RECIPE: The Everyday Simple Leafy Green Mega Metabolic Salad

Metabolic Mega Salad

I’d like you to meet THE Mega Metabolic Boosting Salad that is super easy to make that just about everyone likes because of its simplicity. I make this mega salad every week and store it in the refrigerator so I can grab my salad meal base easily.

You can also use this simple leafy green salad as your meal base or top with any recipe listed here to mega-size your meals.


  • (10 cups - can be large handfuls) Seasonal baby leafy greens, rinsed and spun-dried
  • (½ cup) Yellow or red cherry tomatoes, halved
  • (1 cup) Sliced cucumber
  • *(½ cup, or a few slices) Red onions



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