My Sneaky Hypothyroid Problem NOW SOLVED Naturally!


I spent the first two decades of my life 40 pounds overweight, feeling sick all the time, and too drained to get out of bed most days. My health was getting worse, despite being vegan and a H.I.T. (High Intensity) fitness trainer (now known as metabolic workouts that have been modified to promote weight loss versus blocking it, and trim legs versus growing them larger), teaching three hours of classes daily. It began to affect my relationships because I was too tired and/or moody to go out.

I could barely take care of the housework and my cat, let alone find the energy to socialize with friends, which led to a deep, dark depression that left me couch-bound. This is not my true personality, which is an extremely positive and energetic person who loves and lives to help people.

Sadly, this depression and fatigue led to me falling into an overeating trap because food was always there for me and became my best friend. Food lifted my spirits, at least temporarily, and I began living for it. Unfortunately, it wasn't the healthy kind. It led me down a path of starvation and compulsive overeating on sugars, as well as certain carb-filled foods. It began to trigger me to overeat, even if I was full, to the point that I felt sick. I continued to eat until I gained 40 pounds, despite my high intensity and overexercising that led to my fatigue worsening, nutrient depletion, and chronic overuse injuries. I bulked up my short, petite body to the point that my pants would no longer go over my legs. Yet, I kept thinking more exercise MUST be the solution, right? WRONG!

Back to sneaky thyroid symptoms ... for years I struggled with this depression and debilitating fatigue, in addition to the laundry list of health issues, including chronic fatigue, viruses, sinus and throat infections, and allergies to just about everything that included both environmental and foods, which caused terrible stomach pains and constipation that was debilitating at times.

The Game-Changing Turning Point

Doctors didn't know what was wrong with me and told me to eat cake and pastries. They told me my issues were in my head and caused by self-inflicted low blood sugar levels because I would punish myself by starving for hours and sometimes days at a time. They also told me to get help from a therapist who insisted I get a thorough health evaluation to rule out (yes, you guessed it) thyroid issues, health or illness, and/or nutrient deficiencies. The doctor suggested I go to a naturopathic doctor since I didn't have health insurance at the time, and finances were tight due to my always being sick and unable to work enough to pay bills.

This naturopathic doctor was the best $500 I ever spent because her advice was a game-changer in every way. In fact, it's what LynFit was built on. They explained to me that most thyroid tests are not accurate and that thyroid counts are like shoe sizes; we all have different numbers that work for us. She decided to nourish my thyroid and detoxify it naturally to enhance its function (now the Thyro-Boost that I use to this day). She didn't measure success by blood tests, but rather how I felt, and how my symptoms improved. 

Since I checked all the boxes when I took those thyroid tests, she strongly suggested I stick to taking the Thyro-Boost as long as it took to feel like myself again. Within two weeks I felt human again. This taught me to listen to my body and trust what it says to me versus what blood tests show or don't show.

Okay, full disclosure ... some doctors along the way prescribed thyroid meds because I insisted, but they never helped anyway. Most people don't realize when they run to the doctor to get checked that most thyroid issues are not caught in blood tests and there is no cure for hypothyroid issues. Meds simply address the symptoms. I sure didn't know that back in the day, and when the prescribed meds didn’t work for me.

I became even more depressed because I was sure they would make me feel better. Little did I know that these meds did the exact opposite, and made my hair fall out, kept me up all night long, left me more financially drained, depressed, and feeling hopeless. I don't know about you, but that's my least favorite emotion, and I did become suicidal for a short time as my entire focus was on my weight, and I felt so bad all the time. It seemed like nothing was going right, and success, whether it be in the weight loss department or work, was for everyone but me.

Being sick all the time is a lonely journey!

Thankfully, I always managed to keep the faith and my eyes on Him, despite not getting the help from the doctors I needed, or real-life, doable answers. Somehow I knew there was a better, healthier way.

I began doing my own research, and since I am trained and internationally-certified, I also looked for answers outside the American medical and physician box, which made all of the difference in the world. That's how I learned what I know about specific nutrients. Most importantly, I have used this to turn my problem into my life's passion of helping real-life people like you to finally lose weight and feel great in a fast and easy-to-do approach that works every time, even if you don't have a thyroid issue.

NOTE: Today's world of excessive stress is affecting thyroids, and 63% of people don't even know and may never even realize that it is affecting them. Chronic stress depletes our thyroids of the nutrients it needs to function, which can block its function. Most people think they need to eat healthier and move more, only to find they can't lose an ounce, no matter how hard they try. That is until they get a little help from Mother Nature and begin using natural botanicals like Thyro-Boost that nourish and protect our thyroids and adrenal glands from all this stress we live under today.

What Can I Do If My Thyroid Is Affected?

It's a simple two-step process! Step one is to begin drinking a gluten and soy-free Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Smoothie. I drink one for breakfast and another for lunch to boost sluggish metabolic function and prevent metabolic slowdown that occurs when we begin exercising more and eating less. For the dairy-sensitive, don't worry. It's lactose-free because we filter it out as dairy is also not good for the thyroid, and contains too much fat and sugar, which is also not good for weight and is especially true when your thyroid is not working at full capacity, even if it's only from recent stress. If you've been eating yogurt for breakfast and haven't lost an ounce, now you know why. Swap to the Complete Protein Shake or have a Lean Bar instead and watch what happens. 

I suggest two Complete Protein Smoothies daily made without adding any kind of milk or sugar. Yes, that includes not adding any fruit as well.

Step two is detox and nourish with Thyro-Boost (also called Immune Boost) 2-3 times daily, or more if you feel overly anxious, are having sleep issues, tired, or if you've gained weight (especially around your midsection) and have a hard time losing weight, or your weight loss has stopped. Truthfully, everyone should be taking this now. My entire family does!

Of course, any and all weight gain or lack of loss also involves more food and less moving and more sleeping. I know firsthand how one follows the other, leading to a vicious cycle of unhealthy habits, depression, and chronic illness.

By following this two-step process, within a week (two max if you're really nutrient-depleted and highly stressed), you'll notice fatigue lifting, your happy self return, and unwanted pounds begin to melt away (I lost 20 pounds the first month). You can easily lose 1 pound per day by following the Lose 1 Pound Per Day Plan.

And it gets even better ... for the first time in two decades, I felt my strength return as my thyroid symptoms finally vanished!

My regular doctor was amazed by my progress. He told me how impressed he was with my progress and how much happier I seemed, and quickly. He also asked how and if he could get some for his wife too. 

Now, at 52, I'm 40 pounds slimmer and leaner than I've ever been in my life, despite the fact that menopause makes hypothyroid symptoms worse. I feel like a whole new person to the point that I need to be reminded of how sick and depressed I was.

My Mom always reminds me that I need to share my story more, as most people don't realize or believe I was once overweight and struggled with thyroid issues. So, here it is! My story is for all of you who didn't know and the photo we show is not the worst one I had, but the only one that survived, as I ripped up almost all of the “fat photos” I had because I hated my body so much (and you thought you were the only one with body image issues).

Now, since I've been taking Thyro-Boost, I don't need to take any prescribed medications. Another bonus is I have the energy to pursue my passion, which is helping you succeed at losing weight, even when nothing else seems to work. Emotionally, I am better than I've ever been. I'm super-grateful that God directs my steps better than any other method.

Honestly, I never thought I'd lose weight or get well, despite being a positive person, and knowing how to help everyone else lose weight. Instead of blaming and beating myself up every day, I now know it wasn't my fault or just my imagination; it was my thyroid all along. I make sure to remind everyone what I learned the hard way, which is just because your tests don't prove it doesn't mean it isn't off. Truth be told, most blood tests are a waste of blood when it comes to thyroid testing.

If you've been struggling, and no matter how hard you try you just can't seem to lose weight, it's NOT all in your imagination, and it's not your fault! It may be that your thyroid needs a little TLC from Thyro-Boost. Try it and see for yourself, and please send me a quick note to let me know how you're doing. I love to hear from you!

I'm here if you need help! 

Lisa Lynn

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