RECIPE: Cleaner Cappuccino With Fat-Burning Cold Foam & Froth

RECIPE: Cleaner Cappuccino With Fat-Burning Cold Foam & Froth

The secret to losing weight, controlling hunger and cravings, age-proofing your body (including your brain), stopping thinning hair, getting rid of fattening stress hormones, and healing your gut starts by swapping out the blood sugar spiking milk and creamers. This includes the seemingly healthy nut, rice, and coconut milk for a cleaner Metabolic Boosting Natural Whey instead. Cleaning up your coffee, tea, or cappuccino is the most crucial step in your weight loss and fat-burning journey. Whenever you drink a LynFit Nutrition®️ Natural Whey Protein Shake, you trigger weight loss, feel better and happier fast, and shut down sugar and carb cravings in seconds while safely boosting your metabolic rate and GLP-1 hormones naturally.


  • (½ cup) Cold water or black coffee or tea
  • (1 scoop) LynFit Natural Whey Protein Powder (flavor of choice)


Process all ingredients in a blender (add water/liquid before powder) and blend on medium speed until foamy froth is formed (may take 1-2 minutes). Spoon onto warm or cold black coffee or tea.

*If your froth flops, add some ice. It's dependent on cold water and can be affected by your water or blender speed. Practice makes perfect protein froth. DON'T GIVE UP!

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