RECIPE: Metabolic Memorial Day Smoothie

Metabolic Memorial Day Smoothie

Make your Memorial Day even more memorable by making sure to nourish your body, which fuels your metabolism, making it go faster (especially if you’re celebrating). Your body needs nutrients more than ever and you don't want your metabolism slowing down when you’re not eating as healthy. Think of your protein shake like an anchor that holds down your boat when waves and wind are high, keeping it in place during a storm. LynFit Natural Whey is the only protein powder that keeps your metabolism revved when you need it the most!

  • (¾ cups) Cold water
  • (1 scoop) Natural Whey Protein Powder
  • (5) Ice cubes (*optional)

Blend the smoothie until frothed and layer over berries. For the topping, do the same and add some blueberries for natural blue flavor or a drop of natural food coloring. Garnish with a banana slice shaped into a star.

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