RECIPE: Metabolic Boosting Pudding

Metabolic Boosting Pudding

Vegan, Gluten & Soy-Free, High Fiber, Low Calorie, High Protein, Low Carb... DELICIOUS!

Trying to lose weight but don't feel like drinking a smoothie? Turn your protein smoothie into pudding that can be warm or cold for a healthy ice cream replacement, or freeze in a popsicle mold. All it takes is a little creativity and the super metabolic superfood LynFit Nutrition® Vegan Complete Protein Powder, water, and your favorite fruit, nuts, and seeds. For special treats, add peanut butter or chocolate chips, and a little whipped cream won’t kill you once in a while. 

Combine (1/3- 1/2 cup) water and (1 heaping scoop) Vegan Complete Protein. Stir until the protein is dissolved and thickens. Add desired topping.

*Need more sweetness? Sprinkle with Stevia or Splenda.

Raspberries **HIGHEST FIBER
Banana Slices (1/2 cup)
Cacao Nibs/choc Chips
Shredded Coconut
Chia seeds
Flax seeds
Blueberries (ALL berries)

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