Need More Energy? Here's Your Boost!


Do you walk through life in a fog, unable to focus? Do you feel sluggish and depleted every day, like you're running on empty and, nothing seems to help? LynFit Daily Power Shot will help you get your energy and your spark back!

Daily Power Shot is unlike the 5-hour energy shots or dangerous energy drinks that are overloaded with caffeine and food dyes, and make your heart race until the afternoon energy slump and crash. Not to mention the uncontrollable cravings for all of the wrong kinds of food that accompany stimulant-type energy supplements and energy drinks.

Daily Power Shot is all-natural, made of superfoods and natural botanicals, delivering all the essential vitamins, 60 trace minerals (our body doesn't make minerals), and enzymes. It also provides 100 percent of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) in THE MOST absorbable colloidal form.

It energizes naturally by providing your body with exactly what it needs to become heathier, so you feel good, and because it's not stimulant-based or loaded with caffeine, the energy is sustainable. You won’t get those nervous jitters or crash later on when the energy wears off. You'll feel better faster and enjoy it longer. If you've got "zombie syndrome," you’ll want to try Daily Power Shot the next time you need an energy or mood boost.

  • Energizes every cell in your body, including brain cells.
  • Protects your health and boosts immunity (protects colds and the flu).
  • Provides the nutrients your hair, skin, and nails need to thrive.
  • Most importantly, it boosts brain energy and blocks the degeneration of neurotransmitters, keeping your brain healthy, which is the secret to keeping your whole body healthy and slowing the aging process.

Are you ready for an energy BOOST?

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  • Lisa Lynn