RECIPE: Metabolic Moon Milk

RECIPE: Metabolic Moon Milk

This delicious Metabolic Moon Milk nightcap is a healthy, good-for-your-body-and-mind cup of calm that takes less than two minutes to drink. It provides soothing, calm relief after a long, hard, stressful day.

Eases anxiety, induces sleep, supports metabolic health, and reduces menopausal symptoms.

When you combine (1 tbsp.) of LynFit Nutrition Vanilla Dream Natural Whey Protein Powder in a mug of warm water and take (1-2) LynFit Stress Relief Gummies containing the perfect combination of passionflower and melatonin, you get INSTANT stress relief.

The combination of amino acids in Natural Whey Protein and natural botanicals in passionflower maximizes the calming effect without slowing your metabolism the way over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids can.

It’s the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day without wrecking your weight loss plan. It calms your nervous system and makes the ideal pre-sleep ritual to add to your nightly routine.

Melatonin quiets the mind and can be slightly sedative, while passionflower calms the nervous system yet uplifts the spirit. 

The combination of natural whey amino acids and passionflower is known to ease heightened emotions, soften the effects of stress, induce peaceful sleep, and relieve muscle spasms. I drink this exact blend whenever I get butterflies in my tummy, feel restless, or get tension headaches from the excess stress that life can bring. It works like a charm without slowing my metabolism.

It’s as delicious as it is nutritious. Lightly sweet and creamy!

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