    • Reduces food-induced allergic reactions
    • Enhances immune system

Oleic (25mg) is an unsaturated fatty acid that has larger molecules which have a tendency to slide past each other without bonding with other molecules, thus ensuring the free flow of blood without forming plaques that block arteries. Oleic acid also helps in fighting cancer and inhibits the growth of cancerous cells, thus reducing the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer. It blocks the action of HER-2/neu, a cancer-causing oncogene found in about 30 percent of breast cancer patients. Oleic acid also:

    • Acts as an energy booster for different parts of the body
    • Helps in relieving asthma symptoms
    • Aids in reducing the clogging and hardening of arteries, also known as atherosclerosis
    • Reduces the resistance of insulin thereby improving glucose (blood sugar) maintenance
    • Reduces the level of cholesterol in the body thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases like stroke, high blood pressure, angina pectoris (chest pain), and heart failure

Chlorophyll (1mg) is nutritionally fabulous for you. Chlorophyll is a detoxifier that promotes energy and weight loss. It binds with environmental pollutants including toxic metals, pollution, and certain carcinogens, and promotes cleansing, which in turn gives us more energy, mental clarity, and the potential for weight loss. 

A study published in the journal Appetite in 2013 found that adding chlorophyll-containing compounds suppressed food intake and weight gain in moderately overweight women. A more recent study, also published in Appetite, found that using green-plant membranes as a dietary supplement induced weight loss, improved obesity-related risk factors, and reduced the urge for palatable food. Other research shows that chlorophyll is effective against Candida Albicans (which can lead to fatigue, depression, and digestive problems) and is potentially beneficial in cancer.

Natural Diuretics—Proprietary Blend of 200 mg: Uva Ursi, Buchu Root Leaf, Dog Grass Root, Corn Silk, Hydrangea Root, and Juniper Berries

Every time you take LynFit Cutting Edge with L-Carnitine, you get everything your body needs to burn off that stubborn body and belly fat while protecting your heart and health. In addition to the above superstar ingredients, we add natural diuretics to help cleanse and detoxify your body which is critical when you're losing weight and shedding fat. This also helps you lose that excess water retention that causes weight gain and bloat.

Are you ready to start losing weight again? Then you need to know when and how to take your metabolic boosting supplements. 

    1. Stop taking all other supplements so they don't interfere with the program. Continue to take any medications, but be aware that your need to take these medications may be reduced as you lose weight, and you should discuss this possibility with your physician.
    2. Always drink a full glass of water when you take your supplements
    3. Follow the Accelerated Metabolic Boosting Fat Loss Plan

NOW, you can live leaner for the rest of your life!

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