RECIPE: Easter Sunday Chocolate Mochaccino

Easter Sunday Chocolate Mochaccino

If you love chocolate, coffee, and staying lean and FIT, you're gonna love this Easter Sunday Chocolate Mochaccino! This is one of the most delicious and nutritious mochaccinos you'll ever taste, AND THE ONLY ONE that boosts metabolism by 25%, balances blood sugar levels, and prevents weight gain when consumed on a cheat day! I will definitely be enjoying my day :) 

One of our family traditions on Easter Sunday is attending early church services, which leaves little time to eat, which can set the perfect stage for overeating later in the day (usually on all of the wrong kinds of foods).

Of course, I love delicious things, but I also like how it feels when my pants fit and I'm full of energy too! That's why I NEVER skip this one super-healthy habit, which is drinking a LynFit protein shake every day, even, and especially, on holidays.

The reason I never feel deprived is that I find ways to make it interesting without adding too many calories or sabotaging my metabolism, so that I have some calories saved up for later when we all eat together.

Simply replace the water you usually use with pre-made black coffee instead. On holidays or special occasions I shop for something a little different, and I love to try new things. Since it's Easter, and there's lots of chocolate everywhere, I satisfy my cravings before they get the best of me.

  • (1 cup) Pre-made chocolate coffee (try Godiva chocolate)
  • (1 scoop) LynFit Chocolate Dream Natural Whey Protein

Make your protein shake according to the directions on the bag. To froth, use less water and blend longer until frothed. Add it to your pre-made coffee. (I microwave mine for three seconds to poof it up even more) and sprinkle with cinnamon or sprinkles.


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