Mood-Boosting, THC-Free Yummy Gummies


Why gain weight when you can satisfy your sweet tooth and nourish your body with a delicious CBD gummy that, in addition to easing anxiety and reducing stress, also improves whole-body health? 

LynFit gummies are the only gummy that contains enough of the activated CBD (the kind that goes to work fastest) and are 100% THC-free! You can take our gummies with you when you travel or whoever you go without fear.

Our gummies contain premium pharmaceutical-grade CBD from organic, non-GMO, industrial hemp. Like our other LynFit products, they are made in a GMP/FDA-inspected facility, so each gummy is inspected more thoroughly. What say on our label is what's in our gummies - nothing more, nothing less. Each gummy is made by hand in small batches so we can control the dose and quality. Every time you have one of our gummies, you get a fixed dose of CBD, making our gummies dosing just as effective as our CBD oil or capsules.

Our yummy gummies dosing means you get the results you’d expect, whereas most other store-bought gummies are nothing more than really expensive candy. We usually suggest avoiding them for these reasons. We waited to sell gummies until we could make sure they were properly dosed and contained no added sugars, so they help your weight loss versus hurting it. Using our gummies makes it easy to get the right dosage and is a great place to start if you're new to CBD and have been wanting to try it safely.

Since our CBD Gummies are completely THC-free, you can travel with them. You can even share them with your kids. They won't get you high, but they will get you healthy, meaning they won’t cause any psychoactive effects. The best news is they’re legal in all 50 states!

Still wondering if you should take CBD? Here’s everything you need to know about CBD gummies and how they can help you improve and protect your health, physically and mentally, thanks to the natural calm they can provide when specific/higher doses are used.

Our CBD Gummies are naturally flavored using our very own technique that starts with extracting/removing the terpenes to purify them. Once they are purified and retested, making sure all THC and other toxins (like lead that most store-bought CBD gummies contain) are removed, we add them back into the cannabinoids.

This process is a challenge and expensive, but well worth it. We know you want CBD that works and is THC-free, and these precious terpenes are what give our gummies their delicious taste and smell. Our gummies contain over 100 terpenoid compounds with bioactive compounds that are what contribute to the “entourage effect,” improving the medicinal effect, so you feel better fast. 

This process not only removes all traces of toxins and THC but it's also what makes our CBD different than any other. It's also why our isolate is ultra-concentrated and more potent than full-spectrum, which normally isn't the case. With full-spectrum, you never really know how much THC you're getting, and can fail drug tests, as well as load your body up with a full load of toxins that can harm your health. Our CBD is the only CBD product that's safe enough to give to your kids and pets.

Here is what you get when you buy our new, Maximum Strength CBD Oil and delicious gummies.

  • Purified, premium pharmaceutical-grade, hemp-derived CBD, sourced from select hemp crops that are homegrown and cultivated in the USA at a GMP certified lab that's FDA inspected. Our testing is more extensive than just the standard FDA regulations.
  • Retested by a third-party lab to ensure purity and potency
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • GMP
  • Gluten-free, soy-free, no sugar added, no fats or other ingredients

Our flavors are unique, unlike any others you'll ever taste. We chose to use the terpenes to flavor them to keep them all-natural and chose delicious flavors like lemon, orange, citrus, and berry fruit essences that are rich in phytonutrients and high in bioflavonoids for maximum relief that can improve and protect whole-body health.

LynFit's delicious CBD Gummies come with too many additional perks to list here, but here’s a quick refresh.
(Note: We can't speak for other brands, and it's not safe to assume the CBD you're buying from other sources lives up to these benefits. We are specifically talking about our own: LynFit's purity and premium-grade.)


But... you will get healthy! Our CBD improves whole-body health, including your mind. It reduces perceived stress levels and their effects on your system, but won’t produce psychoactive effects attributed to getting “high.”

Our delicious and nutritious CBD Gummies are a natural way to improve and protect your health and immunity, and our customers often take them daily, the same way they do any other vitamin or health supplement. Daily and consistently for the best results!


We design our products with your safety and comfort in mind. That's why we test, test, and yes, retest, using a third unbiased party to make very sure it's 100% THC-free and the bioactive compounds are in there, in full force.

This excessive process is worth it because these terpenes are what make our CBD the most potent, pure, and highly effective. 

We care about you and want to help you improve your health. Our entire family and LynFit team all take the gummies too, and none of us would want to have a drug test come back positive. That's why we carefully select our manufacturing partners and choose the very best specific hemp strains, so we can stand behind the THC-free claim. You can buy and enjoy LynFIT CBD products legally across the United States and travel freely with them without worry.


We produce all of our CBD products with convenience and ease in mind. Because they taste so good, you'll notice you never forget to take your daily dose of health-protecting wellness. Keep these yummy gummy treats in your office desk drawer, purse, luggage, or backpack, so you always have them on hand every time you need them, especially when it comes to reducing the stress of today's world.


Not only do LynFit CBD Gummies come packed with a decent dose, so it's easy to adjust how much or how many you take for optimal precision dosing of THC-free, pure, premium Cannabidiol. We should warn you... they’re also the most delicious you'll ever taste!  Say goodbye to unhealthy sugar-filled candy gummies that don't deliver the amount of CBD needed to bring results. No more unpleasant aftertaste, no artificial additives, no medicine-like flavor to ruin your palate. 

Our gummies are also softer and easier to chew, so you can feel safe while you're alleviating stress, killing your cravings, and improving your mood naturally. Stay healthy and focused, and get the best of both worlds.


Are you feeling uptight and stressed, tired of battling with your mind that's full of racing thoughts that keep you up at night? Is it hard to fall asleep or your anxiety levels "over the top"? You’ll definitely want to consider adding our CBD Gummies to your daily regimen. Just pop a few gummies and wait about an hour before the CBD starts to take effect. I have a bad sweet tooth, so I pop 1-2 after dinner to kill sugar cravings before they begin.

Keep in mind that CBD doesn’t get you high. What it does – specifically in high doses (like 3-6 gummies) – is to make you a bit sleepy due to its natural calming. In higher doses, it can even be tranquilizing, if that's what your body needs.

The bottom line... CBD has many health-improving, immune-boosting, and stress-reducing benefits. LynFit Gummies are a great place to start for CBD-curious folks to try it out. Frankly, I suggest that you everyone keep some in their medicine cabinet as the benefits are too many to miss.

Start slowly, enjoying eating your gummy, especially since its doing such good work in your body. We say, “It's the new way to take your vitamins." I like to call them my nighttime vitamins.

Pay attention to your body and evaluate how it affects you as you slowly work your way toward finding the right amount for you — otherwise known as your “Goldilocks dose,” which is just right!
(Note: Be sure to wait a full two hours before taking another dosage to allow your body to fully absorb the previous dose.) 




Do CBD edibles/gummies really work?

We can only vouch for our LynFit CBD edibles/gummies because they are not only the best tasting but they also contain enough of the active ingredients, so you feel better fast without all of the fillers and unnecessary ingredients (including sugar) that other brands add. Our CBD gummies and products can improve your immune system, protect your health, and boost your mood, while also helping to reduce aches and pains, and improving recovery (pre and post-surgery, exercise, or overzealous activity).

How and where does LynFit source its CBD?

CBD can be derived from either hemp or marijuana. At LynFit, we source our cannabinoids only from the purest, organic, Non-GMO, pharmaceutical-grade industrial hemp. It is the best possible quality you can buy without a prescription. and ours is 100% THC free.

Can CBD gummies help with pain?

Many people use CBD edibles to find relief from different types of physical discomfort with much success, once they find the dosage that works for them.

Can the gummies ease my anxiety and help me relax?

In today's world, anxiety and stress are common problems for more and more of us. While there is no cure for anxiety disorders, and we certainly can't control our stress, almost everyone who uses our CBD products report that LynFit CBD oil and gummies have improved their resistance to stress and brought feelings of calm and balance, making them feel more like themselves. We have witnessed huge health improvements when these products are incorporated into a leaner, healthier lifestyle/diet that includes staying active. Our CBD can help manage everyday stresses, and if we had our way, everyone (including your fur babies) would be taking it to protect whole-body health.

Can CBD gummies/edibles help me sleep?

Yes! Our CBD gummies contain enough of the active ingredients to help you relax, creating a sense of calm that in turn can help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep. It also improves the management of stress triggers that are supported during healthy sleep cycles. However, always remember that CBD products are not designed or intended to treat any medical condition.

How many gummies should I take?

Since each of our circumstances are different, we cannot recommend a one-size-fits-all dosage for our CBD gummies or extracts. How much CBD your body needs will determine your outcome/results and will depend on your stress levels (more stress will require more CBD, more aches and pains = more CBD). Your age, weight, sex, and what you’re using it for are determining factors. It’s best to start with smaller dosages to test how your body responds to CBD. After monitoring the effects for, say, a week, you can adjust the dosage as necessary. Increase as and if needed. If a little works, why take more? Listen to your body; it will let you know.

Beginners: If you've never used CBD, and you're not sure where to start, we suggest that you start with ½ of our 15mg gummy. Our gummies make it easy to cut in half so you can start with 7.5mg, which is also the best dose for children and teens. It's best to use your judgment or consult with your child’s doctor before administering it to children under 12 years.

Be sure to wait two full hours to experience the full effects. If you feel like you need more, experiment until you find your “just right” dose. You can consume gummies daily, but keep in mind the effects of a gummy tend to last 4-6 hours, which is good especially when it comes to sleep.

What's the best way to store CBD gummies?

Store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight. If you live in a hot and humid-like climate, store in the refrigerator or freezer to protect them and keep them fresher longer. We suggest avoiding keeping them in your car or any other hot area.
If your gummies get a little warm during shipping (which may or may not cause them to stick together), simply allow them to cool off. If your home is hot, place them in the refrigerator for a while.

The good news is that our gummies are so fresh you never have to worry about the nutrients degrading the way other store-bought brands do. LynFit's are handcrafted and made in small batches. That's the LynFit difference, and you'll taste it for yourself!

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