Safely Stack The Nutrients You Need To Get The Results You Need


Today there are supplements available for just about every health issue... from heart health to hair. It can be downright overwhelming and easy to lose track of which nutritional supplements our bodies need the most, or which vitamins and minerals to prioritize.

Is your medicine cabinet so full of supplements that you can't remember what they do for you, or if you should be taking them? If so, I’m going to help you do a medicine cabinet makeover and help save you money, while also helping you get better results and feel better fast.

These essential vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids are required by our bodies to help keep us healthy inexpensively.

It's important to know that some supplements work better together. And, you need to know how much and when to take them. This can make or break their effectiveness. Some can even interfere with medications, which is why you should always take your supplements professionally stacked for your safety. This is more effective than trying to stack them yourself or mixing and matching random supplements and possibly decreasing their effectiveness.

LynFit expertly stacks the nutrients you need to get results safely, saving you time and money!

This is what we refer to as the smart use of safe supplementing, and it's what we are best known for. That's why countless media outlets and physicians across the country call on us to speak to what to take, how much, and when, making sure your supplement regime is suitable for your goal.

Yes, the most effective way to reach your health goals is also the fastest, easiest, and least expensive when compared to flying blind in the supplement aisle and buying what's on sale in your local store, or according to what your workout guides are taking.

Did you know that the average person gets their information regarding their health and weight loss from friends and family? Yikes, that's scary to think about. I'm here to help! I'm on a mission to help you and am devoted to giving what you need to help save you money. Especially while the country struggles to fight off this COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are the five supplement stacks I recommend, leading in with the #1 asked question I get every single day: "What do I need to lose weight? What do you suggest?"


Who: This stack is for all types of weight loss, and yes, this stack is best for everyone, whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 105 pounds. 

The 5pc. Metabolic Boosting Weight Loss System has everything you need to lose weight and improve all metabolic health issues such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, triglycerides, hypothyroidism (all thyroid issues except hyperthyroidism)

*NOTE: If you choose to omit the shake and cut corners and use only the supplements, you will still benefit. But, using the shake as a meal replacement is by far the healthiest and fastest way, and guaranteed to keep you healthy and improve your hair, skin, and nail health.


Who: Everyone who wants to stay healthy, prevent illness, or recover faster.

Who shouldn't: There is no one who should avoid this primary first step. You and all of your loved ones should be on this protocol. For children under 13 reduce the dosage in half or less. If they are underweight, their bodies may require more nutrients, but the dosage should be spread throughout the day versus taking them all at once. This is also a good idea for anyone who is prone to nervousness due to the depletion of B vitamins that can cause excitability when taken as levels are being regulated back to normal.


Who: Everyone, unless you're not interested in losing or maintaining your weight, or staying healthy.

Stacking your snacks is a MUST for everyone, regardless of your weight loss or health goals. Why? It's all about balancing blood sugar levels, which can make or break every single aspect of your health. Slimming Snacks does this deliciously and nutritiously while delivering at least five grams of prebiotic fiber in each serving.

How much and when: How you decide to use Sliming Snacks is up to you, based on what your priority or goal is. If you're trying to lose one pound daily or melt off stubborn fat, replace your current snacks with one of these Slimming Snacks instead.

The premium protein, combined with prebiotic fiber, helps kill hunger and cravings, so they never get out-of-hand, which can take days to recover from due to blood sugar levels spiking. The best way to avoid weight gain and avoid a guilt trip is to snack cleaner. You'll be leaner in no time!


Who: Anyone who has any type of aches or pains, whether they're caused by injury, surgery, or normal wear and tear or overuse. This includes headaches and any kind of "itis," which simply means inflammation.

This stack attacks the underlying issues, so you get fast-acting relief without slowing or stopping your weight loss and fat burning, the way over-the-counter or prescribed medications can.

Everyone can benefit from its use as it nourishes and protects every joint, muscle ligament, and cell in our body from head to toe making sure your bodily always has what it needs to prevent future damage and also for fast-acting pain relief that can affect the quality of your life.

Everyone, including your teens, high school and college athletes, weekend warriors, golf and tennis fanatics... yes, even senior citizens can benefit!

NOTE: While our Natural Pain Relief Stack doesn’t come with a Complete Protein Shake, we strongly suggest using one every day. The adequate intake of premium protein is the best base in which all health is built. The amino acids it provides are like no other, and there is no better way to improve your health. 


Who: Anyone and everyone who wants to improve hair, skin, and nail health, or improve their whole body health. If you want to make your hair, skin, and nails stronger, grow faster, and be thicker, shinier, and healthier, this stack is complete. Loaded with everything your hair, skin, and nails need (not just collagen). This stack will not stop your weight gain the way other beauty supplements can. Your bones, teeth, eyes, muscles, ligaments, and cartilage can all benefit. It's better tasting, easier to use and take, and won't clog your system, making you feel bloated and causing weight gain.

Everyone can benefit from this stack!

Like we always say: You can't supplement away a bad diet, and for that reason, we always attack the health of your diet first. This is also why we suggest that everyone make it faster, easier, and more delicious by replacing one meal a day, the healthier way, by having a delicious, super nutritious Complete Protein Shake instead. A shake-a-day to keep the pounds and prevent health issues away!

If you have a serious health condition that requires you to take medication prescribed by your doctor it's always a good idea to make that a priority and take it first every day. Allow a few hours in-between, so nothing competes with it, for obvious reasons.

It's also a good idea to limit yourself to taking no more than five supplements at a time, prioritizing your goal. Rotate your supplements according to the season, or as your priorities change, allowing your body to get the best of all worlds, and sacrificing none.

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  • Lisa Lynn