How To Reduce Inflammation & Ease Aches and Pains

LynFit Super Omega 3 Dressings are back in stock, but they won't be for long!

The good news is that it seems you guys were dressing up your salads with the healthiest omega-3 dressings on the planet, which is great news. Super Omega 3 Dressings make it easy (and more delicious) to get your daily omega 3 needs met, especially if you don't like to take an omega-3 supplement. I do suggest that everyone take omega-3 now while our immune systems need all the support they can get. Omega-3 helps keep our brains and our bodies nourished and protected, prevents memory problems, joint aches and pains, and tight, stiff muscles, to name a few.

I received a question this week wanting to specifically know how do omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, and why do we need more of it.

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the production of molecules and substances linked to inflammation, such as inflammatory eicosanoids and cytokines. Studies have consistently observed a connection between higher omega-3 intake and reduced inflammation.

For starters, we Americans are consuming way too much olive oil that contains omega-6’s, which are good and have a place in a healthy diet. But, our overconsumption is throwing off our body's delicate balance, which can cause inflammation, followed by aches and pains, and more. The best way to rebalance our systems is by consuming more omega-3 and less omega-6.

We seem to have a hard time putting down the olive oil (which I believe is due to us not knowing which or what oils to replace it with), and the fact that good, healthy, pure oils that won't harm health or weight loss are hard to find, and most people don't like to take omega-3 supplements. For that reason, I began using these homemade dressings to rebalance my family's nutrition. Everyone who tried them asked me if they could buy some, so I found a way to bottle it, so I can share them with you!

They may seem expensive, and they are if you're comparing them to store-bought dressings that are full of all kinds of oils that are usually rancid (which means they can cause more harm than good before they even reach store shelves). The omega-3 oils used in these dressings are vegan and the purest, freshest you'll find. More importantly, they are the most delicious, which is no easy task if you’re ever tasted pure unprocessed omega-3 oils, thanks to the Martha Stewart influence. It rubbed off after 20 years... I guess it was inevitable ;)

These oils are so fresh we can only offer then for a limited time/season due to the season needing to be spot on in order to grow the plants that they come from.

LynFit's Super Omega 3 oils go from plant to bottle in the same day, and onto your doorstep in less than two weeks, which is a miracle when you compare them to the shelf life of most dressings bought (yes, even at Whole Foods, for a ton of money, which doesn't mean the oil is fresh). That's also why we package them in those “lovely” (pun intended) black bottles, which block the UV light from destroying these precious oils.

I’m addicted to dipping my celery or cucumber into all of them. I rotate the flavors daily to keep my taste buds guessing and my body saturated with plenty of essential fats to keep aches and pains away, and to feed my hair, skin, and nails that thrive when they get enough of the right nutrients.

We are thrilled to announce that LynFit Super Omega 3 Dressings (Paprika GarlicAsian Ginger, Sweet Mustard, Vegan Dairy-Free Ranch) are all back in stock. Hurry... don't wait too order, this may be the last batch of the season. Don't worry about keeping them fresh; you can freeze them, or simply don’t pop the seal, and store them in a cool, dry place (preferably the refrigerator), they will last a long time. 

Stay tuned for the release of my latest guidebook: The Metabolic Kitchen, where I share all the reasons you'll want to throw out that health-harming olive oil. You'll also find some of my family's favorite recipes that are fast, easy, and as nutritious as they are delicious. 

We went to a lot of trouble to share these Super Omega 3 Dressings with you, and while the profits are very low, we share every cent with Hand of Hope, the not-for-profit arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries, that helps feed the needy. Every time you enjoy a bottle, you’ll remember you helped make a difference!

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