RECIPE: Skinny Strawberry Milk

RECIPE: Skinny Strawberry Milk

You're going to love this homemade strawberry metabolic milk replacer. It’s made with fresh or frozen strawberries blended with LynFit Nutrition®️ Vanilla Dream Natural Whey Protein for a creamy, sweet beverage that tastes great chilled or warm. It has just three ingredients, and as you enjoy one of these delicious drinks, you're fueling your body—boosting your metabolism by 25% and killing hunger and cravings, both of which make it easier for you to lose weight and melt off stubborn belly fat. 

It's common knowledge that milk isn't the best choice when you're on a weight loss journey or trying to burn fat, especially around your midsection. Regular milk is high in lactose, a sugar that can cause gastric distress in most people over 25. Our homemade metabolic milk replacer offers a healthier alternative.

Regular milk is also not a good source of nutrients. Thankfully, this recipe, although called “milk,” is NOT your typical milk. It's a milk replacement that's lactose and virtually sugar-free yet provides 20 grams of clean metabolic boosting protein. It is lactose and dairy-free yet full of essential amino acids.

This strawberry-flavored “melt fat milk” is a nutritional powerhouse. The fiber content helps regulate blood sugar and glucose levels, keeping them balanced, which is critical to preventing hunger and cravings. It's not just delicious; it's a natural GLP-1 booster, contributing to your overall health and wellness.

Ingredients Needed

  • (1 cup) Cold Water (Use cold filtered or spring water and adjust the amount according to taste preference. Use more water for a thinner shake and less water for a thicker shake.)
  • (½-1 cup) Strawberries. I prefer fresh strawberries, but frozen strawberries will work great, too, and they're easy to always have on hand when you're in a pinch.
  • (1 scoop) LynFit Nutrition®️ Vanilla Dream Natural Whey Protein Powder (*for one serving)
  • Optional: Add Stevia if you prefer a lot of sweetness

How to Make

  • Step 1: Add cold water to your blender
  • Step 2: Add (1 scoop) of protein powder
  • Step 3: Add strawberries. Blend on medium speed until combined and the desired thickness is reached.
  • Step 4: ENJOY!
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