Quick Keto Lean Laws to Kill Cravings & Lose 1 Pound a Day

I love helping families and couples transform their lives, and this couple from Connecticut is one of my all-time favorites. They wanted to lose weight, improve their health, and attempt to wean themselves off prescription medications for blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. They also wanted more energy to enjoy their lives.

Every weight loss and health transformation starts by improving nutrition, making it more metabolic. Ninety percent OF ALL WEIGHT LOSS IS DIET. I suggest replacing two meals (breakfast and lunch) with a LynFit Natural Whey Protein Shake instead.

LynFit Natural Whey Protein boosts metabolism by 25%. It removes the guesswork and decision-making regarding what to eat and avoid while you learn to eat cleaner and more metabolically.

Replacing two meals with a Natural Whey Shake also solves other dietary “don'ts.” It can be used instead of milk or cream in coffee, one of the worst and deadliest dietary sins you can commit. Even if you only use a little, that little bit of milk spikes blood sugar levels, putting the brakes on weight loss, blocking the fat-burning process, and triggering hunger and cravings, so you feel hungry all day and fight with food.

Not only that, but milk (all kinds), including the seemingly healthy skim milk, coffee creamers, and almond, coconut, soy, and oat milk we pour into coffee or tea every day, are destroying our waistlines, which is why I START THERE FIRST.

Keep reading to learn how this couple lost a combined 45 pounds (she lost 30, he lost 15), reduced blood sugar by 30 points, lowered LDL bad cholesterol by 50 points, lowered triglycerides by 200 points, increased HDL (good) cholesterol by 20 points, rebalanced hormones, and as a result, lost inches from their waistline and melted off stubborn belly fat and improved their energy.

The list of health benefits continues and is guaranteed when you follow the LynFit Nutrition®️ Quick Keto Metabolic Reset Lose 1 Pound a Day Plan,  which is also known as a leaner lifestyle.

It's the fastest and most effective way to lose weight and burn off dangerous belly fat because it provides the tools to make losing weight easier and more cost-effective (less than $5 a day). A simple, easy-to-follow, precise food plan and approved food list show you precisely what you need to do to lose weight.

The LynFit Quick Keto Metabolic Reset Lose 1 Pound a Day Plan has a 99% success rate when followed. It's guaranteed to work for you no matter how old you are, how much weight you have to lose, or how stubborn your metabolism is. It's designed for anyone who needs to lose weight, for women (men too) over age 40, and who have elevated metabolic markers such as high blood sugar (includes A1C), cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure, and yes, it will work for you too. Even if you have autoimmune/thyroid issues, are a cancer survivor, or take prescription medications or cancer treatments that slow metabolism that leads to weight gain and excess belly fat.

All you have to do is decide. Are you ready to lose weight? Following the LynFit Nutrition®️ Quick Keto Metabolic Reset Lose 1 Pound a Day plan, you will lose one pound or more daily. (The more weight you have to lose, the more weight you will lose.)

I've been overweight and struggled with my weight due to autoimmune/hypothyroidism, despite becoming vegan and spending several hours killing it in the gym seven days a week, 365 days a year. Yet, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t lose weight.

I've lost 40 pounds and kept it off even through menopause. I've managed to keep it off despite hypothyroidism and menopause, which was a breeze thanks to this targeted nutrition plan. My stomach is leaner now at 56 than when I was 19, and I was running and lifting weights daily.

Fast forward to my work with Martha Stewart, who was struggling with her weight and claimed that she had to starve herself to lose an ounce. She said publicly, “Lisa Lynn is the only trainer that made a difference in helping me lose weight. She practices what she preaches".

Quick Keto Lean Laws to Kill Cravings & Lose 1 Pound a Day

  1. Order the Quick Keto Metabolic Reset (3 pc.) Starter Stack 
  2. Order an additional LynFit Natural Whey, Vegan (for variety) Protein, and/or Metabolic Lean Bars
  3. Download the Quick Keto Lose 1 Pound a Day Plan
  4. STOP using all non-LynFit supplements, protein, collagen green powders, mushroom coffees, etc., to prevent interference and avoid overdosing on certain vitamins, herbs, minerals, and proteins that can BLOCK weight loss and fat-burning.
  5. Stop using milk or cream in coffee and use pre-made or cold foamed LynFit Natural Whey Protein instead.
  6. Start fasting every night for 15 hours; no more, no less.
  7. Clean your cupboards, car, desk drawer, and nightstand if it holds junk food.
  8. STOP exercising until you've lost 20% or more of your weight loss goal to avoid disrupting hunger and stress hormones (yes, exercising too much or too intensely can do more harm than good, increase hunger and cravings, and spike cortisol levels).
  9. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep and STOP taking over-the-counter and other sleeping pills.
  10. Drink your water and eat your leafy green vegetables every day.

Now you're armed with everything you need to lose weight and finally melt off dangerous belly fat. You've got nothing left to lose but weight. Believe. Begin. Become the best version of you! 

Need additional help or resources? Please email us at support@lynfit.com.

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