RECIPE: Fat-Burning Fruit Parfait

Fat-Burning Fruit Parfait

If you're someone who loves dessert like me and insists on having it every night after dinner, simply save up your fruit serving so you can have it later and add the YUMMM to it by frothing your Natural Whey Protein Shake and pouring it over the top of your fruit.

What can you have for dessert? That depends on your goal. If you're trying to lose weight you'll want to keep it lean and clean to avoid sabotaging your hard work.
Here is what I suggest doing until you've lost at least 20% of the weight you need to lose.

It's good to remember that you can't be prefect every day, and it's better to eat a dessert like this versus white-knuckling it to the point that you're starving and all you can thing about is food. When you get to that point you end up eating everything and anything that’s in your path.

This delicious dessert take less than three minutes to make and boosts your metabolism versus slowing it, thanks to it being LynFit Natural Whey instead of yogurt or other protein shakes.

It's berry season, so I suggest eating fruits and vegetables that are in season. They are also higher in fiber and when mixed with LynFit Natural Whey you can almost say sugar-free. The protein and prebiotic fiber in the shake buffer the blood sugar spike, which is a game-change when it comes to your metabolic health. While most fruits and delicious desserts trigger hunger and cravings, so you end up eating more than you planned. This dessert fills you up for a longer period of time, so even if your head says eat, your body will feel full, making it easier to eat less.

Make this your summer go-to dessert or lean lunch!


Add (1 scoop) LynFit Natural Whey Protein Powder (flavor of choice) to (½ cup) of very cold water. Blender until frothed and pour over (½ -1 cup) of berries.

*NOTE: One serving of fruit is ½ cup. If your A1C or blood sugar is high, choose raspberries and stick to one portion. Or, take (1) LynFit  Keto carb Edge to block 65% of the sugar from being absorbed, without gastric issues or side effects.

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