RECIPE: Chocolate Egg Cream Smoothie

Chocolate Egg Cream


This Metabolic Wake-Up Call smoothie takes your weight loss, health, energy, and your love for chocolate to a whole new level. Try it and you'll soon see that it's easy to live a leaner lifestyle full of clean keto foods and not feel deprived.

This Belgium-inspired flavor combo tastes like candied citrus and was sent in by a long time friend and colleague from The Martha Stewart test kitchen that “romances the rind” as he always says.

You'll feel fuller longer and satisfied. All you need is a little creativity and of course the popular LynFit Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Powders. You can make any combination taste good!

Our Complete Proteins are well known for more than their metabolic super powers, thanks to our hard working flavorists and bioengineers, and the help of our world-famous taste tester, Martha Stewart. Our proteins taste good all by themselves, and since they are premium protein, microfiltered to remove all traces of lactose, you never need to add milk of any kind, saving you money and speeding up weight loss and fat burning!

These delicious and nutritious premium protein powders taste so good they do the heavy lifting when it comes to flavor, so you don't need expensive ingredients either to make them palatable.

Combine (1 scoop) LynFit Nutrition Vanilla Creme and (1 scoop) Clean Cocoa Egg White Protein Powders, (6 oz.) cold water, grated orange peel, a squirt of fresh juice from an orange, (1 dropper-full) Thyro-Boost, Daily Power Shot, and Daily Repair liquids in blender. Blend until combined and enjoy your metabolic wake up call!

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