Now You Can Get Your Fix! Chocolate Truffle Is Back In Stock!

LynFit's Chocolate Truffle is back in stock! It's guaranteed to provide you with guilt-free pleasure for those moments when you just need something yummy.

With increases in grocery prices and the current meat shortages in the United States due to Covid-19, Complete Protein comes out a winner again!

The same great price, convenient, and is the easiest way to get protein into your daily diet.  It's the very best "whey" to boost your metabolism (you lose more weight and burn more fat), and what most people don’t realize is that our whey helps balance cortisol levels, making it easier to melt belly fat and prevent fat storage. It's 99% lactose-free, thanks to micro-filtering, kills cravings and hunger and can satisfy even the worst sweet tooth.

What happens if you don’t get enough of the right kind of protein?

For starters, weight loss stops or becomes more difficult. Adequate protein intake is vital to a healthy diet, and not getting enough of it can lead to weight gain, muscle loss (slows metabolism), slow-growing, unhealthy hair and/or hair loss, and weak nails. Most importantly, in today's world, a damaged or weakened immune system, which is never good.

Why do we need to nail our protein numbers every day?

Our bodies are continually using protein to support hormones (including the balancing of stress hormones), enzymes, immune cells, hair, skin, and lean muscle tissue, as well as the important ever-beating heart muscle, made out of tissue made by the protein you ingest every day. Every single cell in our body requires the right amount (aim for 100 grams daily) of the right kind of protein (lean and clean like Complete Protein) that’s easily absorbed by the body, even under stress and duress. It also helps your body repair after workouts, activities, and pre and post-surgery to heal and repair damage.

What happens if I don't drink at least one complete protein shake every day?

The problem with NOT drinking at least one complete protein shake every day and trying to meet your body's needs with seemingly healthy “real food” is that, for starters, you most likely won’t meet your body's protein requirements every day, even if you overeat on meats due to their lower absorption rates that are affected by stress, which makes them even harder to digest, break down, and absorb. This is in addition to gaining weight, storing excess belly fat, making it impossible to lose any weight, and you might suffer from low energy.

Our body's protein needs increase when we are stressed (note: busy is stressed). Complete Protein assists the body in dealing with stress hormones like cortisol, which is elevated in almost all of us right now.

If you're doing the high-fat thing (eating lots of red meat), it makes it even worse because the high-fat content makes it practically impossible to digest and will not be absorbed, so it gets stored as excess body fat. Even more so when we are stressed. Not to mention the excess time and money required, all make it impossible, which is why drinking a delicious LynFit Complete Protein Shake every day is the one thing everyone should do. Regardless of your age or weight loss, it helps improve and protect your health and lowers blood sugar to melt off stubborn belly fat.

Adequate daily clean Complete Protein intake is the one thing every physician, dietician, and guru agree on, and having at least one container of Complete Protein available to you at all times makes it easy for everyone to incorporate protein into their diets. 

If you're trying to lose those extra COVID pounds, these recipes will make it easy. It's a clean keto chocolate cheat sheet to help satisfy that sweet tooth without sabotaging your diet! The next time your cravings call you, grab your Complete Protein Shake (or, if you're too lazy to mix a spoon in the glass, a Lean Bar works too)!

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