RECIPE: Bedtime Boost Metabolic Milk

Bedtime Boost Metabolic Milk

Try this bedtime boost when you need a little something before bed to improve your sleep! Unlike “real” milk that contains lactose and dairy, and is full of blood sugar-spiking sugars, Melt Fat Milk is lactose, dairy, and sugar-free, so it won't slow weight loss or block fat-burning. In fact, it promotes it!

LynFit Natural Whey contains all of the essential amino acids, in their most usable form, so your body and brain get nourished quickly. When you take a Lean Sleep and drink Metabolic Milk together, it encourages your brain to produce more serotonin, which is known as the calming hormone.

This dynamic duo works better than any prescription sleep-aid you've ever tried, and it won't damage gut health, cause weight gain, or kill brain cells the way other nighttime drugs, medications, or herbal remedies can, making it the preferred choice for health and your waist!

If you're having one of those super-stressful days where you just need something to take the edge off, try this instead. Just reduce the dosage if you don't want to fall into a deep sleep.

Dissolve (½-1 full scoop) of LynFit Natural Whey Vanilla Protein Powder in (1 cup) of warm water in a large mug. Stir until dissolved, add a dash of cinnamon, and take (1) Lean Sleep. Turn the lights down, take your shoes off, get comfy, and relax.

The ritual of dong something like this for your body and mind can reduce cortisol, and who knows, it may even improve your sex life!🤷‍♀️At least that's what our male customers say.

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