RECIPE: Beach Day Metabolic Boosting Mocktail

RECIPE: Beach Day Metabolic Boosting Mocktail

Most people understand the critical role mineral electrolytes play in staying hydrated. Still, most don't know that there is such a thing as overdoing it, especially in today's world of sports drinks, hydration powders/products, and nutritional supplements. Remember that balance is always best when improving and/or protecting your health; more isn't better.

We strongly advocate for a 'Buyer Beware' approach to what you consume. This applies to everything that enters your body, whether it's through your mouth or applied to your skin. It's particularly crucial when it comes to vitamins, minerals, and even seemingly healthy products like vitamin waters, electrolyte replacement powders, and pre-packaged sports drinks. Your health is in your hands, so choose wisely.

Today's overzealous approach to just about everything has consumers buying excessive amounts of pills, potions, and other stuff due to convincing marketing claims. Some seemingly healthy foods, beverages, and nutritional supplements may be safe, but what you might not know is that overdosing (taking too much) of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes can cause your body to excrete the excessive volume, actually creating the nutrient depletion you're trying to prevent.

Think of it like this: if your car has a 10-gallon gas tank and you try to fill it with even a tiny amount, say 11 gallons, the excess overflows, spilling the extra gas out and all over your car.

It doesn’t matter how expensive the "gas" is or what the fancy label says … Meeting your body's needs with the best quality nutrients, vitamins, minerals, or electrolytes and spreading out your dosages is THE BEST and healthiest approach to reducing waste and excess wear and tear on your kidneys, liver, and every cell in your body.

To keep it short but clear, no two bodies assimilate nutrition precisely the same, and some people or conditions require additional nutritional support.

I took the guesswork out of nourishing and protecting your health by combining the specific nutrients your body needs in clinical doses that work best together. We leave out antagonist nutrients that could work against you, prevent you from reaching your goals, or block weight loss and fat-burning. In some instances, they could even cause weight gain, bloat, or damage to your nerves.

FOR BEST RESULTS, approach your supplements with safety first—better to be safe than sorry. STOP taking any other non-LynFit supplements or triple-check labels for crossover nutrients. You'll most likely find that when you take a LynFit supplement, what you need is already there, and you don't need to take any additional supplements.

This Beach Day Metabolic Boosting Mocktail is too delicious to pass up. It will nourish and hydrate your body without the bloat!

Blend the following in a blender or shake it up to blend on the beach. Choose your favorite base with or workout bubbles. I suggest Perrier (zero calories, no sugar, etc.) for the best bubbles.

Add to (6-8 oz.) cold water or calorie-free water with bubbles:

  • (1 scoop) LynFit Essential Amino Acids
  • (1 tbsp.) LynFit Daily Power Shot (one scoop if using the powder version)
  • (1 tbsp.) LynFit Metabolic Liquid Collagen (one scoop if using the powder version)
  • A dash of lime juice to taste

Garnish with fruit if desired. Shake or mix until combined and the powder dissolved, then pour over crushed ice for a delicious, refreshing beach day drink that will energize and hydrate your body without bloating or interfering with weight loss or fat-burning.

**Note the color of your drink will vary according to the water and specific supplements used.

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