RECIPE: 2023 Summer Mocktail Recipes

2023 Summer Mocktails

Welcome to LynFit Nutrition®️ Delicious and Nutritious Metabolic Mocktails!

This Metabolic Mocktails recipe guide is filled with exactly what you think; delicious and nutritious metabolic boosting mocktails, all of which are thermogenic due to the nutritional supplement compounds used to make them. They boost metabolism, increase fat-burning (specifically belly fat), curb appetite, and kill cravings. Each one has negative calorie-like properties, meaning every time you drink one your body uses more calories to digest, process, and assimilate than the supplement/ingredients contain (also known as the negative calorie effect). LynFit supplement compounds have the highest absorption and bioavailability rate, which means 98% of the nutrients each supplement contains is absorbed into your cells, so you’re nourishing and protecting your body in the process. It’s also why you feel better quick!

For newbies, LynFit is a leaner lifestyle brand that started as a free weekly email service about how to lose weight, even when other plans failed, taking the guilt out of enjoying the food and cocktails you love. Our free newsletter is read all over the globe by hundreds of thousands of people each week, and features science and news, along with delicious recipes to make your food leaner and cleaner.

LynFit was started by me, Lisa Lynn, out of need to help others who, like me, struggled to lose weight and feel happier, healthier, and energized, while still enjoying some of the loved foods and drinks. I wanted to share my passion and knowledge of faster, easier weight loss, as well as my love of delicious food with the world, so LynFit Nutrition®️ was born.

The LynFit metabolic way of eating is a tool that makes it easier to lose weight and improve health to offset the over-processed, health-destroying, metabolic-slowing diet of our fast paced, stress-filled world we live in that makes impossible for us to eat an ideal diet consisting of healthy foods all the time. It’s the ideal super-nutritious, realistic approach that people can live on, afford, and enjoy without guilt. LynFit mocktail (healthier cocktails that boost metabolism) recipes fulfill real world cravings for some of your favorites, including a few “make you feel good, less stressed” cocktails that usually contain alcohol. You won’t know they are alcohol-free. In fact, these cocktails make you feel better, less depressed, boost mood motivation and energy versus leaving you feeling more depressed. Alcohol is a depressant that damages the liver and causes weight gain, among other health-damaging issues.

The recipes in this guide are fast, easy, simple, and call for simple ingredients like filtered water, ice, fresh herbs like mint leaves, coffee, or easy-to-find flavor boosters (mentioned by their brand name to make it easy for you to find them). Anyone can make them. Some of the recipes contain ingredients that are processed, or artificial ways to sweeten or flavor. Incorporating these ingredients into LynFit recipes helps cut out calories, carbs, and fats, while also making very sure that blood sugar levels are rebalanced and stay that way, to avoid slowing your metabolism. Of course, if you prefer to avoid any of the ingredients, you can use alternate options. Warning: If you don’t see an ingredient listed, don’t use it. We focus on blood sugar and hormone-balancing add ins. I believe that eating and drinking certain things in metabolic moderation can help you achieve and maintain your weight and improve health. Black and white and rigidity doesn’t work.

Don’t stop your Happy Hour; swap out what you've been drinking for one of these Metabolic Mocktails instead. Or, at the very least, nutrify your favorite cocktail or alcoholic beverage with LynFit Keto Carb Edge and Cutting Edge (take one of each before or immediately after) to help block 65% of the sugar, carbs, and fats from being absorbed.

Make your cocktails more metabolic using one or all these LynFit weight loss products (you’ll need one each of the following) along with Keto Carb Edge and Cutting Edge:

  • Daily Power Shot Liquid or Powder: A nutrient boost that’s great for the morning after.
  • Daily Repair Metabolic Collagen Liquid or Powder: Boosts collagen production.
  • Natural Whey Protein Powder: Provides a 25% metabolic boost.
  • Essential Amino Acids: Provides advanced electrolyte hydration metabolic thermogenic boost.

CHEERS to a MORE METABOLIC and HEALTHIER, HAPPIER HAPPY HOUR! For even more recipes, visit and follow us on social media, @LynFitNutrition.

Download the 2023 Summer Mocktail Recipes HERE! 

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