RECIPE: Berries, Not Bananas Smoothie

Berries, Not Bananas Smoothie

If you'd like to add fruit to your protein shake, always opt for berries. They are the best choice when it comes to boosting your metabolism, burning off belly fat, and losing weight. Most bananas are actually 2-3 servings of fruit and are higher in sugar and lower in fiber, which causes blood sugar levels to skyrocket. Use raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries instead for the lowest sugar content and highest nutrients.

If you must have bananas, only use 1/3-1/4 of the banana, which is technically a serving. Freeze bananas to get the biggest flavor boost.

  • (1 cup) Cold water
  • ( 2 scoops) Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Powder or 1 scoop Vegan Complete Protein
  • (½ cup) Frozen blueberries
  • (5) Ice cubes, optional

Combine together, blend, and drink up!




Lisa Lynn, Clinical Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Expert. Best known for her 18+ years as Martha Stewart’s trainer, who was responsible for Martha’s over-50 amazing physical transformation that caught the attention of Dr. Oz, leading to her many appearances on the Dr. Oz Show. Lisa is not just another trainer; she herself lost 40 pounds and has kept it off, even with a sluggish thyroid and menopause.

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