Pain Stops Progress, Recovery Agent Stops Pain Naturally!

"I’ve got arthritis and in pain every day. I've tried everything, including CBD, but it didn't work for me. What else can I take for chronic pain/arthritis without slowing my weight loss? I can no longer take Advil or prescription drugs due to my kidneys?"

This is a great question; and I've got a natural solution that works better than CBD when it comes to relieving pain without side effects like weight gain, liver, or kidney damage.

Most people don’t know that CBD (especially if it contains THC) can damage kidneys and should be avoided. Right now CBD is popular for anxiety relief, but that doesn’t mean it's the best for pain relief, or that it will work for you. CBD can be very expensive when it comes to long term relief for arthritis and/or chronic aches and pains. Your reaction to CBD depends on a variety of factors, including your...

  • nutrient status
  • metabolism
  • biochemistry
  • genetics

Other factors that can affect your results, regardless of what you're taking, whether it be natural or prescribed, include frequency, consistency, and quality.

The biggest mistake I see people make when starting out with nutritional supplements is choosing supplements based on media hype that aren't right for their body or designed to target their issue.

That's exactly why I created Recovery Agent. It's a comprehensive, targeted nutraceutical specifically designed to address pain at its source. Arthritic pain, chronic pain, pain caused from an acute or old injury, fibromyalgia, or post surgical pain all have one thing in common. They all deplete nutrients at record speed and require a higher level of specific nutrients in order to heal and relieve pain.

The one thing that CBD and Recovery Agent have in common is they both require users to take it consistently and long enough to replenish nutrients.
The big difference: Recovery Agent has the specific nutrients in the amounts needed and will replenish depleted stores. It's not an “if it will work." It's only a matter of time and finding the right dosage for your body.

When it comes to pain management, Recovery Agent is my first choice because it works with the body, not against it. It won't cause weight gain or block fat-burning, meaning it can make it easier to lose weight.

Recovery Agent is natural pain relief that's loaded with extra benefits due to its nutrients profile, mega dosage, and 98% absorption rate. Don't let the Professional Dosage Suggestions scare you away. They are geared toward professional athletes who take it and require much more than you and I.

If you have had chronic pain (pain that can't be cured, lasts more than a month and may have caused nerve dysfunction), your body will most likely require more. Follow the professional dosages suggested on and taper off if, or as needed.

Your body will always need to replenish nutrients lost as a way of life, so take Recovery Agent every day the same way you would take a multivitamin. For the best results spread the suggested dose throughout your day versus taking them all at once. This ensures that your body has the nutrients it needs to do its healing and repair job, so you can recover.

  • Arthritis and everyday aches and pains: Take as directed. The clinical dosage is weight dependent like medicine.
  • Acute injury, pre- or post-surgical: Take a large dose all at once to put the pain-fire out as fast as possible, which shifts your body's focus to healing.
  • Hair regrowth (post-cancer treatment, alopecia, thyroid, and autoimmune disease): Take the maximum dosage suggested for a minimum of three months for the best results.
  • Post COVID, Long COVID: Begin taking Recovery Agent the moment you test positive for COVID to replenish nutrients (zinc in particular). Take maximum dosage according to your weight.
  • Sarcopenia: Take the suggested dosages according to weight.
  • Hair loss, skin, and nail health: Take the suggested dosages according to weight.
  • Migraine: Take as soon as you feel a headache coming on according to the product label. For the best results, take daily as a multivitamin to prevent headaches before they occur.

I personally take (4-5) Recovery Agent mid-morning along with my Daily Repair Liquid Collagen, Pure Omega 3, or Evening Primrose Oil, so I feel better all day.

Recovery Agent is exactly what the name says. Recovery is at the core of every aspect of your health. If your body doesn't have enough of the nutrients it needs, it can’t heal, which is also true for your immune system. If your nutritional status is poor, your immune system doesn’t have the proper fuel it needs to fight against disease.

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