Lose Weight Fast, Even With Cheat Days

Wouldn't it be awesome to lose five pounds in five days, and, get a day off to cheat? Of course it would! It's all about what you have to lose—the sky's the limit with this LynFit plan.

Everybody is certainly willing to tell you how to eat, but nobody tells you what to do when you cheat. And let's face it, you (and I) will cheat. We're human, and it's a fact of life. Sadly, we haven't yet been made perfect  :)

In the past, whenever I would cheat, I would cheat so bad the first day that it would take me all week to get back to normal, and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I couldn't stick to a diet until I learned how to balance my clean eating days with my cheat days. This 5-day diet (a.k.a. the Cheat Day Diet) has allowed me to lose weight while still enjoying some of my favorite foods (within reason, of course).

This plan consists of 5 consecutive days of eating on-plan, followed by 1-2 days where you are allowed to go off-plan. It consists of specific metabolic boosting foods and techniques that help you decrease your caloric intake, which is necessary for weight loss, but without slowing down your metabolism. My metabolism was already slow due to hypothyroidism, so none of the starvation diets worked for me.

I particularly love this plan because it factors in real life. Before, I thought I had to be perfect and on-plan 100 percent of the time, which created so much stress that it would lead me to binge eat. That then led to intense feelings of shame and guilt that were counter-productive and made me eat even more. I gave up on myself and didn't think being lean and fit was in my future. Anybody else in that boat with me?

However, this method of eating helped me better understand what foods could help me lose weight and which were actually stopping me. Some of the foods I thought were healthy, such as oatmeal, brown rice, and nuts were actually the reason I couldn't lose weight. With this plan, I also knew I had a cheat day or meal in sight, so I had something to look forward to, and I wasn't going to be deprived forever.

By following this plan, I also learned how my metabolism worked, what created my cravings, and how to stop them. It made me realize very quickly how focused I was on food all the time. Because this plan is so easy to follow, it allowed me to take my focus off the food and place it more on living. And who doesn't want more of that in their lives?

Before, I couldn't lose an ounce despite over-exercising, and even becoming a vegetarian. Using what I'm about to share with you helped me lose one pound per day, and keep it off! I feel better today at 49 (and holding... ) because I was able to address to underlying issues that were holding me back. Issues such as low energy, low blood sugar, and my hypothyroidism. 

True, I may not be able to cheat for a full 2 days, eating whatever in the world I want, like I was able to in my 20s, but I still have the wiggle room when I do need it. I no longer worry about what I'm going to have to eat or not eat whenever I attend and event. I just make sure to plan ahead for it and eat on-plan for the 5 days leading up to this cheat day, followed by 4-5 days of damage control, depending on how off-plan I went.

What makes this plan so successful? These weight loss techniques have been around for decades, and rather than settle on one technique, it combines all of the best, so you get the very best results.

I learned these metabolic boosting techniques when I was working in a weight loss lab with Dr. Fred Hatfield where we tested techniques that worked against typical weight loss diets. These techniques caused weight loss even on sluggish, hypothyroid, dead metabolisms, no matter how old people were or what health issues they may have had. 

Why aren't diet and exercise enough? Diet and exercise don't address the underlying issues affecting weight loss. Food is responsible for 90 percent of your weight loss, and this plan makes the appropriate corrections and makes it easier.

Is it really possible to lose one pound per day and stay healthy on this plan? Yes, anyone can lose on this system, and it's not only the healthiest way to lose weight, but it's also the best way to delay the aging process because it's highly focused on the nutrient-dense food we should all be eating. This plan moderates the not-so-good foods we all eat too much of and does it perfectly without deprivation, thanks to the strategic use of metabolic boosting supplements.

The 5-day diet combines all of the best and most effective weight loss techniques into one easy-to-follow plan, so you don't even need to exercise to lose weight. Actually, this plan is designed to work without exercise. If you are already exercising, you’ll see results faster, and we certainly hope you are at least getting in your 10,000 steps every day. 

What makes this plan different than every other method of dieting? You stop eating the foods that cause weight gain such carbohydrates and sugars (this may include certain fruits for sensitive individuals) that cause insulin levels to rise and make it easy to gain weight. These specific foods also store as fat easily.

The simplest way to do this is to drink/replace two meals with two (2) LynFit Complete Protein Shakes daily. The breakfast metabolic boosting shake should be consumed 12 hours after your last meal, and the second around 3-4 hours later (or around lunch time). If you feel like you need to chew, it's okay to have a small salad or munch on some celery (minus the peanut butter, of course).



 LynFit Protein Shakes are the only shakes specifically designed for weight loss and fat burning. Other shakes are meant for bulking up and weight gain. LynFit's Shakes are made from the highest quality, pure ingredients, containing all the amino acids your body needs to stay healthy. But what really makes them different is the irresistibly delicious taste that you’ll crave! They are very low calorie, low carb, and low sugar, which essentially starves the fat, so it leaves. On the other hand, LynFit Shakes feed the lean muscle tissue, so it stays. This is critical to long-term weight loss success because it prevents your metabolism from slowing down.


Every time you drink a LynFit Shake you are

    • boosting your metabolism by up to 25 percent, so you burn more calories all day long.
    • blocking cortisol levels from becoming elevated, which can make losing weight impossible and cause your body to store fat around your stomach.
    • providing the exact amount of high-quality protein your body needs to stay healthy and nourished.

It's important to note that these techniques are completely different than typical intermittent fasting because you're not starving your body of the nutrition it needs, making it an ideal way to live and improve your health. it is a totally different higher level than paleo, south beach, or any other diet out there because it combines all of the best weight loss techniques into one simple easy-to-follow plan. 

Yes, I can hear you now, "But I'm going to be hungry!" That's exactly what you want to happen. You should view this as a good sign because when your body gets hungry, and you don't give in and feed it, it has to tap into stored fat for fuel. Because you drank the shake, you can take comfort in knowing you’re not starving yourself. Your metabolism will not slow down, and your body will be nourished. It also means your metabolism is working.

Hunger is a good sign!

The worst thing that can happen is you lose too much weight, and that’s easy to fix, and exactly what the cheat days are for. They not only give you a little freedom from your diet and allow you to eat some of what you love but also keep those metabolic fires burning. And, if you choose foods that aren't junk you're also saturating your body with nutrients.  

WARNING: Your cheat days are just as important in determining your weight loss as your clean eating days. If you gain more than two pounds, you went overboard. Tone it down a bit, so it doesn't take you all week to lose what your cheat day caused you to gain. Everybody is different, and I suggest taking it slowly until you know... or when in doubt, don't. This isn’t a license to binge—that's not healthy. but rather, enjoy what you love in moderation.  

How do you know what moderation is? The scale will tell you! Weigh yourself before and after your cheat days. Be honest with yourself because the scale never lies. What you do in private will show up in public as stored weight and excess fat.

Now that you know that the first step of the plan is drinking two LynFit Shakes daily, it's time to look at what I call the "core" steps—how to safely use supplements to help with hunger and cravings and guarantee that your body receives the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. A healthier body means a healthier metabolism, which means better weight loss. You'll also feel more energized throughout the day without the blood sugar crashes and energy slumps that often cause you to reach for the wrong foods as a quick pick-me-up.

Most people don't understand that being overweight will make your body fight against weight loss. This is where the smart use of safe supplements comes in. This plan combines the most important nutrients into two easy-to-take supplements that will save you time and money. You can now clean out and throw away all those supplement bottles that are cluttering up your medicine cabinet that you've been trying to piece together... unsuccessfully.

As soon as you wake up, and again at lunch time, take:

    • (1) LynFit Accelerator Advanced — Fat Burning Metabolic Enhancer
      • Helps maximize weight loss and fat burning
      • Helps promote thyroid health
      • Helps reduce hunger and kill cravings
      • Helps reduce carbohydrate absorption
      • Helps eliminate excess water
      • Helps reduce stress-related belly fat
      • Helps improve mood and focus
      • Helps increase energy (fights midday fatigue)  
    • (1) LynFit Cutting Edge with L-Carnitine and CLA for Faster Fat Burning
      • Helps control hunger
      • Helps elevate metabolism
      • Promotes recovery from exercise or overuse of muscles
      • Helps support energy and endurance
      • Is Ephedra-free
      • Maximum strength fat burning
      • Boosts metabolism and weight loss
      • Helps reduce cellulite and beats bloat
      • Is guaranteed free of wheat, gluten, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, soy, sugar, preservatives, artificial color, and flavor


Weight gain is avoidable! You can have more freedom in your eating with an easy-to-follow plan that works with your busy life that allows you to lose weight no matter how sluggish your metabolism may be or how old you are.

While the above is the super-simple, core plan, there are other things you can do to help make losing weight faster and easier while boosting health and satisfying your cravings.

The 5-day diet—jump start your weight loss and lose 5 pounds in 5 days. It's not just a diet, it's a lifestyle!


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