RECIPE: Boosted Metabolic Punch

Boosted Metabolic Punch

Need a little extra energy to power through your busy day? Your gonna love this Energy Ignite Punch! Warning... this is not for the faint-hearted; guaranteed to keep you awake and merry for Christmas Eve and Midnight Mass. This is one cocktail your liver wants you to have!

Swapping out sugar-filled energy drinks for a cleaner and more nutritious Energy Ignite will help jumpstart you by providing superior nutrition that's more absorbable by your body. Your water intake will be improved and you'll be naturally energized and healing and recovery will be boosted. You'll feel and look better too!

  • (6 oz.) Cold water
  • (1 scoop) Energy Ignite Powder
  • (3-4) Raspberries (*Optional for garnish)
  • (8) Mint leaves (*Optional)
  • Ice, to desired preference

Add Energy Ignite to water, shake or stir, and add ice and raspberries, if desired, as garnish.

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