Overcome Your Toughest Weight Loss Challenges With The Right Plan


Overcome Your Toughest Weight Loss Challenges

The right combination of diet, strategic use of safe supplement stacking, and a little exercise can help you overcome your toughest weight loss challenges. Sluggish weight loss usually means a sluggish metabolism. Here's what you can do to help rev up your metabolism and boost your weight loss results.

Studies show that people who combined the right diet and exercise program lost weight, but when they combined it with the strategic use of specific supplements to safely boost metabolism, they doubled their weight loss in ½ the time. 

Losing weight is hard enough, but when you add to that low energy, depression, and bloating, it can stop you from losing weight and block fat loss, unless you do these things. (NOTE: If you have gained more than 10 pounds your body is telling you it needs a boost.)


We all need to exercise, but if your metabolism is sluggish, you need to exercise every day. Weight training in a metabolic fashion helps to tighten, tone, and build lean muscle tissue, which helps boost metabolism and reshape your body better than any other form of exercise. Metabolic exercise is also the best way to strengthen your posture and bones.

Metabolic exercise should be performed three (3) times for 30 minutes for each workout. I suggest doing them at home for the best results due to form focus and the consistency of home workouts.

Add cardiovascular exercise daily such as walking, biking, or rowing. In all honesty, I suggest walking because anyone can do it anywhere—no gym needed, equals no excuse workouts. Don't forget; your body require 10,000 steps every day. Are you getting in your steps?


You should be eating 4–5 meals spaced throughout the day, but your food choices dictate the speed of your metabolism. A higher protein diet, thermogenic, helps keep your metabolism running strong, so you burn more calories all day. If your weight loss is stalled, you may need to change the type of protein you're eating.

That's where the LynFit Complete Protein Shake comes in. Drinking one (1) shake for breakfast can boost your metabolism 25 percent and block stress hormones that slow weight loss. If you prefer to chew your protein, LynFit Lean Bars are made with the same highest grade of pure whey protein as the Protein Shake.

You should also swap out your chicken for fish, and remember, the lighter and whiter the fish, the better for your metabolism.


Research shows that drinking water can boost your metabolism by as much as 30 percent. Your body needs at least 10 cups of water daily. Avoid getting too much caffeine, which can dehydrate you. 

Delicious, thirst-quenching hydrating tricks can be found in the Wall Street Journal Best-Seller, The Metabolism Solution.


There have been studies suggesting a connection between hypothyroidism and vitamin deficiency. For instance, research published in 2013 in the International Journal of Health Sciences found that people with hypothyroidism were deficient in Vitamin D and Iodine, to name a few.

It's suggested to compliment your thyroid medication with LynFit Thyro-Boost and LynFit Vitamin D3 Boost to nourish and protect your thyroid.

The following supplement stack can be added to other LynFit supplements and is safe to use if you're on thyroid medication.

  • Take one (1) dropper-full of LynFit Thryo-Boost three (3) times daily. One (1) in the morning within 30 minutes of waking, and again at mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
  • Take one (1) LynFit Vitamin D3 Boost at breakfast and another at lunch. 

    If you're using the LynFit Fat Burning Combo, you can add the LynFit Thyro-Boost and Vitamin D3 Boost to it safely.


Not getting enough sleep can change your metabolism and wreak havoc with cortisol (stress hormones ) levels, which in turn, can cause fat to be stored in your midsection and stop you from losing weight.  

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that most adults get 7–9 hours of sleep nightly. LynFit Lean Sleep with Melatonin makes that easy while helping to melt fat off your midsection while boosting health.

For the best results, take one (1) LynFit Lean Sleep an hour before bedtime or by 9 p.m. nightly. I like to stack my LynFit Lean Sleep with one (1) LynFit Pure Omega 3 for maximum metabolic boost. I promise it will be the best sleep you've ever had, complete with awesome dreams.

This stack also helps boost healing and repair, so you wake up less achy and ready to live your life.

Are you ready to lose that weight? You've gotta boost it to lose it. And, we'd love to hear your weight loss stories. You can be that influence that helps others achieve their dreams!

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  • Lisa Lynn