RECIPE: Metabolic Boosting Iced Hot Chocolate


Iced Hot Chocolate

Did you know… Fueling your metabolism with the right kind of protein (LynFit Whey) boosts metabolism. It reduces your appetite, making it easier to lose weight, burn stubborn belly fat, tighten and firm loose skin, and improve gut health and immunity. These are the most popular low-calorie, carb, sugar, and fat CLEAN KETO recipes for satisfying your cravings for something delicious and nutritious, accelerating your weight loss and fat-burning while providing sustainable energy.

Blend (1 cup) of room temperature water and (1 scoop) of LynFit Natural Whey Chocolate Protein Powder until dissolved. Pour over ice for Iced Hot Chocolate. Try this with Vanilla, too, for a delicious White Hot Chocolate!

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  • Lisa Lynn