Sauce Responsibly, Always Use A Condiment

How’s everyone feeling these days? Got cabin fever yet? If your house is like mine, and you seem to be running out of food and down to only a few ingredients left in the fridge, here are a few recipes to make it easier and a whole lot more delicious to keep on living. For me, it's always been about the condiments!

If you haven't tried LynFit's Super Omega 3 Dressings yet, you don’t know what you're missing! I will warn you... they are addicting, and after you try them, you may never be able to eat store-bought processed dressing again.

These condiments make it easy to eat clean and be satisfied, while also boosting flavor, improving whole-body health, and protecting your immune system, which is more important than ever.

If you wanted ingredients that were any fresher, you would have to grow these plants yourself. I'm writing about them in my soon-to-be-released Metabolic Kitchen that’s full of recipes that are as delicious as they are nutritious, and won't kick you out of ketosis. Say goodbye to “dressing on the side” and say hello to LynFit's new Super Omega 3 Salad Dressings that can also be used as slimming sauce drizzles on fish, or to dip your vegetables in.

If you're bored with eating the same old healthy stuff, and yet you don’t want to go off-plan out of fear of gaining weight (sometimes fear is a good thing), go ahead and sauce things up!

Of course, you can cook with condiments even if you don’t have a recipe, making any meal more nutritious and delicious. Salads, soups, fish... turn fattening tuna, egg, or salmon salad into a leaner, cleaner dinner by using the condiments and wrapping in a lettuce leaf instead of bread.

You can make a quick, delicious meal by thawing some chicken breast, poaching it in a pan (this keeps it moister), drizzling some (desired amount) LynFit Sweet Mustard Sauce, and adding some chopped vegetables such as frozen broccoli, cauliflower, or chopped spinach. Combine all into the pan and let the whole thing simmer until cooked (about 5 minutes) and MANGIA, you’ve got an insanely good meal. Just make sure the foods you choose are metabolic if you're trying to avoid the Quarantine 15.

Here are some of my family's favorite "Keep it Lean, but Make it Delicious" go-to's when we are craving something delicious, which is every night ;)

Try these delicious metabolic boosting recipes and please let me know what you think. Be sure to share your photos and how you adjusted the recipes on social media (Instagram, Facebook). We all need a little tasty fun right now more than ever.

What makes these recipes different than the 10 million recipes we are all being inundated with? They are fast, easy, and boost metabolism versus slow it down. They won't affect thyroid function the way other recipes can that are full of goitrogenic veggies that are healthy but slow down our thyroid function, which stops weight loss. Not all salads or healthy meals are good for weight loss. 


Mega Salad


You can also use this simple leafy green salad as your meal base or top with any recipe listed here to mega-size your meals.


  • (10 cups - can be large handfuls) Seasonal baby leafy greens, rinsed and spun-dried
  • (½ cup) Yellow or red cherry tomatoes, halved
  • (1 cup) Sliced cucumber
  • (½ cup, or a few slices) Red onion - OPTIONAL

When you’re ready to eat it, place the greens in a large bowl and toss with your favorite LynFit Super Omega 3 Dressing until the leaves are well coated.


Shrimp Wrap 


If you haven’t tried shrimp lettuce wraps before, these yummy wraps are the perfect first recipe to try. I know I say this often, but fish/seafood is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism, thanks to the fact that they are a great source of iodine that fuels aging thyroids, making it work more efficiently.

Of course, if you don’t like shrimp, you can skip the shrimp and use black beans, sliced chicken, or white fish instead, but it won’t be as metabolic.


  • (12 oz.) Frozen shrimp
  • (12 oz. bag) Riced cauliflower
  • (1 tbsp.) Taco seasoning (I use adobo or gluten-free taco seasoning)
  • (¼ cup) Fresh cilantro, minced
  • (1 head) Iceberg lettuce, halved and leaves separated
  • (1) Celery, diced
  • Additional toppings, as desired all optional to suit your metabolic needs


  1. Microwave riced cauliflower and shrimp according to directions. Discard some, not all the liquid (you’ll need some for the next step, so you don’t need oil).
  2. Heat the above combined in a large sauté pan over medium heat. Sauté for 1-2 minutes until golden brown, or simply combine in a bowl to avoid over-cooking.
  3. Add taco seasoning and/or desired optional ingredients in the salsa. Stir gently to combine and avoid overcooking.
  4. Heat until thoroughly cooked.
  5. Serve with iceberg lettuce leaves.

This recipe can also be made using LynFit Super Omega 3 Garlic and Paprika or Asian Ginger Dressings and placed on top of a bed of leafy greens.


Chicken Soup



It’s all about health and hydration, and this soup makes it easy.


  • (¼ cup) Cooked, shredded, pulled chicken
  • (1-2 tbsp.) Iodized salt or sea salt
  • (1 tbsp.) Scallion
  • (½-1 tsp.) Freshly grated ginger


Cover the above ingredients with (1-2 cups) of hot water or chicken broth. Stir to combine and eat it hot.


 Mug Cake



  • (2 scoops) LynFit Salted Caramel Whey Protein
  • (¼ cup) Unsweetened applesauce
  • (1/8 cup) Water (or less, depending on desired consistency)
  • (1/8 tsp. or a dash) Baking powder (optional)


Combine the ingredients in a microwave-safe glass coffee mug or mason jar, stir until blended and cook for 45 seconds or less, depending on microwave strength.

This recipe can also be copied and pasted for the following flavors:

  • Chocolate truffle 
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Peaches and cream
  • Blueberries and cream
  • Chocolate chip
  • Birthday cake
  • Carrot cake
  • Banana cream

I do make special adjustments, but it works simply, as shown above, swapping out shake flavors.



Of course, there are plenty other recipes worth examining to keep you busy while in lockdown that will help keep your comfort food eating lean to the point that when it's all over (and IT WILL BE SOON), you’ll emerge leaner and lighter, especially if you're drinking the Complete Protein Shake every day for breakfast and lunch.

Happy, healthy cooking, and remember, don’t tell them it's lean or clean and they will never know its good for them!

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