RECIPE: Lemon Blueberry 1-Minute Protein Mug Cake

RECIPE: Lemon Blueberry 1-Minute Protein Mug Cake

Kick sugar, fat, and carbs to curb and cure your sweet tooth cravings with this single-serving Lemon Blueberry 1-Minute Protein Mug Cake. In less than one minute in the microwave, you’ll have a mini lemony blueberry sponge cake that’s just as delicious, moist, and fluffy as the real thing. Perfect for a clean keto break your fast, boost your metabolism breakfast, slimming snack, or delicious dessert whenever your cravings strike.

Combine the following in a microwave-safe mug:

  • (½ cup) Puréed blueberries
  • (1 scoop) LynFit Nutrition®️ Natural Whey Protein (flavor of choice)
  • (½ tsp.) Lemony LynFit Metabolic Collagen Powder (*Optional: packs a lot of flavor and a collagen boost)
  • (1/8 tsp.) Baking powder

Stir ingredients until blended, and microwave for one minute or LESS (Microwave time varies depending on power, so keep an eye on it. But don't worry if it puffs up and over the glass - our customers think that it is even more delicious!)

Top with additional blueberries and or sprinkle with some Vanilla Protein Powder if desired, and ENJOY!

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