Power Up Metabolism & Burn Belly Fat the Natural Whey

Power Up Metabolism & Burn Belly Fat the Natural Whey

Natural Whey Protein Powder + Pumpkin Boosts Your Metabolism 25%, Kills Cravings, and Improves Every Aspect of Your Health!

If you love pumpkin and are trying to lose weight and melt off belly fat, you will be happy to learn about the amazing health benefits of combining LynFit’s Natural Whey Protein Powder with Prebiotic Fiber with pumpkin. In addition to powering up your metabolism and immunity, this combo helps balance blood sugar levels, making it easier to lose weight and burn off stubborn belly fat.

Pumpkin ranks as one of the six healthiest foods, and while it is super healthy, it’s also high in calories. For example, ½ cup of pumpkin seeds, with their shells, contains 415 calories and 35 grams of fat, which is 15 grams more fat than you should consume when trying to lose weight. A single handful of pumpkin seeds can block the fat-burning process, and it takes the average person 1½ hours to burn off walking or spinning. But, when you combine pumpkin purée with LynFit Natural Whey Protein with Prebiotic Fiber, you buffer the blood sugar spike, boost metabolism and fat-burning, and improve your digestion, gut health, and immunity. It does much more than boost your metabolic rate 25%; it also leaves you with a net carb of only five grams for most of these recipes.

And the pumpkin purée only adds 49 calories per cup of pure pumpkin and delivers a whopping 250% of your daily value of vitamin A. It's also a great source of fiber. When you pair it with the benefits of Natural Whey Protein, the two work synergistically together, multiplying their benefits, making them one of the MOST potent nutrient combinations for boosting your health and weight loss.

So swap out your not-so-healthy snacks for one of these delicious pumpkin snacks instead and save hundreds of calories, carbs, and fats. You’re feeding the lean muscle but starving the belly fat, so it leaves.

But the benefits continue beyond there. Here’s what happens whenever you drink a delicious Natural Whey Protein Shake.

  • Your metabolic rate increases 25%.
  • You feel energized, and your mood and focus improve.
  • Cravings disappear and are easier to overcome.
  • Blood sugar levels become lower, making reaching ketosis easier and burning more fat.
  • Blood sugar levels become more stable.
  • Digestion and gastric health improve, enhancing nutrient absorption, reducing bloat, and keeping you regular.
  • Your immune system becomes stronger thanks to the prebiotics.
  • Your hair, skin, and nails grow and become stronger and healthier.
  • Your wallet gets fatter as it saves you money and time-consuming food on the go.

LynFit Natural Whey Protein Shake is delicious, gluten, lactose, and soy-free, non-GMO, and grass-fed. Nothing but pure, clean, metabolic boosting whey protein makes it the best thing you can do for your weight management, body, and mind. If you choose one thing to do every day, it should be enjoying at least one LynFit Natural Whey Protein Shake!

When pumpkin and Natural Whey Protein are paired together, nutrient absorption increases, blocking carbohydrates and sugars from being absorbed, helping to balance blood sugar levels and slow aging. Healing and recovery are improved, which helps reduce aches and pains, making it the first step when making any health improvements/changes.

If you struggle with hunger and cravings for the wrong kind of food, Natural Whey Protein Powder helps with that, too, because it prevents the highs and lows that exacerbate cravings and makes you feel hungry all the time.

Pumpkin is approximately 90% water, which helps keep you hydrated and can be an even bigger bonus for easing constipation. The better your digestion, the more regular you are; the less boated you feel, the better your pants will fit, and the less gas and tummy grumbles you’ll have. This includes the growling that tricks you into thinking you're “hangry”!

Kill Cravings, Block Hunger Signals, and Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

Feeling stressed lately? Don't be! Stress is terrible for your weight loss and your blood pressure, too. The protein and pumpkin combo helps relieve stress. Pumpkin and Natural Whey Protein help lower blood pressure naturally, so every time you enjoy one of these irresistible treats, you're packing a one-two punch, doing your body good and protecting heart health.

Helps Reduce Cancer Risk

This magical power couple nourishes your body with vitamins A and C, iron, essential amino acids, and much more. They arm your body with protective armor against cancer cells, helping to disarm them so they die off before multiplying. In particular, the health-building benefits decrease the risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancers, according to research. Consuming the antioxidants found in foods like pumpkin and Natural Whey Protein leads to less oxidative stress, a significant factor in decreasing cancer risk. Fiber plays a more prominent role than we once thought, and prebiotic fiber has been linked explicitly to lowering the risk of mouth, colon, and stomach cancers.

Combats Diabetes and Balances Erratic Blood Sugar Levels

When you enjoy it the way we suggest here (without adding anything extra), the phytochemicals in this superfood combo keep calories/macros very low. Most importantly, it keeps your blood sugar levels balanced. All of these benefits lower your risk for diabetes as they also make it easy to keep your calories and carbs low, which is best for weight loss and maintenance, helping keep Type 2 diabetes in check.

Improves Immune Health

Feel like you're getting sick? Start your day healthily by enjoying one of these delicious and nutritious desserts you can eat for breakfast! The vitamin C in pumpkin is excellent for your immune system. When you pair it with the amino acids in Natural Whey Protein and its prebiotic fiber that improves your gut's microbiome (where all health begins), you're delivering a triple threat for any cold, flu, or virus that may come your way. This triple threat has antimicrobial effects, too. Pumpkins are high in beta carotene that's easily converted into vitamin A in our body and boosts natural “killer cells” that fight diseases including Alzheimer’s, bladder, ear, eyes, and kidney infections, to name a few.

Improves Skin and Eye Health

This powerful Natural Whey Protein and pumpkin duo is a serious vision booster. Pumpkin is rich in carotenoids, easily converted to vitamin A, which is important for keeping your skin and eyes healthy. Specifically, the lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids as they help protect against cataracts forming. Pumpkin puts carrots to shame regarding our vision as it contains 1,000 milligrams of vitamin A. You cannot match the preventive and protective benefits when paired with Natural Whey Protein.

Boosts Metabolism, Preserves, and Protects Lean Muscle Tissue

This perfect and powerful combination boosts metabolism and muscle function because it is a good source of potassium, a nutrient we all need more. And the amino acids and muscle-relaxing magnesium also help ease stress too!


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