RECIPE: Boosted Peach Bellini Smoothie

Boosted Peach Billini

Vegan, Gluten & Soy-Free, High Fiber, Low Calorie, High Protein, Low Carb

This perfect and powerful combination boosts metabolism and muscle function due to it being a good source of potassium, a nutrient we all need more of, and the amino acids and muscle-relaxing magnesium that also helps ease stress. Finally, comfort food that's so good for you that YOU SHOULD NEVER SKIP A DAY! Your weight and waist loss depends on it! 

Serves 1 — 4 Ingredients — Takes Less Than 5 minutes

Combine the following in a blender until the desired consistency is reached.
• (2 scoops) French Vanilla Creme or Salted Caramel LynFit Complete Protein Powder
• (½ cup) Cut-up peaches
• (1 oz.) Daily Power Shot
• (¾ Cup) Cold Water -- Add more water if you prefer a thinner smoothie
• Handful of ice cubes, if desired

Blend and ENJOY this guilt-free pleasure!

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