Lose 1 Pound Per Day & Melt Belly Fat In 7 Simple Steps

LynFit wants to help you succeed at losing. This plan is 100 percent effective if you follow these steps (download a copy of the steps here)!

  1. Fast for fat loss — STOP eating by 7 p.m.
  2. Swap out / replace two meals daily with a LynFit Complete Protein Shake or Lean Bar
  3. Become a drinker — drink 8 cups of water daily, minimum (1 cup= 8 oz.)
  4. Boost your metabolism by taking (1) LynFit Accelerator Advanced in the morning and another midday
  5. Burn more fat (visceral belly fat) by taking (2) LynFit Cutting Edge in the morning, mid-morning, and again at lunch
  6. Eat from the metabolic boosting food list ONLY 
  7. Sleep! Aim for seven hours of good quality sleep every night

Remember these 5 living leaner rules:

  • If you're not losing you're still eating too much or you forgot to take your supplements (black coffee, no fruit, and white fish versus chicken).
  • If you gain more than two pounds it means you went “off track” too far. Get back on track fast!
  • Not sure what to eat for dinner? Remember that white fish is the fastest way to lose weight.
  • Get up and move your body. Getting 10,000 steps daily is critical, but overexciting is not!
  • Avoid and refrain from taking any other supplements, including sleeping pills or pain meds, unless prescribed by your physician. This includes any and all sleeping aids, over-the-counter medications that say “anti” such as the excessive use of pain relievers and antihistamines, as well as herbal teas and collagen supplements. Stop taking all supplements unless they are listed on the plan, as they can negatively affect your results.

When it comes to losing weight, melting fat, and keeping it off, prevention is the best cure. Living leaner will not only make you healthier, but it will also change your life!

There are a few extra products you may want to consider in addition to those listed above:

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