RECIPE: Brain-Boosting Chocolate Energy Shake

Brain-Boosting Chocolate Energy Shake

What makes this delicious chocolatey energy smoothie different? It's a powerful blend of the five best brain essential nutrients that nourishes every cell in your body and brain, fueling mental energy sustainably. And it starts working within minutes! Within five minutes, you'll feel your brain “turn on,” and your focus and mood improve.

Do you need more energy and or focus to power through your workday or fuel your workout? The kind of productivity that sets you up for a better night's sleep?
If you’ve tried coffee and you're living on artificially sweetened, colored, or sugary energy drinks, all of which have a negative impact on your nervous system and your metabolism, you're going to want to try this delicious recipe.

If you really want to enhance your energy and mental focus without harming long-term brain health or triggering weight gain, make this Brain Boosting Chocolatey Shake your new go-to every day before you reach for the cans of Red Bull or monster energy cans of battery acid over-priced drinks. You'll save hundreds of dollars monthly, enhancing weight loss and brain performance while protecting long-term brain and metabolic health.

Unlike caffeinated drinks and energy stimulants, it won't give you jitters or anxiety or trigger overeating, or leave you to crash when you need energy the most. It’s sustainable, keeps your body fueled, boosts metabolism, kills cravings, keeps you full for up to five hours, and satisfies your hunger for chocolate. It's so healthy you can have two daily, and you should!

This drink delivers nutrients versus depleting them. Every time you drink one, you're nourishing your body, regenerating brain cells and all cells that are damaged. Heart, eye, lung, muscle, kidney, liver, cartilage, ligaments, pancreas, strengthening bones, joints, and nails, encouraging hair regrowth and firming and tightening skin, and improving mood and metabolism.

Every time you drink it, your entire body gets healthier. If you're ready to ditch those overpriced energy drinks and drink this Chocolate Brain Boost, you're giving
your brain the perfect amount of the nutrients it needs, so you can expect to double your mental output, making it easier to get everything on your to-do list done and have enough energy left to do your workouts and kick cravings to the curb!

Combine one scoop of LynFit Metabolic Boosting Natural Whey or Vegan Protein Powder into one cup of premade black coffee or espresso (granulated coffee works too), a handful of ice, if desired, and open one capsule of Cutting Edge and empty the contents into your shake. Blend and enjoy!

Cutting Edge provides high amounts of B vitamins, including B12, L Carnitine, Inositol, Boron, and Dynamine® that provide a natural energy boost with a purpose, burn more belly fat, lose weight easier, feel energized, and focused.

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