Maximum Strength Stress Control With Daily Essentials

Today's world has even the calmest, most laid-back people on edge a bit. Everyday life is stressful, even in the best scenarios.

Our bodies aren't hardwired for these unexpected changes. We're seeing people everywhere we go wearing masks. The wait times that we now encounter, even at the supermarket, are aggravating. Trying to balance household budgets with so much uncertainty is almost impossible. 

And, it's not limited to just pandemic-related stressors. We're inhaling and ingesting harsh chemicals in our air and water supplies. These can be ingested by taking store-bought supplements (especially CBD) whose origins are unknown. They could be from China, who recently sold nutrients/ingredients that were loaded with toxins that cause more harm than breathing in exhaust fumes.

The worst part is that we don't know until we know. By that time, we have symptoms, which could be anything from weight gain, fatigue, cellulite or fat accumulation, and weakened immune systems, to name a few.

All these stresses added together means most people are having to make lots of new decisions they never thought they'd have to make. Decisions such as whether or not to send your kids back to school in the fall, worrying about your parent's health, and even worse, not being able to see them or do anything to protect them.

POWERLESS... that's my least favorite emotion and one that seems to be all around us today. We can't even give hugs freely (other than my dogs, who've had enough hugging from me to last a lifetime). 

Did you know that the lack of human touch deprives us of an oxytocin release that we all depend on to keep our nervous systems toned and fit? It helps our bodies regulate the stress hormones you keep hearing me talk about.

I wish I didn't have to talk about them, but many of you who've emailed me asking about why do you need to take more CBD than you used to aren't aware of how badly stress affects every aspect of your body. Put simply, stress causes nutrient depletion faster than if you ran the New York City Marathon.

The stress effect is ten-times worse and depletes nutrients more, causing damage that can easily be avoided. We need to make very sure we provide our bodies with the right amount of the right nutrients and be highly focused and consistent in doing that in order to protect it from oxidative stress. 

Most of us are aware of the mental aspects of stress, but in most emails I receive lately, it seems that most are coming from a place of extreme stress. Sadly, these folks are not even aware that, like an odorless gas, stress effects are causing real physical harm, without them even realizing it's happening until it's too late or becomes more difficult to deal with.

Okay, enough stress from me -- the bottom line is the physical components are real, and unless you're a robot, your body is being depleted as you read this.

Here is an example of the key nutrients of significant concern that everyone should be focusing on right now:

  • Our adrenal glands gobble up vitamin C when we're stressed, sick, or when we get injured. It's important to note that exercise, lack of exercise, weight gain, and weight loss all cause stress to our bodies.
  • Minerals and adaptogens, like ashwagandha, prevent our body's response to stress from spiraling out of control. Our bodies do not make minerals or ashwagandha, which is why you must take a supplement every day. In today's world, you should be taking them several times a day to help keep every cell and system regulated.
  • B vitamins are depleted at the speed of light right now. These “B happy and healthy vitamins" (that’s what I call them) help restore a peaceful, happy mental state, which our health relies on, especially now during high stress.

If you don't take your daily essentials when your body gets the signal it’s running on “e” for empty, telling it that it doesn't have enough vitamins or minerals; it sends another stress signal, compounding to the stress you already feel.

It becomes a perpetual cycle that, like a funhouse, can be very hard to get out of, especially if you're not even aware it's happening. I learned all about this working with Dr. Squat (Fred Hatfield) in the makeover labs, where we transformed people's bodies, improving every aspect (inside and out).

This brilliant doctor taught me about the stress we inflict on our bodies by accident that not affects our food choices, driving our cravings and making them worse, or preventing them from happening in the first place. This also includes out-of-control hunger hormones that can make it feel impossible to stick to a healthier lifestyle of cleaner eating and making sure we move our bodies every day, in the amount they need, not too excessively or too little.

Just like any other addiction, over-exercising is also a problem in this country, thanks to the countless media outlets acting like “killing it” in the gym is good for us. It's not! Over-exercising is now listed as a real addiction along with smoking, vaping, drinking, and opioid drugs, to name a few.

I’m certainly not judging. I've been there, and live my life one-day-at-a-time, soberly. This includes exercising in a healthy noncompulsive way every day.

For anyone who has never heard this before, you might be surprised to learn that 90% of the emails and questions I receive are about not knowing why, even though they're killing it in the gym, working out every day, doing hardcore exercise, and they still can't lose weight.

I've been there, and I know how that feels. That's just one of the many reasons I dedicate my life to giving back, helping you by sharing my experience, strength, and most importantly, hope, when it feels like no matter what you do, you just can't lose weight.

You may want to write this down and pray over it if you're struggling and one of those who thinks you just need to work out more, or work out period. Ninety percent of your weight loss success is based on what you're eating. Only 10% is from sweat equity... aka working out.

I’m not advocating not working out. I’m teaching balance, and to get back to my point, making sure we keep our bodies properly nourished with the right nutrients, in the right amounts, in the purest, most absorbable way, so they don't sit in your stomach unused.

I learned about this in school, of course. I've been studying holistic nutrition and the smart use of scientific supplements for the past 30 years, working alongside some of the best and smartest doctors, scientists, and pro athletes in the world. Each and every one of us makes very sure we are supplementing with these key nutrients every single day of our lives so that when stress attacks our body, it has what it needs, along with enough nutrition stored to back up as a safety precaution.

Thirty years ago, that meant I would take several different bottles of supplements, filling up multiple cabinets all over my house. I used to take no less than 15-20 different pills just to address the basic vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to keep my body healthy and protected, especially during stressful times.

I also witnessed Martha Stewart pack her suggested nutritional supplements that so-called health gurus used to suggest she take (before meeting me, of course). Not only did they not help her then menopausal symptoms or weight gain, but it seems they knew she had plenty of money and wanted some for themselves.

If you've been reading my blogs or following me for more than a minute, you know firsthand I am all about solutions that work, making things easier, and less expensive. Who has the time or precious hard-earned money to waste? Not me! No matter how rich you are, I never suggest over-spending it on anything useless and excessive. Plus, the number of pills we'd have to take would be hard to manage and keep track of, let alone be consistent.

That's exactly why I created the new Daily Essentials for maximum strength damage control that will not only keep you healthy and happier but also helps with damage control if you do get sick. These key nutrients are also responsible for our moods and help to prevent or alleviate depression and anxiety.

It's a simple 3-step system that works, making it easier for you to meet your body's nutritional requirements instead of taking countless bottles of supplements or thinking you need to drink some seemingly healthy juice that spikes blood sugar. No more consuming excessive nuts, nut butter, or avocados that contain too much fat. All of which stops you from losing weight and blocking your fat loss.

Today's world is anything but stress-free. Even if you cover your body's nutritional needs, you're still going to have stress. Now you'll be able to approach them in a healthier, more mentally sound way, and be able to take comfort knowing that you did everything you could to prevent as much damage as possible. When particular stress subsides (and it will subside, even if it's just us getting used to our new normal), you'll be okay, or even better.

I know everyone is talking about the "new normal" these days. One thing is for sure... God's got us covered!


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