Prevent Weight Gain, Increase Fat-Burning, Kill Hunger & Cravings, & Block Fat Cell Formation

Holidays are among us, and we all know deprivation is not a sustainable method for weight loss. We all know the drills…

  • Avoid alcohol
  • Be mindful to eat slowly and only eat what you like
  • Count calories and practice calorie damage control
  • Don't go to a party hungry
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise

The list is endless, but the reality is perfection doesn't exist, nor should it. It's the holidays, and the only "must do" rule we have is to enjoy your time with family and friends and remember to have fun!

If you've been trying to lose or lost weight and are worried about gaining weight over the holidays, STOP worrying!

If you nourish your body correctly, with the right nutrients, in the proper amounts, you will prevent metabolic slowdown, block weight gain, and jumpstart weight loss.

The Metabolic Reset 1-Day Cleanse & Restore Kit provides the nutrients your body needs to control hunger and cravings, making it easier to avoid overeating. And, if you do overeat, the natural plant fibers in Keto Carb Edge block 65% of the unwanted carbs, sugars, and fats from being stored without gastric distress.




Lisa Lynn, Clinical Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Expert and Associate Chaplain. She is best known for her 18+ years as Martha Stewart’s trainer, who was responsible for Martha’s over-50 amazing physical transformation that caught the attention of Dr. Oz, leading to her many appearances on the Dr. Oz Show. Lisa is not just another trainer; she lost 40 pounds and has kept it off, even with a sluggish thyroid and menopause.

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