Lose 1 Pound Per Day & Firm Up Loose, Crepey Skin

If you're looking to lose 1 pound per day and firm up loose, crepey skin that makes your arms jiggle, preventing you from buttoning your pants due to bloat and excess belly fat, it will require a more specific strategy than just watching what you eat and exercising more.

The good news is you can lose 1 pound per day safely and boost fat burning. You can boost metabolism 25 percent and turn your body into a fat burning machine while improving whole body health and lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reducing blood pressure, and decreasing/rebalancing inflammation.

While most people think that the new Whole Foods, Keto, or intermittent fasting diets are the solution, sadly, our weight and waistlines in this country are growing larger by the day. You need a specific strategy that’s a little more targeted than simply cutting calories and increasing your activity.

Just because the scale moves doesn’t mean you're burning fat or that your hard work is paying off. You also want to make sure that you're NOT slowing your metabolism, which is what happens when you just wing it and stop eating carbs or going on a fast.

If you focus too much on exercising, you won’t lose weight. In fact, in my 28+ years, I’ve seen most people gain weight because they think they have to push too hard. They then make themselves hungrier, making it harder to control their appetite and cravings, which takes them off track. They don’t lose, so they give up in frustration (I’ve been there!).

And, if they focus too heavily on calorie restriction (there are some crazy people overdoing it fasting and only eating two meals a day), they lose lean muscle tissue rather than burning fat. Why? Because calorie restriction usually means macronutrient restriction. Without enough of the right kind of protein in your diet, your body can’t rebuild the tissue, especially if you are strength training.

Muscle directly impacts your basal metabolic rate, which is the rate which your body burns calories, both while working out and also while you rest. Less muscle means a lower BMR, which means a lower calorie burn throughout your day, preventing you from losing weight.

Muscle tissue also regulates insulin sensitivity, which is the biological process that determines how well your body absorbs nutrients. If you lose lean muscle tissue from dieting improperly, the nutrients you eat are less likely to be partitioned to your muscle cells and more likely to be turned into fat cells.

The solution is easier than you think and works every time, no matter how old you are or how stubborn your metabolism is!

Carb Restriction = Excess Water Loss

Most people know that one of the quickest ways to lose weight in the short-term is to cut carbs. That’s because carbohydrates make your body retain three times (3X) as much water as any other type of macronutrient. If you wanna lose the bloat, it’s good to lower carbs, but not restrict them completely. 

When you cut back on carbs, your body isn’t retaining as much water, plain and simple. Our metabolic rate actually needs some of the "right kind" of carbs in order to burn more efficiently. That’s where the LynFit metabolic boosting system comes in; it provides the tools that make losing weight faster, easier, and more delicious, so you’ll actually want to get up and drink your shake.

There is the catch with losing too much water weight, however. It’s like buffing your car — it makes the exterior look sleeker, but the beautification is short-lived, and no interior improvements have actually been made. In fact, if you lose intermuscular water, at first it’s not a big deal — it’s like letting a little air out of a balloon, But after a few weeks, because muscle is 70 percent water, the tissue adapts to the dehydration, and bad things start to happen. Your muscles shrink and start to atrophy (you begin to lose muscle). This is especially bad and happens faster if you're over age 40.

You’re actually compromising the structural integrity of your muscles when you deprive them. As you lose muscle due to the lack of water, you’re also causing metabolic dysfunction, slowing your BMR and making your insulin sensitivity even worse by allowing your body to lose muscle. (The biggest problems come when you drop carbs or protein below 50-75 grams of carbs on a consistently.)

What most people don’t know is that even when you're trying to lose weight (and especially if you're trying to burn off body fat) you still need to eat “some” carbs — roughly .5 grams per pound of your lean body weight when in losing phase for a lower-carb diet, or .75-1.5 grams per pound of lean body weight for a more balanced calorie-restricted diet (which will only work if you're one of the lucky ones with a healthy metabolism, or your under age 30). Both carb calculations will allow you to lose weight and burn off fat without losing that intramuscular water or slowing your metabolism down.

How do you know how many carbs you should eat? Everyone’s body is different. Your weight loss, or lack of, will determine how many carbs you should be eating or whether or not you need to eat less.

The great news is the LynFit Lose 1 Pound Per Day System is a metabolic boosting system that utilizes a comprehensive, multi-system approach to losing weight and burning fat. It is powerful but safe and effective for men and women who struggle to lose weight and burn off stubborn, dangerous belly fat. Whether you have 10 or 100 pounds to lose, this plan is designed to bust through even the toughest weight loss plateaus and boost the most stubborn metabolisms, no matter how old or fit you may be.

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